Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Well we've gotta start somewhere...right?

Today, I had hours to kill before I had to start work at 4, so I finally hauled my ass (with the push and nudge of Sarah!) to the gym. First time ever, peeps! We intended to drop in for the pilates class (cancelled) but ended up at the treadmills. You know how people usually jog on a treadmill? Well I used the treadmill a la me: walking. Not even one of those 'brisk' walks, where you break a sweat. I was just striding on the treadmill, not to mention doing it the lazy way by leaning over the handrail. Move over, Homer Simpson. I'm the new Lazy Boy Girl in town. Ha. It gave me some time to people-watch at the gym. Mostly students, of course (school gym), and it surprised me how many active people there were. I truly wasn't expecting that. I thought most people were lazy asses like me.

"How do you stay so thin, Lil?"

"Public transportation, watching Sex and the City religiously and a daily dose of Oreos."

Most of the people there seemed to know what they were doing and I kinda now see why people say the gym is a good place to meet guys. All those guys huddled at the weights, all congregating by comparing their bulging... arms. Of course this is a good place for guys to hit on girls: after pumping 80 lbs, they've gained 80 lbs of confidence!

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Kathy said...

Hahaha, "bulging...muscles".