Sunday, March 05, 2006

Happy Birthday, Konrad!

Went to Joe. for Konrad's birthday last night (yep. It's "joe. period"). Haven't been there before, so it was a nice change of venue from the usual nightlife digs. It's basically supposed be remniscent of a typical Canadian bar/living room, complete with bar, pool tables, jitz, hockey game on TV, loud music and dancing. It's a really great place if you've got a group of friends who are diverse and like different things. At least we can do whatever we liked under one roof.

Of course, I brought my camera and was the camera nazi for the evening. Well, not so much than usual. I think I should get my own smaller, thinner, lighter digital camera because my dad's Sony Cybershot is a bit cumbersome for my tiny purse. But alas: no job, no money, no justification to purchase such an extravagant piece of gadget.

^Subway fun and Justin's foot


^Don't I look gangsta? Jeff: "Every group has their token black friend"

^Sarah and Jeff

Konrad has an unusual amount of female friends, so I didn't really take pictures of them because I couldn't tell out of all the girls in the club who were his friends. Hahaha. Konrad continues to have that "ladies charm".

I was also amused (?) at the amount of middle-aged men at that club (not to mention this one guy who kept "moving" by himself, unaware of people around him). And if that wasn't weird enough, they were usually by themselves (as opposed to a group of them, like a guys' night), either "dancing" very close to young ladies (ME) or just standing in the middle of a crowded dance floor, ogling.

Now, I'm very open as to people doing whatever they wanna do on a Saturday night, but I can't help but wonder what their lives are like in the day time. Do they have jobs? Do they have families? Are they wifey-scoping? Are they catching up on nightlife that they missed during yesteryears? And if so, why don't they go to a more... "age appropriate" place? Not to say they can't go wherever they want but at least go to a place with young women who want older men and the night will be productive.

Oh well. I think this is something I'll have to get accustomed to because I might end up being an ogling, lonely middle-aged woman one day, in a sea of young eye candy. A productive evening would probably be being able to take advantage of a drunk young man. (And I actually saw that last night. I saw an "old" woman making out with a much older guy outside a bar. Nice.)

When Konrad was satisfactorily plastered, we ended the night with pizza and full bellies. Now there's a productive evening.

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