Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Go Jays Go

I can't really remember the last time I actually enjoyed watching a baseball game. I have been to a Blue Jays game, back when the Skydome was officially called the Skydome. I remember I was way up in the nose-bleed section, so I don't recall paying much attention to the game. The Toronto Blue Jays probably lost that day. In fact, it's likely they did.

I'm not a big fan of baseball, even though I play it almost every weekend now. Watching it is the worst. So slow, so boring, so blah. Oddly enough, I accepted an invitation to go a baseball game last night with Davis. I think I was just in the mood to do anything and because the Jays happened to be playing the New York Yankees (Derek Jeter what what). And what better night it was than last night to watch a baseball game in some really good seats, on a nice evening with the dome down. The Jays even won (3-2) but it was a pretty tight game.

We came in at about the fifth inning. We were in no rush to see the beginning of the game since nothing really happened until the fifth inning. It was perfect timing too because we came just in time to see this:

And in case you don't know Chinese, basically they said "Aaron Hill owned the Yankees". Our seats were just behind the home base, so it was really a perfect view of that play.

I've been to hockey games and basketball games, but this was the first time I'd been to a baseball game...where it was packed (surprisingly). Hockey fans are mostly just angry and basketball fans are a bit more nonchalant. I think baseball fans have the oddest personalities. First of all, they like watching something as dull as baseball. Second of all, they say the craziest things at the players: "Swing, battahhh, battaaaahh!" "Hit it to the gahhhhdinaaahhhhh (the Gardiner)!!" etc., etc. And of course, the game was not complete without the good ol' "wave" around the dome and a sing-a-long of "Take Me Out to the Ballgame". Cheesy to the nth degree.

Funniest thing I heard in the news this morning: "A-Rod's a Yankee Doodle Randy". And while we're on sport news:
  • Blue Jays' right-fielder, Alex Rios is hot

Monday, May 28, 2007

She Wants to Move

I just finished my very first hip hop dance class and I luuuuurrrrrved it. It didn't even feel like an hour-long at all. I loved it even more because Alex volunteered, yes volunteered, to join me. I didn't even have to ask, he just decided to come on his own. Gotta love a guy who is willing to try something that is so out of his league. I'm talking about a guy who idolizes Borat and is apparently some sort of Counterstrike legend of the world. Look out world, Alex will be the next Backstreet boy!

Earlier in the day, some guy from the school called me and reminded me to bring extra shoes. I didn't think much of his advice, but I really should've because I soon realized what he meant by that comment. We weren't allowed to wear our street shoes in the dance room, so other smart people brought extra shoes... Ohhhhhhh. So stupid me and Alex had to dance in our socks (I hate dancing in my socks) and my ankles and mom will probably thank me tomorrow for stomping on the hardwood floors in my white socks.

We learned a routine for Justin Timberlake's "Summer Love". I will either really hate or really like this song by the end of the 5 weeks because I don't like this song or JT to begin with. However, at least it was the one 'masculine' thing that Alex could appreciate because he was the only guy in a class full of girls. Again, I'm just so glad he didn't feel uncomfortable (except when we had to do the booty shakes) or leave immediately (he almost backed out when he realized there might not be any other guys there). Now that's a man. Hey Alex, at least you were the hottest guy in the room. Sure, you were the only guy in the room, but male dancer = HOT. How did he do dance-wise? I wasn't really paying attention to him, to be honest. I saw him try to shake his booty and then I just focused on me. But I'll check him out next time.

Our dance instructor was pretty good. She was a good teacher, and totally not the insane bitch I was in the ChinKL days. Remember those? Gotta love those dance practices, eh girls? I really have no patience for teaching, so I have to admire this chick for putting up with a roomful of girls who frankly didn't look like they belonged there and I-dance-like-Carlton Alex.

I'm really psyched for next week's class, and this time I'll know better to bring extra shoes. It's really too bad these classes aren't more than once a week. I wish I knew how good these classes were before so I'd encourage others to join. I think I might even join the fall classes, as well. I can't imagine how I'd want to stop this. Finally, something I can really enjoy and not have that feeling of competition or that feeling you get when you're picked last on a team.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Lazy Dog Days

It's a bleary Sunday afternoon. I'm sitting at Nam's house, both of us bored out of our skulls. He's playing with my Blackberry and I'm...just trying to get through the loud Vietnamese karaoke music his tenants are playing downstairs. I guess I didn't have anything better to do than to bus in this downpour to Nam's house and just be bored with someone else. Kathy and Mel went to Richmond Hill to play squash, which I would've joined if a.) I didn't hate squash so much, and b.) I didn't have a sprained finger with a splint (gotta love sport injuries). I was having a hell of a time trying to type with it on, and now that I've taken it off, it hurts to press the letters e and x. It's a good think I don't have much to say about sex with exes right now.

It feels like a waste of a weekend day just sitting around doing nothing productive, although I guess there's not much we can do (outside, anyway) while it's raining. Perhaps I'd even be up for a game of mid-day Poker had we not played last night.

Hm, it seems as if I'm starting to run out of things to do. That'll show me to be busy all at once: there's nothing left over to do since I've exhausted everything else. However, tomorrow I'm starting my hip hop dance classes. Perhaps that'll be my new 'thing' to keep me occupied for the next five weeks since my finger will put me out of commission for most other sports.

It's hard to transition into new things after you've gotten so used to a routine. They may seem mundane while you are doing them but they're so familiar. But after awhile you just end wondering when you got so boring.

I don't know what I'm complaining about. Some other people are working this weekend, or worse, have no job. I should just enjoy these 'dog days' and just be content with just sitting around with a good friend and not do much else. These are the types of days that I won't significantly remember (like a great touchdown or a good poker win) but one I will appreciate later when dog days are what I'll miss.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Fashion is not a Luxury

... but a sense of fashion is.

Because it is such a trend for celebrities to have a line of clothing, trendy Sarah Jessica Parker of course, has hopped on that bandwagon. Oh, SJP, you used to be such a trend-setter, rather than a trend-follower.

I skimmed the collection and I must admit, I wasn't that impressed. It wasn't awful, but I just wouldn't be that surprised if this thing didn't take off as well as hoped. Perhaps we expect too much believing SJP is Carrie and the clothes would therefore be a la Carrie Bradshaw. We should really try to remember SJP is an actress and shouldn't compare SJP to Carrie since Carrie was dressed by a stylist (Patricia Field what what!). Perhaps I am a fan of Carrie/Sally Field, rather than SJP.

The name of the line is Bitten, and its manifesto cites that every woman has a right to good clothes with money to leftover to live, a far cry from the way Carrie lived. Perhaps this is SJP's way of redeeming herself as the quirky "instead of buying dinner, I'd buy Vogue" that is Carrie Bradshaw. Although, I don't think every woman has a right to good clothes, some just simply refuse to have nice clothes, SJP's line has good intentions. Bitten clothing will be sold in the U.S. at some store called Steve & Barry's (the same stores that are carrying the same inexpensive basketball shoes as Stephon Marbury) which is nowhere near Canada (good/bad?) but it might creep up northbound sometime in the future.

Here's a few pieces that I don't mind. The rest of the collection, however, I don't believe even 'Carrie' would be caught dead trotting up Canal Street in. Suffice to say, alot of these pieces can be found in your everyday mall-store like H&M. *yawn

^I just like the third outfit and the 'fro

Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Apologetic Lie

Is it ever wrong to be apologetic for being yourself? Alot of people do it, but I have to wonder if they really mean it. Or if they even know what they're apologizing for. I believe that 80% of apologies are fake, 19.9999% are said without regard and 0.0001% are truly altruistic.

We apologize mostly to rectify a situation in which someone or some people, feelings or otherwise, are hurt. A simple word like 'sorry' is supposed to be the cure-all and turns the "wrong-doer" into a "do-gooder" simply because they uttered out a simple word. Is that enough?

For some it is. For alot, it isn't. Perhaps that is rightfully so because 'sorry' doesn't take back words, doesn't take back feelings, doesn't take back thoughts, and above all, does not take back actions. 'Sorry' is not an 'Undo' button, as much as we'd love our lives to be like a Word document. So why do we say it?

We should truly be careful in how we use that word, because that word has lost most of its meaning. Since the word has lost most, if not all, meaning, for those 0.0001% of the times we really need to express regret, how should we do it?

In a sorrowed look? With a hug? With a 'my bad' and a high five? With a handshake? In a gift? How far are we to go before an apology has meaning?

That being said, when do we forgive?

Monday, May 21, 2007

Big Shit Poppin', Lil Shit Stoppin'

TI - "Big Shit Poppin'"

I dunno what the hell he's saying in this video at all and I'm pretty sure this song is a mix of a lot of Young Jeezy songs, but the song is still dapper.

You are now looking a new owner of a Blackberry phone. Yup, I've finally upgraded from my crap-tastic Motorola to a Blackberry.

I used to be so damn tech-savvy. Windows 95 was my bitch and I could make a website using pure HTML. I think things went downhill for me with the introduction of routers, high-speed and this thing called Facebook. I no longer have the energy or interest in learning all this new stuff because there's always someone better than me at it, I've realized. Which is partly the reason I am overwhelmed with my new Blackberry.

It quite literally took me an hour to learn how to make a damn phone call on this thing, thanks to a good mix of laziness (to read the manual) and stupidity (again, by not reading the manual). My cell phone career has only consisted of Motorolas, so I'm not used to using a new 'system' of a cellphone, particularly one that goes beyond what a cell phone should do. I should make a public plea to those who have nothing better to do than to read Blackberry manuals (*fingers crossed*) and are willing to help me:
  • transfer songs and pictures from my computer to the phone
  • transfer all the contacts I had on my Motorola to the Blackberry
  • use Bluetooth
  • cook a meal in under 3 minutes
  • stop global warming
I am willing to compensate, in cash or whatever other creative currency you can dream up ;). Just make me CrackBerry'd!

May 2-4 without the 2-4

Oh, this bloody weather on this fine long weekend!! It's really too bad it wasn't as warm as it has been in the past few weeks. I could've done more stuff this weekend... although I don't how much more I could've done. My weekend technically hasn't ended. Right now I'm sitting in a Ryerson 'hotel', which I believe is student residence converted into hotel as a project for the Hotel and Hospitality program. I give this place -3 stars. The light in here is so dim, the room was freezing, and the mattress was less than spectacular. Regardless, it was a pretty fun day/night. Kathy is staying in Toronto for a conference and she wanted some company on her first night, so Mel and I agreed to stay with her for one night.

We spent the day yesterday going shoe-shopping (CAN YOU BELIEVE I DIDN'T END UP BUYING SHOES?!) and book-shopping (I'm with Kathy and Mel, what do you expect?). We also played tour guides to Kathy's co-workers who are like country bumpkins or something. We ate at Jeremiah Bullfrogs and then Kathy, Mel and I retreated to our room to play Boggle. Yes, Boggle. Although to my delight, I realized we had internet, even though the front desk said we wouldn't have any. Nice. At least Kathy won't completely die in her cell hotel room for the next four days.

On Saturday, I spent the whole day with friends playing football, baseball, BBQ-ing and then playing with LOL I got the cutest phone call from Alex when he called me right before we were to meet up:

Alex: Lil, what's 'May 2-4'?

Lil: Are you asking me to define it or are you asking because you don't know?

Alex: I don't know what May 2-4 is.

I dunno why I found it hilariously adorable. I love it when people don't get weird Canadian traditions. Like the beer-oriented ones.

It was a pretty awesome day. Until it started to rain...and then we had to retreat back to Cuong's. And then guess what we did?

Although this weekend implies that we're to be stupid drunk and whatnot, I didn't see too much intoxication... besides from me. Ha. I wasn't that drunk, just slightly not sober. Which is just enough, I guess. I really don't need alcohol or drugs to have fun, like a lot of people. It's just good enough for me to be around good friends. I get drunk on good times! <--wow, lame comment.

^Watch your back, Alex

^Heehee...this picture is funny. I'm so mature.

^Meg batters up

^I don't know how, and I don't know why

^The guys look like they want to Juicy Fruit Iljya's ass

^Kathy has pocket Aces. You could so tell that by the look on her face.

I have videos of the fireworks, which were pretty spectacular for the price Dev paid. Will post later. Must get breakfast now.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Catch-Up Pictionary: The Return of the Camera Cord

Hallelujah. My sister finally found my camera's data cord. Time for some catch-up pictionary.

Remember two weekends ago from my lot party in Whitby? LOL I never realized how much ASH there was until I saw these pics...


^That gigundo bonfire

^Alcohol + girls + sausage = dirty food
^The first rule of Drunk Club...
^The next morning, we were missing a roof and tarp

^Uh-oh, we have a crotch-face situation

And of course, fishing from the past weekend:

^Gotta beat the sun!

^Yep, the dock is definitely sinking