Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Man, it doesn't even feel like a regular school week. It's been pretty lax. On Monday, I had a 50-minute open-book exam. On Tuesday, class was cancelled (I feel sorry for the half of the class who ended up going at 8am). Today, I had another short open-book exam. So what? Two days of regular school this week? And then BAM! Next week there's potential for a faculty strike. Actually it's apparently very very likely.

I must admit, I'm not too dismayed about this strike. I'm still not in school-mode post-Reading Week. I could use another week of doing nothing (even more so than when I'm in school). But not too long. Rumours abound that the strike might be a "long one". Oh dear. Any more than a week, then I have a feeling my term will be F-U-C-K-E-D. What will happen to the term? Noone knows. On the other hand, it'll give me some time to go internship-huntin', something I should've been doing last week.

I think I will go into the Career Centre this week and print off as many free copies of my resume as possible before the strike begins... heeeheeeeheeeeeeeeeeee


sarah said...

Picketing times: 11am-3pm

IN FRONT of the cottages.

Let's go buy stuff to throw at them. Eggs? Wait, aren't they expensive? Water balloons!!!!!!!
A drive-by water-ballon assault!

spinderella said...

I don't see how that will stop them from striking. They'll just come back with rain slickers.