Sunday, August 27, 2006

CNE 2006: Round Two

As the hapless people that we are, a bunch of us went to the CNE for the SECOND time this summer, just to take advantage of the fact that we could get in for free because we had bought a pass the first time. And as per the norm, we did the usual at the Ex: shopping, gambling, ogling at boys.
^I don't understand why we still bother with these things...
^Ogling at boys: "How YOU doin'?!"
^Watching my Chinese name get written on rice
^Checking out the (cute) pimp!
^Making friends: umm... let's call him Pen Pen ^Maxing and relaxing with our new fowl friend ^Us and Pen Pen on what we thought was an elephant... ^ALL HAIL GANESH! ^The 'elephant' was actuallya bear eating (or hugging) a fish!
^Pen Pen is seriously a babe magnet, he's the guy to chill with to scope out the ladies
^Kathy and Mel wait for fireworks
^Mel and I REPRESENT ^That is one huge bird ^Showing off our take-home animal kingdom
Remember an entry I did back in July, making reference to this salt shaker set that I wanted to purchase for about $40?? Guess what I purchased for a mere $5 at the International Pavilion (specifically Thailand):
^The salt and pepper actually look a bit more than friends...

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Bar! Sex! Mania!

Congratulations to me for winning yet another scholarship from my beloved Lem Society Organization. Sure, I was the ONLY one in my category, yet again. And okay, I did win by default and not just because I barely made the cut off of the minimum 80% this year (even had to do some post-semester work just to get there!). But fuck. That's a couple hundred dollars in my very worn Nicole Miller wallet for Montreal next weekend.

I've been checking out some digs to visit while I'm up there. Mostly looking up nightlife stuff, like clubs and bars. One club is offering open bar to ladies (hell to the yes) and I'm even thinking about hitting a couple strip clubs (a place called Bar Sexe Mania is one I'd like to check out b/c it seems to have the elements of a great night: alcohol, sex, non-idleness).

Gonna try and avoid Casino Montreal, although I'm sure we will make the visit because it looks really awesome in the pictures. I'm gonna avoid gambling, as I don't wish to be wasting more money on gambling than I have this month.

I'm gonna look up some 'scenic' routes to Montreal, because 6 hours of just the highway and those dinky rest stops seems unbearable. It seems like it's a lot of things to do in only two nights and three days, but I'm sure we will not be at a loss of things to do. Mel even mentioned a literal 'sidewalk sale' that will be going on while we're there (not the sale of sidewalks, but shopping on real sidewalks, not like at a mall). I wouldn't mind hitting a couple museums and such.

Yes, this trip will be a nice ending to the summer. Mais oui?

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The rain comes down, but there's nothing much I can do

It's raining outside and I'm sitting in Jez's apartment because I don't feel like going home yet. People might think I'm crazy for sitting in an empty apartment all by myself (plus this cat who won't stop meowing and kissing me). Lately I just feel like being by myself, perhaps it's because things have been so busy for the longest time that I need this 'down time'. Plans for Montreal are coming underway and I still can't believe I have to go back to school in about 2 weeks. I guess the summer can't last forever.

Today I ran into an old friend of mine on my lunch. He was all dressed up in a suit and tie and it turned out he worked at a bank across from my building. It was weird seeing him dressed up because I've only really seen him in casual clothes. We went to highschool together (where the only time we ever really got dressed up was for presentations or the prom). He told me that another highschool friend of ours was working in the Executive building across from mine and I know another one of my childhood friends is working at the bank across the street (basically we're on all four corners of an intersection. Cool!). At that point, it dawned on me. We're no longer kids and above all, most of us are no longer students. Most of my friends are now either just starting to work or preparing to graduate from post-secondary. It feels so weird because I never thought we'd get there. After highschool, it only seemed that post-secondary would last forever and we didn't really think beyond that (except superficially). And now, some of us, are "young professionals". *shudders. Oohh, I have a love-hate relationship with that label.

We're grown, we got our own lives, we've got new responsibilities. I'm even sitting in someone's own apartment! Where the hell did the time go? Remember the days of just chilling at someone's house afterschool and not having to worry about grocery shopping or refinancing? We never had to worry about finances and security and now BAM! It's all happening so fast.

Today a young couple, who couldn't be more than 5 years older than me, came in to see us because they were about to purchase a condominium. It's such a cliche that you see young people purchasing condominiums *at this age* and I just realized now that I am in that age bracket. Mortgages, down payments, taxes... all so foreign to us! They should've taught us this in school to prepare us for "Life".

It has also come to my attention that I can't really do anything about all this change. It's something I just have to roll with and be prepared for, I suppose. So far in my 'preparation', I've decided my "making it" age is 26. That is, the age I intend on being both financially and emotionally secure and comfortable. Sound too ambitious? Perhaps it is because it is essentially 3.5 years from now, but I know a couple of people who are independent and comfortable at that age, and that to me is a goal to strive for.

It's still raining outside, but I think it's time to bear it and go home.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Happy Birthday, Kathy!

And a big "happy birthday" to Jezrin, as well. She left me to take care of her cat for the week while she heads up north, so this is my "birthday favour" to her. The cat didn't like me at first, but now she can't get enough of me now that she understands that I am her only provider of food, water and a lil cuddling for the next week. I've never really had a pet before, so remembering to feed her twice a day is gonna be a challenge for me as I sometimes forget to eat myself. o_o

As for Kathy's birthday, on Sunday night we 'que-ed, we noshed, we limboed, we laughed, we shared. What more can I say? I can't. So I'll post.

^Is Nam sleeping with a CareBear? Yes, he is.
^Damn Russians and their eating contests
^Kathy attempting to open my present
^So much foooooood! ^Hey, EVERYBODY! Alex is part of the Pen 15 Club!
^A little meat in Nam's mouth *insert immature giggle* ^Meg and Mel ^Uggghhhhhh... the 'itis'!^Such a cliche picture, but I still like it
The guys continue to find more things to compete each other with...

Sunday, August 20, 2006

A Little Bit of CRAZY

As per the usual summer-gallivanting, I made the annual trip to the Ex with my fellow comrades. However, this year I decided that I was too old and too wise to spend the entire day there, since there's not much for me to do but shop, gamble and ogle at boys (which are only good things if I limit my time doing them).

Well I did the shopping (two shirts, two flips flops, a dress, earrings and a pair of jeans), I did the gambling ($100 down the hole that could've been used towards Montreal!!) and I did the ogling (not much to report, ladies). Same old, same old at the same old CNE. I also took in a "cabaret" show which, to my disappointment, wasn't at all the sexy burlesque show (think Moulin Rouge) I was expecting and it wasn't 18+ at all.

The evening got a bit more wacky when someone (names have been asked not to be released) realized they didn't have their car and house keys. A good three hours of searching all over the park later, we went home, keys-less. Let's just say, the evening continued to be eventful, especially when we got back to the car. And let's just say I finally got to put my new CAA Plus card to some good ol' use. Eventually, I got home just shaking my head at the whole experience.

All in all, it was just anoter day at the Ex.

^I am Kathy, hear me roar.
^Mel and Kathy, flirtin' and hurtin' ^Yee. Haw. ^Dru and Dev loooOOOOoove to shop ^Iljya got cut off. DISScharged! ^No, the CNE didn't get bombed. The fireworks were off the roof this year ^Waiting for CAA: Iljya, you better have autism or something. Otherwise I'd have to kill you. ^Iljya, about to lose it. ^Mel anxiously waiting for the CAA before the shit hits the fan ^Aaaaah, my knight and shining armour has arrived in his white steed van

Friday, August 18, 2006

A Sponge-worthy Cause

ETA: Pics from Cuong's bday on Thursday

Week is over... yesssss. And I don't have to work tomorrow. Yessssss. I'm kinda glad I'm not planning on doing anything tonight because I need a friggin' break. Work, work, work, play, work, play, work, work, work... remember a month ago when I was wailing about not having anything to do for my whole day?

Nowadays the weekends don't come soon enough and don't last too long.

I can't believe all the shit I did last night: finished work late, shopped, went out for dinner with Nam, went bowling and then went clubbing! All on a Thursday night. Insanity. Absolute insanity. I don't know how I'm able to (barely) sit up and type out all this.

And yesterday, I can't believe I got talked into sponsoring a child with WorldVision. I don't even like kids or even the thought of giving aid that propels poverty rather than end it (let the criticism begin!).

Has anyone walked past that WorldVision booth at Square One Mall, near Tommy Hilfiger? Beware of the charming young black guy, "Dwayne" (I allege that is his name). I let him sweet talk me, hit on me, hug me and eventually talk me into donating $35 a month for some god forsaken child in a god forsaken third world country (honestly, I've considered sponsoring a child before butI haven't figured out if it's ethical to me yet). Wow. Luckily I have about a month to decide if this is what I want to do (hmm... maybe, maybe not. Likely not) but I'll have to start honing my macking skills and not be foolish to another pretty face (oh, the endless times that's happened to me).

He asked me to put my cell number on the application form, rather my home number, which I wonder if it is a sign that he'll use that number for non-sponsorship and WorldVision purposes. Haha, this reminds me of the Seinfeld episode ("The Sponge") where Jerry gets a girl's number off an AIDs Walk list.

ELAINE: Oh, you're not gonna cop a girl's phone number off an AIDS charity list!

JERRY (copying down the number): Elaine, you should admire me...I'm aspiring to date a giving person.

ELAINE: You're a taking person.

JERRY: That's why I should date a giving person. If I date a taking person, everyone's taking, taking, taking, no one's giving - it's bedlam.

ELAINE (warns): She's gonna ask how you got her number.

JERRY: Oh, I'll tell her I met some guy who knew her and he gave it to me.

ELAINE: What's he look like?

JERRY: I really didn't pay much attention, I'd just come from buying a speedboat.

ELAINE: You're buying a speedboat?

JERRY: See, we're already off the subject of how I got her number. All I gotta do is get past the first phone call and I'm home free.

^Corey and Nick, apparently the "whitest guys" of the group ^Mmm, Jackie's desserts look DEE-lish ^Cuong drinking. There's always a first for everything. ^Cory with the Olsen Twins (why are me and Minh doing ducklips?)
^What's Mike looking at?

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Read this.

Wow, it's really annoying when girls take shows like SATC, The OC, Friends, and One Tree Hill way way way out of context (I can see myself getting flamed later, because I know there are some hardcore TV fans reading this). And you would think an actress, like Lohan, would realize this herself!

C'mon, although these shows are based on fiction and there are some elements of truth, people have to realize that not all situations on TV apply to themselves. Sure, you may come across the same problems, but how many times can we rely on Ryan Atwood to come and rescue us from another bad boyfriend? And Sex and the City is not all about sex, although the subject creeps in from time to time (OK, time and time again) but alas, sex is the thing that we tend to focus on as if nothing else in the world matters (that's almost true).

There should be a show about people who base their own lives on shit they see on TV! And then the characters will re-enact the situations they had just seen on TV. That would be a good show. Someone get Jerry Bruckheimer on the phone!

I now realize why my dad calls the television the 'Idiot Box'. It really is for idiots. Idiots who don't know how to live their own lives.

Monday, August 14, 2006

The Simple Life

These past two weeks have surely taught me a few things about being on my own. That is, without someone telling you what to do, reminding you of what you need to do and someone waiting at home worrying about you.

My parents were gone for 2 weeks while they did a cross-country tour of both Canada (West Coast) and the States (the states that line Canada). It was two blissful, yet hectic and exhausting weeks. I've learned a number of things that will hopefully help me out when I am out on my own for real...

1. If you keep your fridge stocked, they will come. "They" meaning hungry (mostly male), freeloading friends. Hahahha....

2. If you have too much food at your house, those hungry, freeloading friends come in handy if you don't want the food to go to waste.

3. I will never be lonely, in a sense, but will I ever get to be alone when I want to be alone?

4. Going to work on Monday mornings are even more of a dread, especially when you've spent 48 hours with your friends and haven't had time to re-coop.

5. I will likely be hosting many dinners because a.) I like to cook, and b.) there is surprisingly alot of people who do trust my cooking.

6. Buying groceries for a single person sucks, budget-wise. Portions come too big (and made for people with families!) and everything's wasted (especially for me, I eat like a bird). Hungry, freeloading friends come in handy at this point.

7. Always, always have extra and cheap toothbrushes on hand. Or just keep toothbrushes available for Alex, because he'll crash unexpectantly anyway!

8. Bean sprouts really smell when you leave them in the garbage all week. Come to think about it, most perishable things don't last in the garbage for a week. Garbage Day should come twice a week!

All in all, it was 2 weeks I wouldn't mind doing over again. Or for the rest of my life. Minus the bean sprout incident.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Come back, Beautiful Stranger!

I don't really believe in love at first sight, but I sure as hell believe in lust at first sight. Has anyone ever met someone so mesmerizing and drop-dead hot and then can't believe your goddamn luck you'll likely never ever see them again because they live in another goddamn country?

I had this experience last night at Tonic when I went with the usual clubbing crew. I hadn't been back to Tonic in like, two years and I don't usually care to meet people at clubs. The last time I was there, let's just say it was 'memorable' (right, DevCuongDruJez?). This time, it was memorable again (in a better way). Tonic Nightclub is the place of memories!

I hooked up with this amazingly hot guy all night, who I happened to have been eyeing earlier, but didn't think I stood a chance (cuz when do I freakin' ever?). Preppy-thug look, shaved head, dreamy eyes, Filipino-looking. He was a good dancer and did I mention he was hot? And he was from New York. Worst luck, eh? I can't believe my bad luck that this guy was from out of town. It's karma, I suppose. This is from all those short midget guys who ever tried to dance with me at clubs and I rejected. Karma's a bitch.

If I didn't have inhibitions and common sense, he'd be making me breakfast, if you know what I mean. I don't really know much about him (don't really care to, at this point), except that he's from New York and his name is 'T'. Yeah, just the letter, not like, Tee, Tea or even Të. New York guys are so cool.

I now understand what propels someone to have one-night stands. If the boys and Meg weren't there with me, I have to wonder how far the evening would've gone. I'd like to think that I'm a level-headed, cautious and a common-sense kinda person who wouldn't go gallivanting with some beautiful stranger into the night. Sometimes those parts of me make for a very boring Me. However, I have seen poor judgement get the better of some people I consider 'not stupid', myself included. I wouldn't care what people thought of me (almost everyone), but I really wonder what I'd think of myself the morning after. I'm not the kind of person who refuses to regret any of their choices, but I do try to justify 'regrettable' choices I've made.

Bah well. It's all in the 'coulda, woulda, shoulda' past. And it should probably always stay that way... right?

Haven't we met

You're some kind of beautiful stranger

You could be good for me

I've had the taste for danger

If I'm smart then I'll run away

But I'm not so I guess I'll stay

Heaven forbid

I'll take my chance on a beautiful stranger

I looked into your eyes

And my world came tumbling down

You're the devil in disguise

That's why I'm singing this song

I looked into your face

My heart was dancing all over the place

I'd like to change my point of view

If I could just forget about you

-Madonna "Beautiful Stranger"

Monday, August 07, 2006

Summer days, slippin' away...

No Doubt - "Sunday Morning"

This video pretty much sums up my entire weekend (oddly enough, I never even saw this Sunday morning as I was sleeping in).

Last night we 'que-d, watched Derailed and talked allllll night long at the Lam's. Quite literally. We left at 5 am. o_o

Shit, the summer weeks are counting down! Pretty soon school will have arrived, and I'm gonna have to start settling down again. I hate watching those Zellers Back-to-School sale commercials. They remind me of a time when I looked forward to the First Day and I'd go to Zellers to stock up on a ton of lined paper and binders. *sigh

This year, for some reason, my school year is starting a week earlier than usual. That's one less week for me to rest. So much to do, so little time! On the bright side, this will be my fourth and final year at that god forsaken learning institute I call Humber. I'll miss my girls, I'll miss being in the same school as Sarah and even Cuong, but I won't miss the classes or my program.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

The 48-Hour Chilling

This weekend (so far) has surely been full of surprises. I fully intended on staying home most of the time, cleaning or something while Mel studied for exams. But, no.

What turned into watching a movie at my house with Kathy and Nam turned into a hell of a past two days. Movie with Lam's turned into movies with more people, which turned into dinner, dinner turned into a raid of my liquor cabinet, drunkfest turned into sleepover at casa Lem, sleepover turned into sleep-in, sleep-in turned into breakfast at Ikea, breakfast turned into shopping at Ikea, shopping to more movies at casa Lam, movies turned into dinner at Lam's, dinner turned into trip to Fallsview, trip to Fallsview turned into several debts and one winning (Devlin -$200, Nam -$200, Lil -$200, Dru +$450) and finally Fallsview turned into semi-sleepover at my place until Alex gave up and went home. *whew. I don't know how I did it. I don't know how any of us did it. I didn't feel tired at all really in the past 48 hours until just after Alex left at 6am and I somehow woke up about 2 hours ago (9-hour power sleep)!! Turns out I was more exhausted than I thought.

This morning, as I was grabbing some late breakfast/lunch at the Fire Hall, I saw Dev. And then I realized:

K, guys. I think we need to take a break from each other (not a break up). 48 hours of hanging out is way too much of being with each other (especially poor Alex who's been wearing the same clothes for 2.5 days o_o). We gotta start carrying extra toothbrushes and clean underwear with us from now on. And after this weekend, I don't want to see the whites of any of your eyes in the next two weeks.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

My Day in Court (Office)

So my boss finally sends me on an assignment that I have some remote education in, law-wise. These past three weeks, I've mostly been dealing with real estate law, a topic my program coordinator somehow forgot to include in our curriculum. Oddly enough, real estate law is widely practiced by law clerks...hmm.

Anyhoo, so she sends me to the Superior Court office to submit an Affidavit. I soon realized why she sent me to do it. It had nothing to do with me using any expertise whatsoever, except to just sit and wait. Yup. For one whole hour to achieve a 2-minute job. In a way, it was good she sent me, so now I know how to submit an Affidavit and whatnot, and the entire experience wasn't so bad.

So I get to the court office and there's already a line. There's about 15 people ahead of me, and it's more like a waiting room, where we have to 'line up'. Basically we just scoot seats whenever the first in line is out. For the first 30 minutes of my being in line, what else could I do but listen to my MP3 player and people-watch. Lawyers, freaks, ghetto, cops, babies, weirdos...

I sat next to this middle-aged woman. She was very nice and helped me figure out if I was in the right line. She was there to submit some documents for her own divorce, and it was her fifth time there in one month!

Her soon-to-be ex-husband was making things difficult and filing all types of motion that meant she had to keep coming back to court. This provides another reason to not get married, and above all, don't get divorced. Spousal/Child support calculation is horrendous and then there's the forms to be filled out. Ugh. I'd stay in a bad marriage to avoid all that pain in the neck.

Funny enough, the woman's husband also just happened to be there in the court office with his new girlfriend. Apparently he was there to file yet another motion and he actually personally served her with papers while we were in line. Man, that was awkward. I felt bad for this lady because she told me she felt sick to her stomach just knowing he was in the same room as her. So much drama. It didn't help that she was on the phone most of the time calling up people (friends and family?) to let them know what was going on and give them a play by play as she watched him.

That was my excitement for the day, actually. Sad, eh? Although I learned quite a bit from just sitting in line (thank gawd for my mp3 player), like, how to never get married. And above all, don't hook up with a guy whose had marriages before you (besides the fact that he's pretty 'used'). There's a reason why he's married multiple times.

The CTV newscrew was there, too but I have no idea why. Is there some high-profile case going on now? That terrorist ring thing still going on?

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

It's wiggity wiggity WHACK!

Kriss Kross - Jump

Gotta love those manufactured minions of Jermaine Dupri.

Does anyone else remember a time where wearing your clothes backwards was cool? (Not inside out, though. That's wiggity whack)

Gawd, I'm old.