Thursday, March 02, 2006


I want this new IPEX bra from Victoria Secret. No wires! Minimal padding! Not to mention pretty pretty Gisele Bundchen is promoting it.

I have a sick hobby of admiring supermodels. No, I'm not gay, I'm just big fans of them. I think it's because I don't hear them speak and they're not thrust into my face (like Paris Hilton) so I'm not annoyed by how stupid they might be. In fact, I like to imagine they're intelligent people who read books between photoshoots and date intensely artistic guys. The weird thing is, I don't like looking at them only because they're good-looking, but admiring how some of them have the strangest looks yet look completley gorgeous regardless. For example, Gemma Ward and Daria Werbowy.

Now that's something to aspire to.

P.S. Does anyone have my October 2004 issue of Vogue? I've been looking everywhere for it!

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kathy said...

Gemma Ward is gorgeous. I find people who look different attractive too. "Normal" attractiveness is boring.