Saturday, March 25, 2006

Noone Does it Better

I am not ashamed to admit I like the Fast and the Furious movies. The cars, the colours, the gaudiness. Paul Walker.

When I heard that there was going to be a third installment of the series without Paul Walker I was a lil disappointed. Instead it's some guy with a Texas (?) accent and Bow Wow (I so lost so much respect for him after he dissed Ron Isley) in Japan. And it's about drifting.

Hello? That movie's already out. It's called Initial D, with Jay Chou and the hottie Edison Chen. Now, I can't attest for how good the movie is, since I insist on first finishing the anime series (I even bought the movie on DVD so I can watch it as soon as I finish!) but I'm sure it's probably way better than the "Hollywood version".

What's with the Americans need to remake all these Asian movies (and other classic movies, for that matter)? Would it be really awful to just show the original in North America? I mean, part of the reasons some of these movies are so good is the fact that they have Asian people in it! I find that Asian actors are able to be funny, without even trying because fobbiness is just too hilarious to be serious.

For example, they're apparently remaking a popular Korean romantic comedy, My Sassy Girl, which is wildly popular amongst Asians. One of the reasons that movie was so great was how vile and hilarious the sassy girl was. If I saw a white woman do what Jun Ji-Hyun does in the movie, it wouldn't be as funny. She'd come off more like a heartless bitch with no soul and it wouldn't be so funny and charming. Let's face it. There's only some things that Asian people can get away with that no other race can pull off. The same can go for different races.

They remade a bunch of scary Japanese movies, titles that can't seem to come to mind now (the one with the video of that ghostly chick and she comes out of a well?) and most of the people I've talked to who have seen both the American and Japanese versions agree that the Japanese version was way better. So why did Hollywood need to remake it? I can't pinpoint exactly where Hollywood went wrong in the remakes because I don't watch remakes, but they could've saved alot of time and money by just releasing the original version, in my opinion.

On the flip side, Asians shouldn't remake American movies either. There's going to be a Bollywood version of Fight Club, complete with dancing, singing and of course, fighting. Google this shit, because it's pretty hilarious. I didn't really like the movie Fight Club but from the looks of it, I'll probably hate the Bollywood version more.

Hollywood needs to realize that you can't just make a 'better' version of anything by throwing some money at talentless B-list actors and rewrite a script that reflects American culture just because they can. Originals should remain originals because they're 'original' for a reason.

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