Friday, September 26, 2008

Work It Out

I never really figured out why people went to gyms obsessively, like 4 times a week. I think I've finally figured it out though.

I maintain that I still hate working out on machines at gyms but I do go to gyms about once a week, mainly for kick-boxing, dance, rock-climbing or yoga. There is some kinda weird euphoria you get after a work out: I curse at myself for doing it and wonder why I put myself through such undue torture of endurance, sweat, pain and unsightly shin bruises (from muay thai kicks). But after the work out, I feel exhausted yet accomplished. And then I come back the next week. I must admit, the results aren't bad. Part of the 'addiction' is self-image, but let's not get into that now since it's a touchy subject for some.

Now I've been maintaining a weekly schedule of going to a gym at least once a week (reduced from two since I started taking UofT classes again). With this, I've grown to acquire another rather expensive habit: buying workout clothes, especially at Lululemon. I've suddenly become accustomed to purchasing clothes that keep me sweat-free, that are stretchy and that no doubt, show off whatever assets I have. I've even cleverly worked some work out clothes into my work clothes because I sometimes don't have time to change between work and classes. I find myself walking into a Lululemon at least once a week and most often than not, I am not walking out empty-handed...

So I've been checking out some other gyms to work out in. I'm always looking out for new classes I could try. I stumbled upon a gym that is in downtown Toronto called Flirty Girl Fitness. I'm not big on "women-only" gyms, but this one seems to offer a lot of classes that I would love to try: Coyote Ugly, Pole Dancing, MTV Choreography and Video Vixen to name a few. However, the decor of the website alone screams "lots of bitches here!". Oh well. I'll still give it a go.

I'm planning on taking the MTV Choreography classes this month and I know some people have asked me to take them whenever I work out, so I would like to take this opportunity to invite you (girls only) to join me. :)

Friday, September 19, 2008

You Can Always Depend on the Kindness of [rich] Strangers

Once in awhile, I am reminded of how perhaps not everyone in the world is a complete selfish, self-absorbed, money-hungry, sexed-up jerk.

This morning I was running late for work (but who's checking?) and it didn't help that I was stuck at the Starbucks drive thru for an absurdly time. When I approached the window to pay for my equally absurdly expensive coffee, the barista advised me that the person ahead of me had paid for my drink!

Huzzah! I don't really know why they paid for my coffee. Perhaps they felt guilty for having ordered many coffees, thereby causing the line up to accrue behind them. Perhaps they admired my superfly 1994 Volvo with a honking bird shit on the window. Perhaps they thought I was cute (although flattered, middle-aged women are not my cup of tea). Either way, I just want to give a GREAT BIG THANK YOU to the woman in the black BMW SUV for my double tall peppermint mocha with whipped cream! You don't know how much that made my day.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

I Put On for My City but not you ... just yet.

I got my hair re-dyed yesterday at the salon with Jez. Ack, it's really blonde, it's like, platinum blonde. It's so blonde, it's almost white. Like Storm from X-Men White. I hope it either fades a little or that I get used to it over time.

So I've been seeing someone for the past couple of weeks. To be honest, I don't really like saying 'seeing', because it makes the whole thing seem ... final, like, I've limited myself. But I guess if you've gone on several dates with someone, that is technically what it's called.

Perhaps it's a mix of my fierce independence and sluttiness, but I feel like I'm hopelessly seeing my 'free agent' status slipping away. It's not necessarily a bad thing, but I don't know if it's a good thing either because I really don't know how I feel. For many, people take things slow physically in order to get emotionally involved with someone. I think this is because they associate physical-ness with emotions.

I think I've been deprived of this concept because I am the opposite. I think I've learned to disassociate the physical from emotion for so long, they are not analogous. That is, at the beginning of a *gulp* relationship (ugh, that word!!). I usually don't associate them until I'm into someone emotionally and that usually doesn't evolve for a long time. Yeah, I don't really wear my heart on my sleeve. It's sitting deep down in my pocket, under a pile of good and bad memories.

Everyone has asked me if I like this guy, but to be honest, I can't give a truthful answer because I really don't know. I can't tell after a couple dates and several rendez-vous'. I can't tell after a month of talking. I can't tell after over a year of knowing each other. I admire those who can identify their feelings right away, but I can't help but wonder if they're being truthful when they say they like someone (more than friends) they hardly know.

You like them? You like how they look? You look how they carry themselves? You like how they look on paper? You like how they are in bed? You like their car? You like their family? You like how they make you look?

Just like how I don't throw the Other L Word around that easily, I can't give up Like as if it's just another word. I'm sorry, I guess I'm just that selfish.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

BoA's Gonna Eat U Up For Realz

Guess what guess what?!

BoA is debuting in North America! For realz this time, yo. No more of these 'rumours' I keep hearing the past 3 years. It's finally official. *sigh* High school all over again.

Official debut date is November 11. Watch for it!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

All right, I'm Fine, Nevermind

*sigh I'm doing it again. I haven't updated in a long while. I dunno why whenever I don't update, I feel sort of guilty. I feel like I've gone south and have lost the will to do anything. To be honest, it's been quite the opposite for me lately. Especially for the month of August, which is, I guess why I've failed to update this thing.

Also, I couldn't find my camera cord for awhile and there was a bunch of pictures I wanted to upload. The pictures will tell the stories of what I've been up to so I won't go too much into it.

However, I will discuss one thing: I am no longer a virgin ... of dyed hair. About a month ago, I finally decided I would do what I've wanted to do for years, ever since I was a kid. I remember watching Days of Our Lives way back when (when it wasn't so gay and preposterous) and I remember Hope Brady had a wicked dye job where she had one lone blonde streak in her chestnut hair. Whenever her hair was up, you would see this simple streak. I thought it was awesome.

So on a Friday afternoon, exhausted from a long day of work, I trooped over to my salon, got my hair re-mulleted and asked her to do this peculiar dye job. I'm pretty sure she's hardly been asked to do one blonde streak under someone's hair before. In fact, the incredulous look on her face when I demonstrated what I wanted told me that I had made a good choice because probably no one else has it. And I was right. I did not regret it one bit.

Konrad said it looked (and seemed?) kinda emo. I did not disagree.

Initially I got it done because I've always wanted that kind of dye job as I thought it looked cool, but over the weeks, I've grown to want to maintain it for awhile because I've discovered several things. I kind of understand now why people get tattoos. It's kinda symbolic, and signifies a sort of representation of how one sees one's self or reminds them of an epiphany. I think I also understand why some people turn to drugs and stuff whenever they feel bad or at their worst. Dying my precious, full and healthy hair was a way of self-inflicted damage to myself without the drugs or razors.

Finally, the overall look kinda represents how I've been feeling lately and will probably feel for a long time: normal over all, but a part of me is still damaged (I think it's safe to say that that dyed chunk of hair will be forever damaged from the peroxide).

And now, the Month That Never Ended:

^Jays' game ^Paramore concert ^Look what I got stuck behind!! ^Paramore ^I won over $200 in Poker, bitches! ^Why I don't drink milk. ^You know your friends are dorks when: they put together a Bridge-building competition for shits and giggles ^What was left of Constantine's bridge after he dropped it that morning ^The Winners ^Bridge was still in progress before he took his back out