Thursday, March 23, 2006

My past taking too long to complete; my future coming up way too fast

So tomorrow they're making me work by myself. Eek! It's gonna be scary! I hope I don't fuck up badly, I've only been there for three days!! I'm gonna do everything super slow so I don't fuck up. Aiya... I hate that everything's monitored so I can't correct my mistakes without anyone knowing. Once I make a mistake, it's recorded. GET IT RIGHT, LIL!

Okay, so to clear up any confusion: the strike is still ON because negotiations are OFF. There was a bit of hubub surrounding what was off and what was on. Good grief, the second round of negotiations have broken off which means we'll be on strike for probably another two weeks. It's a good thing I've got a job to keep me busy because I'd be going bananas with no school to go to and no drive to do any of the homework I was given (still don't, but as soon as I hear the strike will be nearing it's end, I'll go into panic-mode and start on it). Everyone's coming to me (for some strange reason) about what's going on with the strike. The one thing I'll say to them is to follow the course outline and do all the readings. That way when you do go back to class, it'll be easier to pick up where you left off. Of course, that's easier said than done and I'm not one to talk (my books are collecting dust, and I don't even remember where some of them are).

Ho-hum. I don't have much of a reaction to this strike as much as others. I think I will begin sample sale shopping tomorrow before work.

Samples Sale of note:

Fur and Shearling Blowout Sale

March 23-26

84 Wingold Ave.


sarah said...

OMG lil, I've got NEGATIVE hw done. LOL. Everything's in more of a mess than when the strike began. Holy crap, I'm freaking out. I'm not going to remember ANYTHING when the strike ends.....wait....I didn't learn anything anyways so I don't have anything to forget HAHAHAHAAHAHAAH!

spinderella said...

Who the fuck is Freidrich Nietzsche?