Thursday, March 02, 2006

Child-Rearing According to Yours Truly

I recently found this, and it got me kinda annoyed.

So fuckin' what? She taped the kids' mouths shut. It's not like she took off her belt and pelted them! Some 12-year old kid in Detroit put a chewed up piece of gum on a $1.5 mil Helen Frankenthaler painting and there was no sign of any discipline for that. " He is only 12 and I don't think he understood the ramifications of what he did before it happened," the paper quotes.

I'm so sick and tired of this day in age where we are expected to worship children, regardless of whether they're 'bad' or 'good' as if they somehow deserve it because they just "don't know any better".

Don't get me wrong, I don't hate kids, persay. I just hate kids who are being worshipped for being kids. Call me uncompassionate, cold, bitchy and heartless, but what happened to disciplining children and teaching them the cold hard facts about life? I believe we've sugar-coated just about every dark corner of life to somehow spare their feelings. You do something bad, you get punished, not "there, there" and a mention in the local newspaper.

There could be more to that story in Montreal, but the gist of it is the kids were disciplined, so the teacher is being disciplined. This is such bullshit. Are we seriously expected to discipline kids through 'grounding' and 'time outs'? I don't know any kid who's actually learned their lesson or least of all think about what they did during their so-called punishments. Kids aren't stupid. Time outs and groundings are just an easy way out of real discipline they know better than to question this form of punishment.

A 15-year old friend told me he got caught for shoplifting at Walmart. "That's pretty serious," I said. "Yeah, I got in sooo much trouble. My parents are strict, not like other people's parents." he said. "Man, I would have been crying if that happened to me. What happened to you?" "Walmart made me write a one-page essay and my parents won't let me watch TV for a year."

... That's not a punishment. That's doing him a favour.

People complain that the youngsters of today have lost respect for their elders, especially their parents and they blame everything else but their parents. I think kids have lost respect for adults not only because they weren't taught respect, but the fact that parents have been so merciful to their children and disrespect them because they pity them for not having the balls to be adults. It really makes me sad when I see children scream and swear at their parents. This is just one reason I don't want my own kids; I don't want to subject my kids to associating with kids who scream and swear at their parents.

Perhaps Russell Peters was right when he said that it is typically the North American way for parents to let their kids swear at them and treat them like they're their friends. I really don't think we can continue to rely on parents to discipline their kids properly nowadays. After all, it takes a village to raise a child, so if the child is in school 85% of the time each year, the school should have a right discipline the kid as if they were raising them (and if they don't like that, HOMESCHOOL). And as for parents, they really need to keep a tighter leash on their kids, seriously.

Many people will argue that not everyone was raised the same way as me and they turned out just fine anyway. But think about it, all of us that 'turned out fine' all share the same values growin up: to respect elders and to shut up. Perhaps it's all the sugar and hormone injected into their genetically-modified foods that have screwed up children lately, but there's no excuse for not instilling some sort of FEAR of elders into them and to just tell them to shut up. And if they tell you to shut up, that deserve a spank. Yes, I condone spanking. Child abuse, my ass. It's child abuse when you let your kid inhale sugar like water and stuffing their faces with Kraft dinner whenever they damn well please.

Advocates of no-spanking laws preach that children have a right to a childhood. Hello? Kids are running around slutting it up as early as 9-years old. Their shot of a 'childhood' is shot to hell by then and yet we still embrace them as if they were god-sent babies. I really feel sorry for people who 'experimented' and whatnot at a young age. No matter how you swing it, you lost your childhood a looooong time ago and there's no getting it back.

If this trend continues, I totally see the WORLD being handed to the kids of today and that really scares me. If they're capable of such idioacy and tomfoolery now, can you imagine what they'll be like as adults? Don't get me wrong, I've done alot of stupid things in my childhood, but I've learned. I wonder how many of these kids can look back in 20 years and even recognize what they did wrong.

Okay, I'm done bitching for now. Oh, and one more thing: parents need to take computers out of their kids' bedrooms. I'm so sick of seeing pop-up ads and banners of pre-adolescent 'cam whores' looking up at their cameras with their legs spread eagle looking for a good time. Does Wayne Brady need to slap a bitch? I think so.

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A Concerned Citizen said...

I've done alot of stupid things in my childhood, but I've learned.

I find this statement fascinating and worthy of further discussion and investigation, Ms. K-Pop.