Thursday, November 30, 2006

Oh, I can hear the Trekkies orgasming...

Run for your lives! Planet Earth is doomed.

But run where? Hawkings theories perplex me to no end, but thanks to CNN for dumbing it down, it sounds like pretty soon we're gonna have to "up and let's go" to another planet.

Ah, to live on another planet. What would that be like? Perhaps it'll be a bit chaotic at first but at least it'll give humanity a fresh restart. All the problems of the old world would be corrected in the new one: disease and the 4-P problem (poverty, population, pollution, Paris Hilton)...

...or will we just bring along the same problems to a new setting? Fighting over craters, regulating moonwalking, legalizing gay marriages and such.

Whatever, I honestly look forward to this. Imagine! Living like the Jetsons! At least there's Jet Dry in outer space. *gulp*gulp*gulp*gulp...

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Oh, the Humanity!

It's funny how when just when we thought we had control over our own lives and nothing could possibly sway us, from a broad perspective we are actually dictated by the actions, wants and words of others.

A mere action, a slight word, either of those can change just the highest of moods and change the greatest of lives. It's not obvious, but it's there. The way we treat our friends, the way we conduct ourselves, the way we think, even our inner voices: it is, somehow or other, puppeteered by someone other than our self.

The 'obligation' students have to go to school, the need to be in a relationship with someone for fear of dying alone, to wear the right clothes: are these things we ought to want?

To live day to day doing the things we enjoy, to be with someone knowing things will still be OK even if you're not together one day, to walk out of the house stark naked: are these things we really want?

Human beings have a certain power that not one animal even has: reasoning. It's kind of funny to call reasoning a 'power' because it sounds like it is something superior to have over all other animals. In some cases, it's not. It's a pure weakness.

Reasoning leads to compassion, compassion leads us to question our initial actions and the questioning is caused by other voices that are not your own. How frustrating it is to be questioned. What you once thought was just and right, it is easily quashed and deflated with the slightest words of others. What's worse, we tear our selves apart wondering why we compulsively thought or acted upon the 'wrong thing'. Clearly we need those 'others' to dictate to us what to do, how to think, what to say, how to act. After all, that's why we have friends, books, the internet and Oprah. We're willing proteges to anyone/anything that wants to mentor.

Oh, Humanity, why are you so vain?

That is not to say that to be questioned is tragic. It can be quite the opposite and lead us to think differently and uniquely, which is sometimes epiphanic. Sometimes.

Sometimes it can totally just change our mood and irrationally bring us to our knees to the mercy of those who judge us and worst of all, to our selves.

Animals are so lucky, in a way. Never a pause to think. They always seem to be in state of readiness, almost without a blink (true say, for the fish). They'll nosh on red meat without consideration to calories and lick their own balls with candour and unreserved honesty.

How can outside voices be blocked and can they be blocked? Is it possible to control our actions and listen to those voices at the same time? Why can't everyone just shut up?

I wrote this a long time ago... in '94

I tried, but I just couldn't resist watching Dave Chappelle's Lost Episodes on YouTube. I fully intended on buying the DVDs but goddammit, I just couldn't help it.

I regret nothing.

I would have to say his last season is just as good as the other two. *sigh, Why do all good things come to an end so quickly?

Saturday, November 25, 2006

I can't believe I laughed...

I literally "LOL"ed. I hate Justin Timberlake and that song. I feel so ashamed.

22 Going on 12 Going on 52

I'm trying hard to keep my eyes open but I'm just so tired that my eyes can't seem to focus on the words of my Business Law paper... "limited liability partnership"... "corporations"... "legality"..."directing mind"...ZzzzzZZZz

I had about 5 hours of sleep last night. Thanks to Vicki's weird gotta-wake-up-at-ungodly-hour biological clock, I ended up waking up at about 8 am this morning. Geeeez.

Last night, the girlies and I went out for dinner to celebrate Sarah's 22nd birthday. Congratulations! You're now in my age box: 22-26 - the age range where you're officially at the 'pinnacle' of your life where there's a ton of change (good and bad) going on. 'Settling down' just seems like a waste of time, and new and exciting things are to be expected.

We went to the newly renovated Alice Fazooli's for some guy-ogling and familiar face-sightings. I guess that is to be expected when you've lived in the same area your whole life (sign #1 that change is needed: constantly seeing everyone you know everywhere).

Afterwards we went back to Jez's apartment where Vicki had spent hours cleaning and decorating specifically for the festivities. Festivities, you ask? We kicked it old school with an old-fashioned slumber party, complete with anything slumber party-ish you can imagine: took shots, sipped on Pina Coladas, ate tons of junk food, smoked the toke (excluding yours truly, of course), watched movies, gabbed. And just like any other girlie slumber party, we had pillow fights in our underwear amidst flying feathers and then practiced making out with each other. Hahaha, OK, whose imagination do you think that part would be in?

We got a cool birthday cake for Sarah that was actually four cakes in one and a Wii game (did I spell that right?). AND Vicki got these funky birthday cake candles and cliche ghey-ass slumber party favours (but I still loved it despite the cornyness). Vicki was really into this slumber party, more so than any of us, I think. LOL. Girl, you better start shooting out babies soon.

This was actually my first slumber party (I know, and I'm 22) and I must admit, it was pretty fun. Yeah, while people are getting married and whatnot, I'm doing slumber parties. Well, when I was younger I was never allowed to do the slumber party thing (Asian families don't understand the concept of slumber parties) so this was an enlightening experience, even at my age, to make up for missed chances.

The party ended after we grabbed some hot breakfast from across the street and now I sit in the library trying to get some words down for this damn paper. A decade ago, I actually fantasized being where I am now: in school, working, doing 'real' homework (who misses doing one page of math questions and that's it?). What the hell was I thinking? Be careful what you wish for.

Just looking back on the past 48 hours is starting to make me realize how I am definitely in the stage of change: personally, physically (the hair!), professionally, emotionally, mentally, financially. Ohhhh, won't someone please stand still with me? I'm so tired.

^At Alice Fazooli's
^Birthday Grrrl
^Party time ^Cliche much? ^Cake on cake: it's like a cake orgy
^Hahaha, I'm still laughing at the ruined mozzarella sticks, aka bread/cheese
^Too much drinky?

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The 'Strange' in Stranger

Nothing much to report as of late. At least nothing of interest. Three weeks of school left (OMG) and I'm feeling particularly irritated, I'm not exactly sure why. I don't think it really has to do with all the damn assignments I need to do before I can begin to study for exams. I've taken two weeks off from work (except for Fridays) so that I can focus more on school and less on work-related stresses.

Last night, I got really irked by one of my 'internet friends'. I don't know how or why, but we ended up arguing (oh, petty, petty) and I got steamed. Basically he overreacted and was 'hurt' when I said that I could do nothing but to see him as just another guy on the internet or a person I meet at a club, despite how much he protested that he was 'different'. I told him that if I don't know them personally, there is not much I can do but basically generalize. I think he got offended by that comparison because apparently I'm supposed to assume he's 'different' just because he thinks I'm gorgeous/smart/superfantastic/perfect and wants to meet me so badly. Whatever, man. I don't believe anyone has the right to say "Yeah, I'm different. I'm not like everyone else. I'm one in a million, baby." when I don't even know your last name. Whatever, baby.

As far as I'm concerned, you could be a woman (and I wouldn't have been surprised judging by the over-sensitivity to my 'generalizing people I don't know' comment). Sad truth is, we have to judge people by their covers. No ifs, ands or buts. In a world of anonymity, technology, crazies and Michael Jacksons, it's just street smarts. And when I say 'cover', I mean the persona they carry on the first time I talk to them, not necessarily their looks or pictures (Photoshopped and oddly-angled alike). A guy can be uber good-looking in his profile, but dumb as a rock in context. To say that I can't judge a person based on the way they carry themselves firsthand is just plain asking me to be dumb.

So with that said, does that mean I generalize everyone I meet on the internet or meet at a club or bar and dismiss them as 'same old'? Hell, no. I've met a good chunk of people from both mediums and they've come to be either good friends or interesting people to talk to when you need to hear crazy stories. Of course, it did not come without the initial meet and many conversations before meeting up and hanging out. However, these friends did not come to be my friends just because we happened to meet or be in the same place at the same time. You just know when you click with someone, even before you meet and that's the foundation to a lasting relationship, either platonic or romantic.

So I was a little miffed by this guy who insisted that we had to meet for whatever reason and accused me of 'wasting his time' (if you're 'wasting time' on the internet, you need to reassess your priorities). Deep down I knew I wasn't really feeling meeting with him, and I don't know why, nor do I care why because if I don't feel it, I don't feel it. I suppose I could've just told him that (which I did, only after I was berated for my lack of enthusiasm for wanting to meet) but for some reason, I didn't really say anything until his little flare-up. I think I was more peeved that I was arguing with a stranger (I don't care how long we've been chatting, you're still a stranger if I haven't seen the whites of your eyes) and I didn't get around to writing my Philosophy paper. Oye.

That reminds me, back to work.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Look at my eyes, rock steady, and I promise you more...

On Friday night, I went directly to the hair salon after work and just decided right there and then that it had to be done.

"I want to cut it short." I told the lone hair stylist. I felt kinda bad, because it was an hour before she had to close and here I come in with my yeti-like hair just as she's sweeping up. I showed her the pictures of the hairstyles that I liked.

"Noooo. Too short. You too skinny for short hair!" she said, in a heavy Asian accent (yeah, I don't know why I keep going back to them, when we clearly never really understand each other). She showed me another picture from one of those hairstylist catalogues. It was a little longer than I had hoped for, but she assured me it would work better for me. I shrugged and agreed.

It was funny because just before she took the first snip she said, "Are you sure? This is how much I'll be cutting off." I think she was a little scared herself. I took off my glasses and said, "Do it."

Honestly, this was one of the most thrilling experiences, aside from that last moment before you let yourself go down the Black Diamond hill on the snowboard or skinny-dipping in a frigid Lake Huron. I guess cutting off my hair is my equivalent to anyone else doing drugs or drinking or something 'extreme' to let off stress and to just do something crazy. The lady snipped, snipped and razored away and I was more excited to see what the result would be than scared. That's why the glasses had to come off, so I'd be surprised. And who doesn't love surprises?

One hour and thirteen dollars later, I put the glasses on...




...are you sure?...

Voila! You can't tell from this picture but I was rather pleased. Yeah, I took this picture a day after, and after a looonng night of poker, so I was too tired to do some sort of model-y I'm-the-shit pose. I'll probably take some better pictures later this week, but essentially, this is what it looks like.

"Hey, not bad."

"It suits you."

"Now we have to take you more seriously."

Those were the comments I got, most of them positive (or forced positive comments? Hmm...) from those who have seen it this weekend but whatever. The most important factor is, I LOVE IT! The chick who did my hair said that it will look 'good' in about a week but fuck that. I love it now!

I don't know why more women don't go for drastic changes to their looks every once in awhile. It really sucks when you think that there's only one generic look for you (layering your hair does not count as a change, ladies). I know a lot of it has to do with fear as to what it will look like, but I'm sure with a little more imagination and a serious consultation with a professional, every woman person will realize that everyone can look different from each other and themselves.

With that said, I can't wait for my hair to grow out, because it's going to be something different. And as for that 'need to take me more seriously' comment, I intend to be opposite than what this hair cut is supposed to make me (more mature-looking). For some reason, I feel kinda different (good different?). I think that hair stylist not only cut off half my hair, but half my inhibitions as well. Ooohhhh...what am I gonna do next?!

Years on the run,

Boy I know I can take it,

And now that I'm here,

I know you can't stand the waiting, boy,

Lets say no more games,

No messing with the mind,

Always room for change,

Let's give it one more try...

(Come on lets give it a try)

I got my bags packed baby and I'm ready to go,

Look at my eyes rock steady and I promise you more,

I got My heart back baby and it's skipping a beat,

I got my ass in check, checkin' out, I'm ready to feel...

It's all good to go,

I'm right here for the taking,

(oooh ticky ticky ticky)

Don't cross the line,

I'll promise you no fakin', boy,

(no no no no)

Its all understood,

No messing with the rules,

(the rules, the rules)

If I let you go,

Boy I will be a fool...

(What kind of girl wants to be a fool?)

I got my bags packed baby and I'm ready to go,

Look at my eyes rock steady and I promise you more,

I got My heart back baby and it's skipping a beat,

I got my ass in check, checkin' out, I'm ready to feel...

Tell me why we act so stupid, the games we're playing,


If life is the rule then we're heading towards the same thing,

You are not worthless with love instead of the fighting,


Let's get together forever with no more hiding...

I got my bags packed baby and I'm ready to go,

Look at my eyes rock steady and I promise you more,

I got My heart back baby and it's skipping a beat,

I got my ass in check, checkin' out, I'm ready to feel...

I got my bags packed baby and I'm ready to go,

Look at my eyes rock steady and I promise you more,

I got My heart back baby and it's skipping a beat,

I got my ass in check, checkin' out, I'm ready to feel...

All Saints - "Rock Steady"

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Wa wa wee wee wa

(^OMG. I just quoted Borat. I'm going to hell.)

Any girl that doesn't say putting on her highest stiletto heels, stripping down to their underwear and strutting around to some 'sashay, sashay' music is a pick-me-up, is lying. Or is obviously not me. Haha. *sigh* I'm going to miss long hair.

Pics from the 2006/07 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show:

^Heather Marks as popcorn. Loves it.
^Karolina can do no wrong
^I < 3 you, Stammy, but please stick to couture
^Let's face it: Gisele owns Victoria's Secret
^Hmm... interesting...
^Every time I see Ana in candid shots, I want to slap her, but I admit she can work it
^The perfect woman: hot bod, gorgeous and a virgin. And I don't think that heavenly glow is an accident
^Schooooool's out, for-eva: I wonder if I can pull this off for graduation in April...
^Is it me, or does Angela Lindvall have a really 'short' forehead?
^Alessandra is dumb but pretty. I'm sort of jealous.
^Selita Ebanks: Tyra who?

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Mount Tremblant ... woo hoo?

I'm looking at all the ePost-Its on my laptop desktop and I want to cry. There's about 3 weeks left of school which means a collision of assignment deadlines and final exams. Wahhhh...

The semester has flown by so damn fast and already the winter is just around the corner (hard to believe since it was balmy today). I can't wait for the snow. I found my winter boots. I'm ready!

Snow also means snowboarding, which I'm sort of looking forward to. I say 'sort of' because I am anticipating the injuries and stuff. Especially since a ski trip to Mount Tremblant is currently in the works (good ol' Iljya for thinking of snow during Thanksgiving).

My feelings for the trip to Tremblant have been mixed with every day the plans come into motion...

Going on a trip ... good.

6-hour plus road trip in the winter ... bad.

Road trip ... good.

Snowboarding ... good.

Alex pushing me down the Black Diamond hill -- again ... bad.

Bringing the tobaggons! ... great!

Snowboarding at Mount Tremblant ... bad (look at how big it is!!!! I'm going to die before I reach the bottom of the mountain!). The 'condotel' we'll be staying at ... good (fireplace, kitchen, sauna, outdoor jacuzzi , ping pong table <--only for the Russians).

The cost of the trip ... bad.

The cost of the trip when I found out how much the trip would have cost minus the discounts and scrimping ... good.

The fact that I won't have time to take more snowboarding lessons pre-trip ... bad.

Kathy and Mel's infamous road trip sandwiches ... good.

Alex and the Sandwiches ... bad.

Likeliness of seeing more friends during the trip ... good! And hopeful!

Alex and Yuri and their crazed-obsession with Borat and impersonating Borat ... bad. And oh-so-ass-kicking worthy.

Me kicking anyone's ass who even mentions the name 'Borat' on this trip ... pending. I better not hear any "high fives", Alex.

So as you can see, my emotions are going wild. Haha. I'm just so glad I haven't taken the responsibility of planning this thing. I don't think I can put up with all the planning and exams and assignments and work. Too crazy.

Okay, time to get my head out of the clouds. Work work work school school school exam exam exam!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

It's coming ALL off!

So, it's that time of year again. My hair is grown out, dull, straight, one-length. Zzz... I've resorted to just pulling my hair back because even letting it down naturally is really drab. This is the time of year where I need to do something 'drastic' to my hair.

Last year, it was the fashion mullet. This year... I'm cutting it all off. I've actually contemplated this for a couple years now but never really had the guts to do it. Sadly to say, I've been inspired by the entertainment and fashion world for this final push. Also, I told Ish I'd cut it off if she cut her ass-length hair.

I've been milling a couple of websites and magazines for 'the right cut'. I have to figure out what 'type' of short hair I want: bob, shag, pixie, etc., etc. As simple as short hair might seem, there's different ways to rock it, and all of it has to do with face shape.

I've so far mentioned this idea to a couple of people, most of the reactions have been mixed like the last time I mentioned cutting off my hair. A guy even replied, "I dunno, guys prefer girls with long hair.". Uh... okay. Thanks for the tip, but that's not my entire goal. Now that I think of it, I really wonder if girls choose their hair style based on what men like, because I don't think I've really thought about that or even taken it into consideration.

I've narrowed down my choices to something a la Keira Knightly to Jessica Stam (BTW, Jessica Stam's doing Victoria Secret this year. Go, Stam!).

^Why does Alba look like she's 30 here?
^C L I C H E
^Yeah, Stam's hair isn't that short, but it's perhaps something less drastic?

I really want to get this done this weekend, homework and time permitting. I want to do this as soon as possible so if it turns out bad, it has a chance to grow out and 'calm down' before I actually start to care how it looks. Haha... That reminds me, I need to get my eyebrows 'did' as well. Anyone know any good shaping places in the Mississauga area?

So long, hair getting caught in coat zippers! So long, 4-hour hair-drying times! So long, hair flying into my face and sticking to my lip gloss! So long!

Justice is not only blind, she's stupid

If this isn't a blatant confession, then I don't know what is.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Calling All Shoe-Hoarders and Shoe-Mongers

It's amusing when you're just chillin with your friend and you come up with the coolest ideas (whilst not high) and then BAM! Two weeks later you see it in your LouLou magazine because someone else had the same idea.

The other day Ish and I were discussing how we desperately needed a way to organize and store all our shoes. I have a bad habit of taking shoes out of the box, wear 'em and then leave them lying around because I have a faint idea that I will wear them again. I just really hate having to go back to my closet to locate those shoes again because it is really hard to find shoes when they're from different brands and some of the boxes look similar. However, I also really hate it when my shoes are lying around, defenseless and vulnerable. My babies!

The solution? Clear shoe boxes! I really don't know why shoe manufacturers don't just do this from the start. Some of us actually keep the boxes and store our shoes in them, so the shoe box is not only something to transport the shoe from the store to my feet. I tried to eBay and Google 'clear shoe boxes' but only found them available in the UK (shipping costs > shoe boxes themselves) and then, huzzah! LouLou features them in this month's issue, including a discount (use checkout code 'LOULOU' for 15% off at FANTASTIC!

They're about $5 a box if you buy them in bulk, which is somewhat reasonable considering how much I spend on the shoes themselves. And it will definitely reduce the clutter of loose shoes and boots that are piled at my floor.

Ahh, great shoe-minds think alike.

^What I would look like if I smoked up and came up with other fantastic ideas

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Puffin Daddy and the Bad Boy family

How freaking cute is this? (yes, I know the difference between a penguin and a puffin. I just couldn't resist the pun)

Limited time is a Public Welfare Offence

Where the hell did the weekend go?

I'm currently sitting at my computer with a blank Word document open. I don't really want to start writing up my Legal Memorandum on the the dangers an incorporated construction company due tomorrow morning at 8 am. ZzzzZZzzzzz...

My weekend quite literally began at precisely 6:30 pm when I got off from work (ugh, I know, 9.5 hour-work day) and probably won't end till tomorrow at about 7:59 am.

The morning afternoon after Vicki's birthday extravaganza, I woke up and tried to find my bearings for the next three hours before I had to meet Paul and his gf, Louise, on the bus at precisely 5:30 (Paul, you have to be the most stringent event planner I've ever met. Next to me, of course).

We went downtown for some dinner at some university pub called O'Malley or O'Grady and then went to the UofT hockey arena to see Jeff play hockey against UofT (fellow GFSS alumni Scott Malcolm, who played for UofT, and Mindy Sung were there. And yes, ladies, Scott Malcolm is still hot). I would have to say last night's game was a good game for several reasons:

  1. Jeff actually played the entire game even though he's the second-string goalie (is that the right term?) and doesn't always play, because the first-string goalie apparently did bad the night before (yes, Jeff, he was good-looking)
  2. Last night's game was comparatively better to the night before (they lost 7-2 on Friday and lost only 4-3 last night). I think it was also considered a 'good game' compared to the entire season ("Windsor is 1 in 7"). But then again, what do I know about sport technicalities?

After the game, we went to another university pub called Ein-Stein. As per the usual uni pubs, there was an incredibly terrible student band playing and for some reason, I kept hearing Borat impersonations (*rolls eyes* everyone is ruining Borat for me). It was so crowded we ended up bumping other people out of their seats because our posse was big: Adam and his gf, Justin and his new Plus One, Paul and Louise, Jeff and Whitney and me and Mel (we're the new Niles and Frasier Crane in a group of couples, can't ya tell?). Sorry, no pics. Camera died again.

After Ein-Stein's, Mel and I headed back to Mississauga to catch a poker game at Cuong's (where I was greeted with more Borat impersonations. I regret introducing Borat to Alex). We played till the wee hours of the morning before I crashed and woke up about an hour ago. Oye.

I don't believe I've had this kind of weekend since the weekend my parents were away and I was with people for a full 72 hours (remember when Alex had so much schoolwork to do that weekend, but we dragged him all the way to Niagara anyways? <3) I'm quite pleased that I got to see everyone this weekend. Boy, do I miss the summer.

I will be sitting my ass in front of this computer for the next god-knows-how-many hours to finish this Legal Memorandum with a bowl of congee with mushy black-eyed peas (when will my mother learn that you can't overcook beans?). OK, I think I've wasted enough time writing to the WWW, time to get down to work.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Girls Just Wanna Have Fu-uh-uh-uh-un

I need to revise my thoughts on the female species.

Girls aren't that much different than guys. Guys play mind games as much as any other girl in relationships. Girls can be "[still] a lady but dance like a hoe" and feel like a stud after. Guys have as many vanity products as girls (just cruise your local drug store). And girls can easily drink guys under the table.

Or my girls can.

Vicki's birthday + Friday night (meaning, just got paid) + girls = funtastic night! Vicki decided we should do an all-out girls' night complete with drinking and dancing. We decided to meet up with Sarah after her Three Days Grace concert and moved on next door to Guvernment. Because the four of us all range in different preference of music genres (from Asian gangsta rap to downright 'black is the only colour' heavy metal music), she chose Guvernment, thinking it would be 'neutral' (R&B and club anthems). Long story short: the club played straight up hip hop, reggae and reggaeton. Of course, I didn't mind.

Nevertheless, I'm sure we all had a great time, especially since we spent about $200 on booze (in girl-calculation, that's barely enough to buy a pair of last last season's open-toed Pradas! =_=). We only stopped drinking because we pretty much ran out of money.

And what did we do besides drink? Dance, of course! And, uh, grind. I guess for under-average dancers, grinding is all you can do at a club with 'black people music', so that's what a good majority of people in the club did. Oh, and it wouldn't be a 'complete' dancing experience if I didn't dance on stage. Which of course I did, with Sarah (I think I also recall me doing a little 'Me & U' seduction to Vicki. Happy birthday, Bubs).

Ears shot, a little tipsy and some of us having felt a little violated (Jez the Cockblocker Extraordinare!) we left at about 2 am and gorged on McDonald's (but not before cruising around for a 24-hour McDonald's).

Jez and I reminisced our old clubbing days, back when she was single and ghetto fab (aah, La Rouge) and we sure have come a long way since then. I realized that I probably go clubbing quite a bit, as much as it doesn't seem like it. I've seen and felt just about everything (and then some) so a lot of 'club antics' don't really surprise me anymore. Isn't that just plain sad? How long can I keep this up before I 'outgrow' this? NEVER!, I say.

In addition to our whining and dining, I think we can safely add 'dancing and boozing' as our new favourite activity to do together. We just need to fine tune our 'picking up' skills, though. Right, Vicki?

^The brave souls who took the TTC downtown
^This was just the beginning
^Welcome back, baby!
^Drank Too Much and Vicki
^Jez, Sarah and me (with a straw, I'm so hood)

^Sarah and I, owning that stage

You may have noticed that there weren't many pictures from my camera as usual. For one, my camera batteries died about half-way through. HOWEVER, there were tons of those guys who take pictures at clubs and post them online, so those pics will surely go up on here when they're posted. AND there's video (yes, video) footage of us somewhere that will no doubt be posted. Whether it will be posted (or even linked) on this blog is still in debate (some of us may have had less inhibitions last night, but some of us don't want other people to see it). For the live-action version of these pictures of whatever happened last night, you'll have to check back and see. ;)

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Viktor & Rolf for H&M: me likey!

If I'm not mistaken, the collection is coming out tomorrow at selected H&M stores (only the Eaton Centre location, to be exact). Alas, I have no time, no money and no energy to fight those mad bargain-hungry fashionistas as much as I'd like to. I can't even make to it any sample sales this season!

However, me no likey this collection as much as Stella's or Karl's collection. Designer wedding dress in a retail store? Hmmm...

^I likey

I will forever regret not buying that black silk accordian a-line skirt by Karl Lagerfeld from H&M two years ago. It was on sale and in my size. Stupid, stupid, stupid...

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Congratulations, you are reading the the 285th post!

At my 198th post on Blogger, I made a mental note that on the 200th post I would make a commemorative entry in which I expressed my surprise that I kept it up that long. Oh, and a special thanks to those who read me (though, I know most come to see the pictures, haha). This is now the 285th post.

See, I get around to things, I just don't get around to them in a timely fashion. What can I say?

I read an interesting article today about "Blogger Journalism". Where is the line drawn between "blogging" and journalism? It's so easy to associate the term "journalism" with "professional", "mass media", and "journalism degree". However, with all due respect to those journalists who are out in the field and getting their stuff published, there are the "little guys" who have nothing but opinions and a laptop. Who says a journalism degree is a ticket to be heard? I first started this blog as a sort of space and paper-saver from my usual journal-writing, but I now like to see this as my personal outlet to 'journalize' since I've decided not to pursue journalism through conventional means.

There's alot more people out there with 'real' opinions though: politics, legal issues and stuff going on in the world. I love that there's free speech on the internet for this kind of stuff, but there is that condemning fear that it will soon be regulated, though. So we might as well use this freedom for as long as we can...

Of course, this subject tends to lead into the area of "freedom of speech" and honestly, I really hate talking about it. This topic has no defined lines, and you know me: I need my boundaries. So I'm not going to get into that philosophical debate that continues to plague our media. Instead, I'm going to start adding some links of my fellow blogging readers on my linking template (re: the right side of your screen). I admit, I don't always have the time to read each and everyone of these links. I'd like to think of this as my little 'shoutout' and appreciation to anyone who has the time to have an opinoin or to anyone who has come on here to read me rant about stuff that is either irrelevant, boring, complex or insignificant. Now, I don't track who comes to my blog (who, besides Iljya, has the time and energy to do so?) so, if you need some traffic, lemme know and I just might link you. That is, on the condition that your blog/website is not one of the following:

a.) a celeb gossip site. No one cares (or should care) about who stole a baby from Africa, who gained 3 lbs and, above all, Lindsay Lohan.

b.) a blog that first had good intentions of being updated frequently but ended up dwindling and died permanently. i.e. the last entry is dated from 2005. If you can't commit, don't 'Submit'.

I also welcome anything having to do with real fashion (updated, of course) because, well it is a huge interest of mine, as well as journalism (hence, this blog) or anything else that sparks my fancy. That said, if you don't want to be linked, speak now.

So, once again, although this blog was first created for me personally, I appreciate those who come back to read. It's nice to know some people are somewhat interested as to what I've been up to, what I have to write and who I [want to] fuck.

Monday, November 06, 2006

That Makes the Two of Us

Holy cow (holy cow?)! I've found my male counterpart. Just when I thought there couldn't be a more male version of me than me, I always seem to forget that there's another part of the world that makes up 6 billion of us (1.2 billion of which are Asian, "brrrrap!").

Lo and behold, the male version of yours truly can be found in the third world country, "land of the brown" (I love you, Bryanboy), Philippines. However, I wouldn't say he's entirely like me. For one, I would not hold up a sign that says "Find Me A Date". And second of all, his taste in music is, well, *yawn* (to me, however if we always judged people by the music they listened to, I'd have no friends). Nevertheless, me and this guy might as well be different as night and ... later that night.

I especially like his little entry titled, "Why I've Never Had a Relationship", namely because I personally hate being asked that as I have no clear answer to that question myself. In fact, just the other day some friends were trying to answer that question for me and couldn't come up with one. Like Joaquin, I've had "things" and I too look back on those "things" and am glad they never turned into relationships.

Unlike Joaquin though, I can't really say I've put myself "out there" on the Internet as he has (cripes, he has his own domain name). Yeah, I'm signed up to a couple of those "profile and meet people" sites, but in all honesty it is either a.) for membership to get into clubs for free or b.) to view the other guys that my friends are cruising ("What do you think of him?" and "Do you think he's good looking?", "Look at this guy's...", etc., etc.). I've received a number of interested prospects but to be honest, 8 out of 10 of them are either stupid, really stupid or really ugly. Or so stupid, they're ugly (yeah, alot of those). There's really nothing wrong with meeting people off the internet, I think. Sure, there's that added 'mystery behind the computer screen', but it's just a matter of being street smart and using common sense. I've had alot of friends do The Internet Thing and it's either worked out great, well, or bad. Either way, it's no different than meeting someone at a club, bar or your local sock-hop.

This Joaquin guy seems really nice, out-going and is pretty hot. Too bad he's not more local (like, same-continent local). Under any other circumstances, this might be a more cost-efficient dating endeavour for the both of us. It's kind of a relief to know that he's my age and that he is in the exact same situation as I am. It's a little comfort knowing that I'm a little less weird than I thought I was. However, just because we're alike, does not a relationship make. Just the sheer collaboration of our perpetual-singleness neurosis might just bring us back to where we started and remind us why we were there in the first place.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

"Hi, Staples? I need a big box..."

Next year, I'm going to make a "sexy Transformer" costume. Mark my words.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

RIP 2006

It is two months to the end of year 2006. Today I went to the store to swipe whatever discount Halloween candy I could find (but the housewives and seniors had already picked out all the good ones during the day). I noticed that already the Christmas holiday stuff was already on the shelves. In fact, I noticed the Christmas stuff went up before Halloween, before this brisk weather we've been having.

What's up with that? Are they really that eager to shove us out of 2006? That is what it feels like. Not that I don't look forward to the holiday season, but c'mon. Lemme just adjust to the cold weather first and find my boots! I haven't even begun to put away my spring/summer clothes! This "rush to the new year" has got me thinking about the past year and what I will be leaving behind.

How have I changed, besides growing a year older (eeps, 23 years old in less than 3 months)? Well, I most definitely haven't physically grown (vertically, anyway) and I'm pretty sure I'm the same person on the inside (a little more jaded, a little less innocent? haha). One thing's for sure: I have a Plan for my future, unlike in the beginning of the year where I decided I would go where ever the wind took me. But surely other stuff has changed in my life besides school and work (the horror). I guess I'll have to ponder this for a little longer. I should do a post commemorating the past year (and just relieve the hundreds of photos that are on my hard drive) and give 2006 a proper burial. Hmmm...


Like the corners of my mind

Misty water-colored memories

Of the way we were

Scattered pictures,

Of the smiles we left behind

Smiles we gave to one another

For the way we were

Can it be that it was all so simple then?

Or has time re-written every line?

If we had the chance to do it all again

Tell me, would we? could we?

Memories, may be beautiful and yet

Whats too painful to remember

We simply choose to forget

So its the laughter

We will remember

Whenever we remember...

The way we were...

The way we were...

~ Barbra Streisand - "Way We Were"

I've been asked to upload more pics from the Rue Morgue/Blockbuster party (yes, there's tons more). Your wish is my command...

^Naughty or nice?
^Interesting costume, or lackthereof?

^We should get a TV show...
^Hey, I do look like Xena Warrior Princess here...
^Dorothy and Toto