Friday, April 28, 2006

The birds are, like, dying. SERENITY NOW!

I have to really wonder if this is real. There's a bunch of her 'video blogs' floating around the internet. If she is for real, well, she puts the 'OW' in DOWN.

I believe this is the saddest person I've ever seen. Not even Eeyore, Pooh's friend, can top this chick. What is her deal? I'm not going to make fun of her, enough people do that on the net which probably makes her life even more of the suck. But, really. I really have to wonder what makes her life so depressing. Lack of friends? Lack of love? What?!

I admit, sometimes I get into one of my 'my-life-could-be-better-times-like-these-I-wish-I-did-drugs' funks, but they usually precede my period or something. This is ridiculous, I can't imagine someone living like her. I've never quite understood how or why depressed people are depressed. Do they just look at the bad things in life and emphasize on that? Is their whole life one big pessimisstic joke? What could be so terrible that they want to kill themselves? "The birds are dying!! Life is sad! I want to kill myself!"

Perhaps I will never understand because I don't see myself sinking that low, but I'd really like to talk to someone who's going through that so I can understand them better. Nothing else seems to solve my angst than just blurting out a long stream of swear words. That always seems to cheer me up. I've seen people, in fact I personally know people, who take the most abstract upsetting thing in their life and get really emotional about it. With violence and yelling and throwing fits and everything. Like, whoa. I know not everyone's life is all peaches and hearts, but even the person with the worst life smiles once in awhile, right?

Back to this "emogirl21". I really wanna find her original blog site, so if anyone knows it send that shit over. I'd like to find out more about her and this 'EmoKid21Ohio' she's been 'talking to'. "Sadness" is awe-inspiring. Kinda like watching an accident: awful to look at, but you just can't look away. o_o

Besides, I have nothing better to do on this Friday night.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Toronto is the city for the sleepy

Attempted to go clubbing last night. On a Wednesday night. What were we thinking? What was I thinking?

Serves me right for having faith this city would have something to offer some 9 bored people on a Wednesday night. I was hoping to finally experience Club Menage's "Wayback Wednesday" but it turns out everyone in the world had the same idea as me.

The place was packed and we couldn't even get in. Not to mention there were a lot of attractive people (both male and female) there. So we hiked around SoHo, finding something else to do. All the bars were packed and I found out why when we ended up at Havana Nightclub, which was crawling with "cougars and cowboys". I thought it was OK, but the guys were feeling uncomfortable so we had to bounce. Hiked around some more, at this point wishing I smoked pot beacuse some of us did and I was jealous. LOL.

Sometimes I really wish I lived in a city that never sleeps, like New York City. I'd have something to do every night, even if it's not as eventful as the weekends. At least the option is there to do something. Although, I'd probably go broke within a month from going out too much. Hehe

Warning: the following statements might make you think less (or more) of me:

Let's just say I was irritated by certain things last night, but one of the things that bugged me the most were the homeless people roaming the streets. Forgive me for sounding like a bitch (actually, I apologize for nothing), but I hate it when people come up and beg for money. It's as if it's my fault that they're homeless (probably is, because the government puts way too much money into education than to 'the needy', IMO) and it's my duty to somehow make up for that. One homeless person even came up to us on bent knee asking for money (whilst smoking a goddam cigarette). I really don't see why I have to be guilty to be in the situation I'm in and the position they're in. I think this is just how the universe balances itself out: you can't have everyone in the same class; somewhere, someone has to be in an extreme.

Now, I know that in other countries, poverty conditions are way worst. I'm talking specifically about the homeless in Toronto, who compared to beggers in India, are living pretty well. Most of the homeless people here are there by choice, lack mental capacity or end up there by means of poor judgment in a previous life (runaways, dropouts). The city also provides soup kitchens and whatnot that most just choose not to go to (because they don't want 'handouts'. PAH). So you can see why I have no sympathy for the homeless. Like, I don't mind them just hanging out on the street and minding their own business, but all I ask is that they not bother me. In fact, there should be a by-law for this kinda thing! And if people, out of their own free will, want to give money they can but not because someone begged and guilted them into it.

The night ended at the 24-hour pho place, which I think was one of the highlights of the evening because that was damn good pho. However, I apologize to everyone who thinks they wasted their time last night (I don't think it was a complete waste; it got me out of the house) and I thank everyone who came out anyway. It will be better next time, I promise. ;)

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Who is Johnny Dang?

I usually don't make it a point to watch rap videos anymore. I realized they just end up ruining the song for me (as opposed to other types of songs). I mean, yeah I like looking at the cars and stuff, but there's been less focus on vehicles and more focus on the ugly rappers themselves lately. Also, I hate looking at 'grillz', those ridiculous blingin' mouth pieces. I wanna know who the hell came up with the idea that wearing diamonds in your teeth looks 'gangsta'. It's not. Keep the bling for your wrists, gentlemen. Don't bling the bling in your fuckin' mouth.

Anyhoo, if I happen to see a video, I don't usually pay attention. However, someone recently brought to my attention of a peculiar thing creeping up in some videos: some tiny Asian gremlin who seems to be friends of these monikers. I'm not kidding, I had to watch this video twice to notice it. Do you see him? He's also in the DJ Khaled vid.

Who is he?! Where did he come from? How did this tiny Asian guy become friends with TI and the like? He's like one of those gremlins that just appear out of nowhere and noone really seems to take notice unless you're on the outside looking in.

^The Blinged Asian Gremlin and Paul Wall

I felt I needed to find out who this guy was (thanks to a wondering mind and all this free time I have). Thanks to my superior searching skills and Google, I managed to find his mySpace (besides me, who doesn't have one?) and found out his name is Johnny Dang aka "TV Johnny".

^with the missus (!)

A few questions ran through my head:

1. Why is Johnny Dang called "TV Johnny"?

2. Is Mrs. Asian Bling embarassed to be married to that (although she must be reeping the rewards of his income)?

3. When's the next flight out to Texas so I can personally kick his ass?

I think he's Vietnamese, but nonetheless I feel ashamed that he's Asian and that I Googled him.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

24 hours without the Jack Bauer

I came across this and thought it was hilarious. It's from BoA's fanmeeting (lucky bastards!) and if you scroll down to the bottom someone translates her post script: "Please study hard"

HAHAHA! I think it's both funny and endearing that she would write something like that. It's nice to know that some people, especially with as much fame as BoA has, can think about things besides money. BoA cares about her fan's education. -_-

Saw Silent Hill last night and it sucked. I really wish I had went with my first instinct to see V for Vendetta or even Ice Age 2 (never even saw the first one). It was packed last night because it was opening night and I'm sure most of the people were as confuzzled and disappointed after the movie.

Scary movies just aren't what they used to be I guess. I think it's just hard to shock and awe people these days. With all the uncensored stuff on the internet and the weird we see in the media, nothing really surprises us anymore. A truly scary movie these days would have to be scary enough that it wouldn't be allowed to be shown in certain countries. I believe the last movie that truly spooked me was Blair Witch Project when I was 12. Still spooks me just thinking about why it was spooky. I've yet to get drunk one night, watch Blair Witch and run into the woods at night with someone. That's my idea of an awesome evening.

After the movies we sat in Timmy's until 4 am just arguing. Well, not arguing, but we were engaging in philosophical debates that my Philosophy prof would have been jealous to not have been part of. Also I think she would've been proud of all the Phil bullshit I've learned this semester and used! We just jumped from topic to topic: 9/11, abortion, capital punishment... pretty much anything you can debate. Boy did we annoy the chick sitting next to us trying to study. Baha! Isn't it strange that after the flurry of exams and assignments, all this knowledge suddenly starts oozing out? I think that was our way of getting rid of all the excess grey matter in our heads before we start the summer and kill brain cells with alcohol. Woot.

I feel so tired but I'm determined to go out tonite. I realized today that yesterday I was awake for 24 hours! I woke up at 6 am yesterday, went to bed at 6 am this morning and then I slept for 6 hours. Notice something weird? 6...6...6...hmm...

Friday, April 21, 2006

Wooza Wazza?

"Buttons" is my favourite song off the Pussycat Dolls album. I swear, this is probably going to be my 'summer anthem' because the words to this song are applicable.

I'm telling you to loosen up my buttons babe (uh huh)

But you keep frontin' (uh)

Sayin' what you gon' do to me (uh huh)

But I ain't seen nothin' (uh)

You can take it either literally or metaphorically, but that's how my life's been lately. *sigh.

Currently listening to Young Leek's "Jiggle It". Shiiiiiet, I'm itching for clubbing and dancing. Everyone seems to be either studying or not up for clubbing (besides good ol' Megan). Looks like I'm going to see Silent Hill tonight with the boys + Megan. -_- not a big fan of watching the loud scary movies in the theatre but I guess if I'm not damaging my hearing in the clubs, might as well do it in a theatre...

Thursday, April 20, 2006

It's bad enough Asians have "small confidence"

So some recent study results showed that out of the entire world, the top 5 sexually satisfied countries were Austria, Spain, CANADA, Belgium and the US. Bottom 5? Thailand, China, Indonesia, Taiwan and Japan. Does anyone see what I see in those bottom 5? All Asian countries.

I must say I was a little taken back when I read these results, though I don't know why the more I thought about it. Let's omit the fact that Indonesia is an Islam state, but Japan? As far as I can tell, Japanese people are some of the freakiest people, both sexually and in general. I love the urban and pop music, but that's as far as I will dabble in "Japanese culture". Battle Royale and Suicide Club pretty much dispelled any thoughts of normalcy in the Japanese society for me.

Anyhoo, the question on my mind is... why are Asians the least sexually satisfied? Are we too hard to please in bed? Do we expect too much, or do we not do enough? I thought sexual satisfaction was universal, but I guess things differ over there in the East. Do they know SARS isn't sexually transmitted? :p

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Où est Lil? Lil est dans la biblio-fucking-thèque.

Pardon my French, but I think the librarians (and bathroom janitors) at the Central library must know me by now. At least know of me. Every semester, without fail, for two weeks I am there reading, eating and studying for exams. It is my 2nd home the days coming up to my exams. For some reason it's the only place I can seem to concentrate. Perhaps it is being surrounded by books and other people reading that forces me to read (because it is truly a task to get me to read my law books anywhere else).

My home is the worst place for me to study, I really don't know how my sister manages it. I'm easily distracted: internet, TV, my comfy bed and things I wanna eat require me to get up to get it or make it. I especially hate writing papers because it will take me like, 3 hours to write 1 page because whilst writing I'll be trying to find things on the computer to do to avoid writing.

Being in the library is like having a headmaster stand next to you with a whip, forcing you to study.

Today I definitely overstayed my welcome at the library, I think. I got there around 11:30 am, and didn't leave till about 7:30pm. EIGHT FUCKING HOURS in the library. Well I was prepared to spend the whole day at the library to finish my take-home Philosophy exam and prepare for my Legal Writing exam tomorrow. Can you believe I didn't even finish the stupid exam and barely even looked at my Writing notes?! Un-fucking-believable. I didn't even have the Internet or a crossword to distract me. For 8 hours straight I read, I toiled, I typed...and I didn't even finish the exam. Fuck FUCK FUCK. I was really hoping to finish so that I could finish my other Philosophy paper tomorrow and study for Debtor/Creditor exam. Now I'm trying to figure out what I'm going to do about tomorrow. I'll basically be there from about 2:30 till god-knows-when trying to accomplish three things that need to be finished by TOMORROW (Friday = exam's at 8 am, papers need to be handed in by 12 noon).

Alright, bed time. Thinking about this more is going to stress me out, make me cry and give me wrinkles. And that's the last thing I need.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Romance is the new Black

A girl friend recently griped to me about how her boyfriend of a week wouldn’t put out. “If you were any other girl, we would’ve done it by now,” he said. “But you’re special to me, so I think we should wait.” We scoffed at his response and wondered why he’d say a ridiculous thing like that. And then after awhile I started to think. Why did we ridicule this guy’s response? Why were we so perplexed that he didn’t want to have sex, especially when the girl was more than willing? And the answer is: romance is truly dead. Okay, maybe not dead, but definitely in critical condition.

LADIES! After years of sexual liberation, thanks to the Pill and the Women’s Movement, those elements somehow seemed to erase thoughts of romance from our heads. Nowadays, our idea of “romance” includes a vibrator as a birthday gift and “romantic getaways” (i.e. an opportunity to have sex round the clock in a different city).

Recently a guy offered to make me dinner and my next thought was, “Okay why does he want to make me dinner? Is this a lure to get me into bed? Guys aren’t nice like that for the sake of being nice.” Isn’t that sad? Immediately after he suggested a nice, romantic gesture, I automatically thought about what his ‘ploy’ was instead of being grateful that he’d offer something as sweet and thoughtful.

I’d really like to know where all this ‘pessimism’ is coming from. It’s no wonder guys don’t do romantic stuff like that anymore. Women don’t have the capacity to comprehend romance, even if it’s in the form of a homemade meal. A romantic gesture is either a cheap ploy to get us into bed, or a way of saying “I’m sorry”.

We complain all the time that guys aren’t originally romantic and that it’s hard to come by. Whenever “romance” is around, we laugh at it or raise a judgmental eyebrow at it. But now that I think about it, there’s probably been a ton of missed romantic hints that I disregarded because I was too “real” to get it. So how do I shake this off? How do we start to accept romance as a means to express someone’s feelings instead of a means to express someone’s libido?

For one, I guess can just learn to GET OVER MYSELF and take it for what it is. Perhaps not all guys are in it for ass? Sometimes people aren’t able to express themselves via words, or even physical acts, so random acts of kindness are a fair way to show someone how they feel. Second, I suppose I can reciprocate in the “being originally romantic” spectra. Takes one to know one, right? Perhaps my doing so will help me not overlook random acts of kindness and learn to perceive an altruistic gesture as meaningful, not dowdy. And lastly, I need to let people do stuff like that and not avoid these types of situations. It’s bad enough that I complain about not getting it, but it’s another to prevent it from happening.

So this is my new resolution, a spring cleaning to my aura, if you will. I will learn to have a brighter perspective towards guys (and people, for that matter) and selfless acts of kindness (romantic or just plain nice). While I will still maintain street smarts, I will try to shake off the pessimism and give the guy the benefit of the doubt. I encourage everyone to try this because this kinda stuff works best in greater numbers and I foresee a comeback in good, old fashioned romance.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

My Design-y Senses are Tingling!

I'm so fracking jealous of this girl. I looooove this dress she made, FROM SCRATCH (including colouring herself). I want to make one myself, but it's so much goddam work that I don't think I have the time, patience and energy for it.

But I can imagine the ways I'd design it. Hmm, maybe something a la Versace S/S 05 with the slit "up to there". Mmmm...

Oh shit, back to "studying".

ETA: It has come to my attention that there's a video of me floating around at Mark O's party last summer minus pants (I'm pretty sure it just looks like it. I wore shorts to the party, I remember that much). If anyone who's reading has it.... HOOK IT UP!

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Oh, Wendy, why do you hate us so?

I mixed up a due date again this week. That's TWICE in one week. The first time I found out on Wednesday night an assignment was due the next morning. Miraculously I managed to get it done and hand it in on time. The second time was just tonight.

I thought my Philosophy take-home exam was due on Wednesday. Turns out it's due on Friday. Sarah, how did we both think it was due on Wednesday? Can you imagine if we shared more than one class together? We'd be a riot.

I'm losing it, people. Truly losing it. Where is my head?

I also just realized today that my both my Philosophy exam and assignment are worth 50% of my final mark. H O L Y F U C K.

This does not help that my Phil teacher, Wendy, expects me to write a top notch paper on Hannah Arendt because she was so impressed with my first one. Hmm, I hated Neitzsche so much, maybe I should try to hate Arendt...

Back to staring at a blank Word document...

Eek! Marc Jacobs "Mouse Shoes"!

I need these shoes: Unfortunately, that also means I need $400. Or a generous sugar daddy.

Friday, April 14, 2006

The New Destiny's Child?

Yes, Destiny's Child has been revamped at least three times. First with the original four (Writings on the Wall = best DC album), then with the two new chicks, and then down to three. And now there is no more Destiny's Child.

Enter Teairra Mari, Amerie and Rihanna...

This is from the 2005 World Music Awards and I thought the performance ROCKED. Not to mention that I'd count each one of those singers as my "faves" (although if I ever saw Teairra on the street, I'd probably turn around. That chick seems bad ass).

I never realized before how different each of their sounds were, even though they're pretty much in the same genre of music.

Now's a good time to use that time machine...

OH SHIT. What a week. Assignments and exams are my life for the rest of the week. I feel like I've been hit with a ton of bricks and the only way to alleviate it is time. It seems like everyone's 'lacking' that lately.

As I've mentioned before, everyone is irrelevant to me for the rest of the week. Here's what is relevant now:

Monday ~ Elder Law exam; open-book, only 50 minutes!, waayyyy too much material to cover as I've done no readings.

Tuesday ~ Mediation assignment due; Mediation exam, closed book, and still no readings done.

Wednesday ~ One BIG Philosophy paper or two small papers due (still haven't even decided what I will do yet); take-home Philosophy exam due, 5 pages, one question each, plus bonus

Thursday ~ Legal Writing exam, open book

Friday ~ Debtor/Creditor exam, open book; a big ol' drink.

Yup, someone please shoot me. I guess after Wednesday, things start to wind down a bit. I haven't even started on those Philosophy papers, let alone that exam. Easter weekend is both good and bad: I have an extra full day to work, but the libraries are closed. Bahhhhh!

Now that it's Crunch Time, I'm thinking back on all the lost opportunities I had to start work, like... last night. Right after class, I played tennis with the boys and pho'd with Davis. And now I think I ate something bad, because my stomach 'don't feel too good'. Ugggggghhhh... OH shit. Another thought just came to me: What if it's salmonella from eating those raw bean sprouts?!

My life is a joke.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Spring forward!

Hooray for warm(er) weather!

Now that I can officially bring out my warmer-weather shoes and put away my winter clothes, it's time to review what I hated about winter and winter fashion:

1. Not being able to wear a skirt whenever I damn well pleased.

2. Not being able to wear fabulous open toed shoes whenever I felt like it.

3. Hat hair.

4. Big Uggs. This never really bothered me before until Nam showed me a picture of one of his car meets and the lone girl was wearing a bright pink puffy jacket and big, huge Uggs. Someone should've ran her over with her Accord.

5. Runny nose.

6. Static coming from my headphone wires rubbing against my wool/puffy coats. Zzzap!

7. The colour pink. For some reason there was an abundance of it this winter. This does not exclude me.

8. Snowboard jackets. I hated mine the most, because it made me feel like a child and there were no inner pockets for my shit!!!

9. SALT EVERYWHERE!!!! Especially at my campus.

Moving on to spring fashion, I can really feel this new leggings-with-mini skirt trend is going to be butchered to no end in the coming months. I now regret purchasing a pair a few months ago and grateful I have no idea where mine are.

However, I think I will go out and purchase a small men's dress shirt, because I feel this is quite hot:

^Giambattista Valli S/S 06

I don't know if it's the fact that it's a 'gender bender' style or the illusion that she's wearing no pants that makes this Look look cool. Either way, I'd so rock this (sans pants!).

Hm, I'm actually quite late on this 'spring trendwatch'. Everyone's now excited about Fall fashion and I refuse to even look at pictures from the Fall fashion shows. I really want to just get excited about warmer weather clothes after months of the salt mixing with my suede boots and fogged up glasses everytime I enter a bus!

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Happy Birthday, Dev and Shinji!

Karaoke and drinking in Koreatown for Dev and Shinji's birthday last night. I remember food, I remember drinking and I vaguely remember the singing... let's see if I can jog my memory:

^Eating at Ka-Chi: are the metal chopsticks for eating or fighting?

^Drinking at Blur and being gangsta



^Not gangsta

^One sip and she's DOWN!


^Brandy as BoA

^The Boys singing "It's Raining Men"

^ChinKL reunion tour! Performing "Now"

^Sarah and Shinji

^A sweet serenade: Brandy and Dev

^MCs Kensley, MC Lil and MC Brandy doing "Gangsta's Paradise"

^Dru and Meg (Dru, you're not TI)

^"You are the dancing queen! Young and sweet, only seventeen!"

What a great night. I probably won't have another one of those for at least two weeks. *sigh

Saturday, April 08, 2006

A Productive Friday Evening...

WOOT! I just finished my taxes. Big weight lifted and I don't feel so terrible about buying these fantastic 5-inch Betsey Johnson shoes yesterday because my refund will pay for them. Sha-zam!

I'm just looking for anything to distract me from doing any real school work now. Come to think of it, I haven't really done any real school work since strike started. I have a case comment and presentation that were due when the strike started and it's due on Monday. I've yet to actually complete it. Ooh boy.

So here I am, la-dee-da-ing and exhausting everything I shouldn't be doing instead of homework.

Last night, I should've done some work. But instead I went to Markham with Nam for some dinner and to pick up my Salt N Pepa CD. We ate at this Vietnamese restaurant (cravin' the pho) disguised as a Chinese restaurant (not a lick of the Vietnamese language anywhere in that joing, but food was still oh-so-good). We actually got quite a bit accomplished last night. Nam wanted to go to this Accord car meet, so we did. Lemme tell you, it was the oddest thing I've ever been to.

I never knew this before, but apparently alot of people who talk on car forums (Honda Civic forums, Honda Accord forums, RSX forums, etc.) get together offline in empty mall parking lots and talk cars. They line up their suped up cars and just huddle in the cold talking about god-knows-what. There's this one mall parking lot that alot of people go to in Markham, partly because the security guards don't bother them and there's a Tim Horton's. Mitusibishis and Honda Accords happened to be there last night. The Accords got together with the Accords, and the Mitsubishis got toghether with the Mitsubishis, etc. There were other cars there but I didn't recognize them. Partly because I didn't wanna get out of the car for fear of being seen, as I don't wish to be one of 'those girls'. I've actually heard of this stuff going down in Cali and stuff, but to witness it firsthand is a bit surreal. Kinda like a scene out of Fast and the Furious, minus the hot guys, hot weather and hotter cars.

Sarah: Were the guys hot?

Me: What kinda guy, that comes out on a Friday night to meet in an empty parking lot with strangers with the same car as you, is considered hot? (Note: No offense to Nam. However, I don't think he would've came out if I didn't ask him to take me to Markham to get my CD. Nam, you're a doll.)

I can't imagine getting together offline with the Asian music fans I talk to on forums. It doesn't matter if we have that one thing in common, I really don't think we'd get along. What the hell would we talk about besides BoA? They are likely FOBs or Asia-philes, and I'm normal. Ha.

So after the "autofest", we went to Nam's friend's rez for some much-needed fix of poker. The trip was far, but it was worth it. Nam and I agreed that if we came in first and second, we'd split the pot. That night we won enough money to pay for our dinner and the gas for our trip. Teehee.

ALSO, I found someone's Tim Horton's cup tab for a free coffee!

I love it when Karma comes full circle.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Bread, Milk, Eggs, Pants...

I never thought I'd say this but... I think the next place I buy my clothes will be from a supermarket.

I recently heard about a new clothing line they have at those Superstore supermarkets. I haven't actually been to one of those supermarkets (is it like Costco?) and the last thing I thought they'd sell there is nice-looking clothes. I don't want to, but I actually want to buy a couple things from there now...

$3 Metallic-colour flip flops

Sassy Safari Dress (reminds me of the dress Miranda wore in the episode she finds out she's preggers and she's eating pizza with Carrie. Yep, I watch too much SATC)

Stylish Safari Blazer

Bermuda Shorts

Apparently the designer for Joe also happen to design for Club Monaco and Alfred Sung, which explains the blandness. Hmm, I think I will pick up some apparel items (especially that Safari Dress) the next time I pick up some eggs.

Edited to add:

Ed Hardy Online Sample Sale

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The New Pandemic is not the Avian Flu

I saw the "saddest" thing this morning. Some careless poster 'put-upper' trapped a ladybug between the glass and poster at a bus shelter. He probably didn't notice the ladybug landed on the poster before he closed the glass. Now there's a LIVE ladybug stuck in that glass until whenever the next time the poster will be changed (I looked closely and it's antennae was moving but he/she couldn't move). I will check on it next week (the next time I will be at that bus stop) and let y'all know it's fate.

It's funny how we designate our 'love' to such inanimate and useless things. Inanimate in a sense that it could just be a mere object and useless as it has no real purpose to ourselves, personally. I've been thinking about this for awhile and it's funny how it happened to be part of the topic of discussion of today's oh-so-long Philosophy class. I think it was about legitimacy and where we designate our sympathy too. For instance, when the U.S. got owned on 9/11, Canada contributed millions. But during the whole tsunami fiasco, I believe Canada offered up only hundreds of thousands of dollars. Why is that? Is it because the U.S. is closer, and therefore deserves more of our money? Or is it because the South Asians deserved less money because the tragedy that befalled them was a natural disaster and was inevitable? Of course, I don't expect alot of people, besides people who have family and loved ones overseas, to understand what I'm trying to say. "Of course the U.S. deserved more money! We can't relate to those overseas! What goes on over there is none of our business!". Or how about those seals during seal-hunting season? People, including goddam Pamela Anderson, don't see past those big, cute seal puppy eyes and realize that if this animal had the chance to eat you, it would. Seals stink, and apparently they're over-populated, so how 'bout them apples? Those puppy-seal eyes are a defence mechanism for seals so they don't get slaughtered! Do I sound like your modern day Cruella DeVille yet?

I don't hate animals, in fact, I like animals so much that I don't see myself owning a pet (not yet. Maybe when I'm 40 and desperate for companionship I'll get a dog). I'm not here to discuss politics, though. In fact, I should be the last person to because I'd be exiled for my opinions. What I wanna talk about is my annoyance with people who disperse too much 'love' and 'sympathy'. Yes, love is blind. We're not expected to think logically because love is supposed to justify every irresponsible, careless move we make.

CNN recently did a report on germs and children. As I read the article, I kept thinking to myself "I could've told them that a long time ago!". I recently saw a TV ad for some children's hygenic products that was supposed to "make going to the bathroom fun!". For the life of me, I cannot recall the company's name or the name of the products. It was a line of products of anti-bacterial soap and ass-wipes (for lack of a better name) to get children hyped up about going to the bathroom and washing up, by camouflaging the bottles in bright colours and personifiying the alphabet. I was so angered by this commercial. DO NOT BUY YOUR CHILDREN THESE PRODUCTS. It's bad enough we expose children to all this anti-bacterial bullshit propaganda, but to provide products designed for children to wipe their asses with chemical cleansers is appalling. Is it really necessary? Are they really that germ-infested down there? Are our bodies really that incapable of fighting off crap coming from our own bodies?! C'mon now. 20 years ago we didn't have any of that shit and guess what? WE'RE STILL ALIVE!

This new anti-bacterial soap generation we're getting into is an irony in itself. Instead of it somehow protecting us from "god-awful life-threatening germs", we are depleting our immune systems of fending for themselves. Think of the immune system as an army. If someone else is fighting their battles, what are they gonna do when they have to fight the battle themselves? Now, I know I'm not a doctor nor have I taken a Biology class, but this is common sense, right?

I can understand that mothers want to protect their spawn from all things bad, evil and G-Unit. In fact, Mother's Love is the best protection a child can get. But when that Motherin' Love becomes Smotherin' Love, it can do more harm than good. Thanks to a good mix of product propaganda and paranoia, they've gone to the Bad Side. No longer must they fend off the gangstas, bad influences and the evils of Harry Potter; the new enemies are microscopic and come in packs of a billions and can be only be fought off with the likes of Mr. Clean. Armed with Swiffer and Lysol Anti-Bacterial Wipes, they can banish those evil lil' buggers with ease and settle down to Desperate Housewives without worrying about whether the next surface their chid touches will kill them.

Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not a dirty person (I'm not!). I'm anal about washing my hands before I eat and I don't even wear my shoes inside my house. There's no such thing as the '5-second Rule' to me, only '5-seconds to get it in the garbage'. I don't even condone kids eating and crawling on floors in public. But there's just a line you draw between paranoia and being comfortable with every surface you touch without wondering who's ass it has touched.

Kids get sick, shit happens. It's not only unpreventable, but it's also beneficial. Next time, the kid will just have to learn not to lick other kids.

Monday, April 03, 2006

I've yet to find my hotspot...

Suddenly there's a bit of 'hubbub' surrounding Tila Nguyen, or "Tila Tequila". I've always known her as "that Viet import model chick with the wiiiiiiiiiiide face" and now her popularity has exploded as "the MySpace girl". I saw her in an interview recently and I think it's just weird that she's gained popularity for having a MySpace page that has been visited the most, instead of her other work (as an Import and nude model).

Anyhoo, one bored evening I decided to look up her biography. I've always heard rumours that she's had an 'interesting' life and wanted to find out what it was. I landed upon her website, Tila's Hotspot, and found a sorta autobiography she'd written about her life.

Man, oh man. When I started reading about her life in middle and high school, I was floored. Before she escaped to New York City and became a crazy bi-curious rugrat gallivanting through New York City's finest clubs, her life read sooo much like mine.

Okay, I wasn't the "bad kid" as she seems to make herself as, but I used to do the baggy jeans, baggy clothes, "thugged out gangsta" thing way back when. I was a lil violent, and I had my 'sidekicks' throughout those years (I really miss Linda). I wanted to be like "one of the guys" and I had alot of male friends and tried to be all bad-ass (and I've managed the bad-ass part now). AND she's tiny like me! Wow, I guess I wasn't the only spunky, little ghetto-wannabe Asian girl way back when. Even her STATS are identical to mine!

Height: 5'0

Weight: 97 LBS

Measurements: 34B-24-36

Eyes: Dark Brown

Dress Size: 1/2

Shoe Size:5-6

C R E E P Y! It was just weird reading about her youthhood and the similarities between our lives. And the differences. As I said, I wasn't 'bad', I didn't smoke and least of all, get high. It's just a lil comforting to know someone I've never even met could share the same yet different childhood stories. But that's where the similarities end, although that'd be pretty hype if I could pose in something like Stuff.

I wonder if we ever met, if we'd get along because she still seems to me as the girl she was in highschool and that would be pretty interesting. Little Asian gangsta girls unite!

Bring the Movement back to rap!

^High and Drunk: that's our charm
Okay, it's 10:36 am, I have an assignment due in two hours and I'm nowhere near ready dressed or even finished the assignment. FUCKKKKKED.
Got drunk on Saturday night, went out with the girls last night and everything in between is a blur. Is it strange that I still have a headache from Saturday? I'm one SAD drunk.
Right now I'm thinking of excuses to make for not finishing this assignment to my assignment partner because I'm really in no condition to finish...

I love you, eBay! I've been searching endlessly for a copy of Salt N Pepa's 1993 album, Very Necessary. I don't know why, but I finally decided to check out eBay because to find an orginal copy in stores is $$$. I found a copy in "excellent condtion" on eBay, for 5 bucks (!) and he happens to live in Markham (sweet, no shipping costs!).

Salt n Pepa was one of the first rap groups I listened to, and one of the few 'gangsta raps' I will listen to. I can't even think of a rap group today that consists of all females. The Women's Movement has failed for the 21st century. Instead of rapping in the videos, we're dancing and notoritized for our asses and assets. What a shame. Salt n Pepa was great in that they flaunted their sex lives, yet still demanded respect and were all about girl power. In fact, I "stole" one of the member's name, Spinderella, and I've been using it as my internet alias since I was de-virginized to the Internet.

I can't wait till I get this CD and bring me back to the good ol' days of '93.