Monday, March 06, 2006

I'd go Muslim for THIS...

When we think of "excessive wealth", we commonly think of the royal family in Buckingham Palace, Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Oprah...

But Bill Gates ain't got nuttin' on the oil tycoons of the Middle East. JEALOUS


No wonder they have a large family. It's not only to create future heirs to inherit the family business, it's also to fill up all the bedrooms in that friggin' palace. If it was a tad smaller, it'd make a SLAMMIN' party house. But it's just too big for a party. You'd lose your date in under a minute just trying to look for a bedroom. Although it'd make a hell of a place to play Manhunt!!

A silver Audi? Pssshhh.. I can do better. Check out my chrome Mercedes Benz:

Of course it's not mine yet. The good people at Mercedes Benz are just holding it for me until I get a job.

P.S. Apparently that stuff about the house is a hoax. It's actually a hotel. It's interesting how it became a hoax though...

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