Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Young and Restless, Yes I am.

So I woke up around 11:30 today and out of boredom I turned on my radio. I just happen to hear my 'cue to call' for those Reunion tickets and I had to be caller nine to win. Got to my trusty phone (trusty where I only have to hit 'redial' and it automatically hangs up and dials immediately, the perfect radio-caller's phone) and I actually got through!

"You're caller number seven!"

"Aw, fuck!"

And that was my morning. Since then, I've been listening to the radio. I dunno why I think that since I got through that one time that my chances of winning are suddenly greater. It's a good thing this is a station I tolerate, because I'm getting a bit antsy.

So this is pretty much what my days have wittled down to: sitting in front of the laptop/TV/radio, cleaning, staring blankly at my assignment sheet. There's other productive things I could be doing like, paying bills or job-hunting, but I'm just not feeling it.

Happy Steak and Sex Day

"This morning my husband wakes me up and asks, 'Where's my steak and eggs?'. So after I take him out for steak this morning, we come home and he pokes me for some you-know-what. And then after he says 'It's Steak and Sex Day'. He thinks it's supposed to be for 24 hours! I just can't do that!"

Haha, I laughed at this caller because I can't believe people are actually celebrating this. I also can't believe she's refusing sex.


minni said...

Steak and Sex Day? Like...the infamous Meat or Sex question that no guy can answer? It should just be called MEN'S DAY.

spinderella said...

Hahaha, it's pretty much aimed at men. It's the male version of Valentine's Day.