Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Summer Love

Today I was on a ridiculously warm,yet breezy bus on my way to the library. I sat next to a cute guy, put on my headphones and closed my eyes.

Thoughts of summertime washed over me: the beach, walking around the city, camping, Kincardine, short shorts and bikinis, road trips to the country (with the windows down, and no A/C), canoeing, barbequeing and even fishing in a virtually fishless lake (Lake Simcoe, wtf). Can someone say 'nostalgia'?

Perhaps it's the concussion talking, and I apologize to those who wish to return to the snowy Mountain of the Blue (myself included) but winter needs to end and summer needs to be now. Sick of running noses, sick of dragging my feet in boots, sick of trying to think of things to do that doesn't include being outside, and sick of not being able to wear anything else but boots, sick of unshaven legs (hahahaha).

Above all, I'm sick of school. Need. To. Get. Out.

Monday, February 26, 2007

ChinKL > S.O.A.P.

Okay, ChinKL, you have to admit our dance was way cooler than this video -- to the power of 10. Please feel free to rinse your ears with some Robin Thicke noted above. P.S. when did metallic lipstick become popular? *gag* The dark lipliner doesn't help either.

Sunday, February 25, 2007



Thursday, February 22, 2007

ANS' life after death: a tragedy in itself?

^I know I should really pick a song that is relevant to this entry, but this song's been in my head all damn week, cuz there's a guy at work I need to hit on.

I am floored by the amount of publicity Anna Nicole Smith gets -- before and after death. Can someone tell me what she is famous for, besides marrying a dying old rich man and wearing obscene amounts of red lipstick?

I guess I will forever be perplexed over why the untalented, the fug and the unintelligent are more idolized than someone else who is none of the above (like, say, a squirrel). I can think of a handful of people right now of who's fame I will never understand and am dumbfounded as to how they have a 'fan-base'.

Anna Nicole, for one, is the most confusing of all. I read and heard about how the trial judge who presiding over what was to happen to that drug-infested corpse of hers. He, apparently, was brought to tears by the entire thing. To tears. I don't believe I so much as shed a tear when I couldn't figure out where to put the rest of my shoes when my closet got full. Perhaps you can call me a she-devil for bad-mouthing the dead, but this is a friggin' nuts! I will slap the next person who calls her a 'hero' or whatever. Her life, I would say, was anything but 'fascinating'. It seems as though she faceted her life the same as Marilyn Monroe, which is just plain sad (rumour has it she wanted to die the same age as Marilyn Monroe). I don't think I respect anyone who idolizes other people, above all, someone who tries to live their life vicariously through a [dead] idol (especially Marilyn Monroe, I just don't get the fascination with her). OK, I won't just bag on ANS. A few other people who's fame I will never get: Paris Hilton, Tupac (you're dead or you're not, pick one), Marilyn Monroe... It is truly saddening to think of the deplorable world we're living in. We continue to destroy Planet Earth with our gas-guzzling Capitalist lifestyles, we live to eat and gorge on anything genetically-modified, and idolize the weak and the fake (who would no less wither and die the second they were put into the 'real world'). However, I do admit that it is a good distraction to read about Anna's Sexcapades, and even to laugh at Britney's Breakdown. But I really don't think they deserve as much air time as they do get. C'mon, 11'o clock News! I just want to see the weather for tomorrow!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I'm Sprung... on Spring dresses

Has anyone been outside lately? I'm talking to those who work, or have managed to get their lazy Reading Week asses out of the house. The weather is definitely getting warmer and if you sniff a lil, you can smell Spring. So much for hibernating for the winter (but yay for the Spring season!).

The winter season was short, and the snowboarding season was even shorter. I managed to get in a couple of hours this past weekend at Hockley (thanks, Sarah) and I'm hoping to go to Blue this Sunday (weather-permitting, what's this rain crap?). Such a fucking shame since I spent so much money on new snowboarding pants (I don't think I've actually been in love with pants before. Shoes, yes) and had my board tuned up (no more rust!). What a waste.

Anyway, it's not like I could've spent every waking snow day on the slopes. I do have a life, the details of which I will not get into since I mention it so often on this blog (re: the 10 past entries). Needless to say, I wish for the school season to end ASAP. Me so fucked on readings!

I just wanted to drop a note so that people know that I'm alive (and to not render this blog dead). Despite everything I've just mentioned, I really do look forward to the warmer weather. Aside from the shoe craze I have, I am slowly developing a dress craze. Yes, dresses. I've bought like, three dresses in the past two weeks or so for no good reason (except that they were pretty, which I guess is reason enough). All dressed up and nowhere to go, as they say.

Anyway, that has been pretty much the highlight of my life as of yet. The dresses. LOL. Oh, and my new keenness to honey mustard sauce. I think I could slurp a tub of it.

Back to the grind. Ta ta for now!

P.S. The rumours of a Sex and the City movie are seemingly coming true. I think I just had a tiny orgasm.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

I dunno about you guys...

...but I think something's bothering her! LOL I wonder what bet she lost.

First Paris, then the panty-less galivanting, then rehab, now the shaving of the head. HOW can it get any worse? Oh, to be young, rich, and famous.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A trapeze-like life

^Tales as old as time... Beauty and the Beast
Aah, yes! The weekend is almost here. It felt like the horrid week would never end, but it almost ending! I feel like my eyes are being taped open because I so desperately want to close them and sleep through winter. I don't believe I've had more than 6 hours of sleep this semester o_o.

On Tuesday, I had an early-morning presentation. I had stayed up all Monday night working on it after working late at the office, which included collecting my group members' parts, putting a summary together and trying to shorten the 4-page thing to 2. I finally finished it at about 1 am. The next morning I tried to print it out at school and The Worst happened: I couldn't find it anywhere on my computer or on my USB Memory stick at school! What the hell happened? Well it turns out that without regard, I had opened the attachment (instead of SAVING THE ATTACHMENT) on my computer, which subsequently opens in Temporary files. While editing, I had been saving my work to the Temporary files and of course, when I turned off my computer for the night -- everything disappeared, for good. ALL THAT WORK FOR NOTHING. I somehow managed to do my presentation and carried my team but I felt really awful for my stupidity (due to exhaustion). I am dreading the day I come back and find out my grade. It is Thursday and I'm still kicking myself over it.

Not sure what I'll be doing this weekend but I highly doubt a lot of it will be done sleeping, for a few reasons:

  • Chinese New Years is this weekend, and there's a few parties happening and I want to hit at least one.
  • I think I need to go snowboarding this weekend. Why do I 'need' to? Well because I missed the great snowboarding weekend last week and because next weekend is supposed to be plus-temperatures and no one will want to go. That means, I need to start scrambling to find people to go this weekend ASAP.
  • An old friend of mine wants to get together for dinner, and it looks like I have to do the planning and rounding up of people. Oye.
And then so begins Monday. Reading Week is next week, but I can't figure out if that's a good or bad thing for me. I'll be back to work full-time, plus I have to study for midterms for the week after. However, Iljya will be back from California for a few days and I'm sure Kathy has something planned that will force me to enjoy a little bit of a holiday from studying and work.

Some people have commended me on my ability to seemingly "balance my school, work and social lives" but in reality, I'm not sure if I'm balancing at all. Balancing to me is the ability of sustaining all three with the greatest of ease, like the man on the flying trapeze (without the use of drugs). For me, it mostly feels like I'm barely holding on to a trapeze with no net below.

Once I was happy, But now I'm forlorn, Like an old coat That is tattered and torn; Left in this wide world To weep and to mourn, Betrayed by a maid in her teens. ... Oh, he floats through the air With the greatest of ease, This daring young man On the flying trapeze; His actions are graceful, All girls he does please, My love he has purloined away. ...

~"Man on the Flying Trapeze" by George Leybourne

Sunday, February 11, 2007


Went out with the gal pals for some gal time (I think this is what is meant by the tea-and-crumpet thing, Sarah) last night to Flow in Yorkville. I really do enjoy our little outings and it's a shame that our lives prevent us from doing it more often (well, mine, at least). I truly wonder what it will be like when we've all got 'careers' and promotions and stuff. Perhaps I will have more time as soon as school is done, but then what happens after I take the LSAT and embark on law school? I better cherish these moments as much as I can, while I can.
^Probably the most excited face I've ever seen on Sarah while taking the TTC
Flow was a good restaurant. It had good 'ambiance' (whatever the hell that means, it seemed fitting to say it) and the food was 'Filipino-fusion', which was fitting for Jez. Of course, whenever the word 'fusion' is mentioned, the food is often in over-priced small portions in an immaculate presentation (where you just don't want to take a bite because it's too pretty). How fitting that we ate there for Winterlicious for the bargain meal. Ha.
^Vicki and a $12 martini. Better be damn good.
^I think this was some sort of fruit salad
^Shrimp and sirloin (I can't remember the actual names, but that's basically what they were)
^Where's that Black waiter when you need him?
^Vicki and Jez
^Cheesecake and plaintains with ice cream (soooo damnnnn gooooood)
The best part of the evening was the handsome Black waiter. OK, I'm kidding (but it was one of the best views), but everything looked good. Everything. The restaurant, the food, the setting, even the other patrons. It was one of those 'be seen' places, even though it was dimly-lit and it's a place to go for the celeb-sitings (if you're into that). Nevertheless I'd definitely go back (for that waiter. Sorry, I had to add that).

I can see now why Winterlicious is exciting for some: it's a chance to go to those fancy places and not have to pay the fancy prices. Too bad I didn't get too excited about it earlier and I would've tried out more restaurants. There's a Summerlicious, right?

After Flow, we went to Vicki's for Lena's birthday party. I was so glad that a couple of Vicki's older friends showed up so that I wasn't the oldest one in the room. The party-goers ranged in age from 17-25. I forgot what it was like to be under-aged and drinking until I witnessed it last night. Gone are those days.

^...a bottle-neck of Smirnoff later
^Sarah and Paul
^Playing XCube/Gamebox on the projector (P.S. I want that Hammy poster, Vics)
^This guy was rumoured to be an Abercrombie/Hollister model, which I totally believe (too bad he was only 17)

P.S. I think we can all agree that I am reigning Sex and the City trivia champ. Hoo yah!

Friday, February 09, 2007

Be the Lady, not the Tramp

We all know I love brutal honesty. Which is why I'm grateful for the recent advice I have received to "better myself" in my relationships (with men and women). And what is this great advice?

Act like a lady.

Yeah, I know. Sometimes I act like a dick, or like I had one. I'm pretty brash and I can be too sassy. Apparently that needs to stop because it's a.) a turn off to guys, and b.) just plain weird. So I submitted and agreed that I would do a 180 and see if I can truly be polite and be, *gulp*, a little more lady-like for once.

Cuong is my new 'Swear Jar', whereas if I make a certain statement that is... 'not lady-like', I have to give him a quarter. However, I don't think this is gonna be too difficult to maintain. I can be pretty focused and committed if I have to be. Especially when there's money riding on it and my pride is on the line.

A few things that will attribute in my transformation from Tramp to Lady:

  • refrain from treating/objectifying men as sex objects -apparently you can only objectify women.
  • don't check out girls--aloud.
  • less swearing - I can't get rid of it completely, sometimes a 'fuck' is necessary: "FUCK YEAH! Those shoes are hot!" or "Fuck! Fuckin' Wentworth Miller is fucking hot and so fuckin' fuck-worthy, I'd fuck him!".
  • act a little more stupid - no joke, apparently this attracts guys and will soften the edges a little.
  • do the 'tea-and-crumpet' thing more often.
  • don't start off sentences with 'Yo' and 'Dude' or end sentences with 'guy'.
  • laugh at all jokes, especially the non-funny ones (although I personally think this one corresponds to the 'act more stupid' thing).
I can't think of anymore now but I'm sure there are tons more I can do to "enhance my personality". I welcome all suggestions, as usual, because it's the year 2007, baby. Time for a change. Yaaaaarrrgghhh!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Another I-don't-get-you-women Rant

I need to put this out there, once and for all. I guess you can call this a Public Service Announcement because it is imperative that everyone know this from this day forward: Lil will be a good listener. She'll laugh with you. She'll cry with you. Fuck, she'll even spend ridiculous amounts of money with you. But if an opinion is asked of her, she will not sugarcoat and bullshit what you want to hear just to keep you happy. If you don't want her version of the truth, do not call her and ask what she thinks. If you don't want to be told otherwise, do not ask her for an opinion or advice (in fact, don't ask anyone in the legal profession: we're made of stone and we'll give it to you hard and fast). Above all, if you want her to be a good friend, let her be concerned for you and don't misconstrue it as a plot for the destruction of your happiness.

I'll admit that I don't always know best. In fact, you can even say I know nothing at all and most of what I say is the first instinct that comes to mind. But I am opinionated and I have a certain perception of the world. Fuck, you can't expect any more than that from someone who's working in the legal profession. Honesty is my best Friendship policy and to me, that is a measure of a real friend (and I don't even charge $300/hr for it). However, apparently an honest opinion is a retaliation to one's happiness, for some.

Inasmuch, I am beginning to believe that this honesty policy falls upon mostly of the male species, who will take whatever you say at face value and then throw a beer back with you. Do NOT misunderstand that what I have just said is a vendetta to make you miserable for life. Just when I think I am starting to relate to the female species, I am suddenly pulled back between the gender mind sets and I am a stranger of my own gender. The gloves come off and the mud starts slingin'.

So, I need to make this absolutely clear so as not to piss anymore people off or for them to look at me as some poor soul who cannot get a boyfriend (because apparently, it's pretty necessary to have one to have an opinion, even if you've been in the Vulnerable Position in love): if whatever I say seems harsh or hurtful, I am saying it for a reason, not for the sole purpose of putting you down. I'd like to believe that I follow that Jewish philosophy of raising a child: push with one hand, hold back with the other (I think that's how it goes). I will [usually] support choices a friend makes, but it is in my Friendship Policy to at least protect someone by throwing caution to the wind. I hate to say this, but it's like parenting. I sincerely hope that others follow this policy with me because I would not like to be led a strew believing smoke-and-mirrors just to keep me satisfied. Ideas need to be shared, thoughts should be heard and if you don't want to hear it, don't ask for it! Bottom line: don't ask me to lie to you because I really hate it (I am going to be a shitty lawyer).

P.S. I'm sorry for this cryptic entry. I hate cryptic stories, too, but I just don't have time explain (although I do have time to rant).

Monday, February 05, 2007

Quarter-life Crises don't come with flashy cars :(

As one gets older, one realizes there are subtle changes that occur in one's style that reminds them that they are in fact, getting older. The pink hair is dyed over, the piercings are taken out, the tattoos are cleverly hidden under clothes. Of course, I am no freak (of that nature ;) ) but nonetheless changes can be found.

For the past some odd years that I can remember, I've usually worn my hair with a side part. Lately, I've noticed my hair has not been falling into place like that as usual (honestly, I don't style nothing. I go out of the house with whatever I woke up with). The hair's been doing the center part thing. I used to hate that because it just made my wide forehead look wider. That has not changed. However, I just seem to not care now. I used to be self-conscious about it but I guess this is a sign that I've grown (or am spiraling into a state of depression or Ras Tafarianism, ha). In the words of Youngbloodz: I don't give a damn, don't give a fuck. My hair is going through a funky procession of growing out from short hair. I dig.

Apparently my birthday weekend did not end in the weekend. Today a couple of my girlfriends from school took me to lunch after our legal professionals conference thingy and we did a little shopping after (which I really shouldn't have after my cha-ching weekend). I came home with some pretty 'crazy' stuff; this stuff that I can only as classify as 'emo-druggie-Mary Kate outta rehab-chic'... oh and a pair of pants for the office. I welcome any fashion change, I don't know whether to embrace this one. I think I'm moving BACKWARDS in time, rather than growing up and maturing.

... YAY!

Lately I've been catching a bit of this show Prison Break. Now, I'm not one for hyped up shows but my Mondays consist of early class and then work, so exhaustion forces me to sit in front of the TV and not move for a couple of hours. All I have to say is: Wentworth Miller/Michael Scofield - The Yummy. And on a totally UNintentional cliche note, I found out he's like half Black. HAHAHAHA. And for that, I just wanna add that I was attracted to him before I knew that (although it's starting to shed some light on this popular notion that I'm instantly attracted to Black males...)

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Whatchu doin'? Nothin', chillin at the Holidae Innnn

ETA: more pictures courtesy of Diane

Last night will definitely have to go down in my books as one of my best birthdays. I would count this as one of my best not only because it lasted for most of the weekend, but because it was a chance for all my friends, as different as they are, to get together for one thing they have in common: moi.

For all those who decided not to come to my party last night because they were scared off by my email: no, the cops didn't show up. However, security did show up once to give us a warning.

Although I invited a lot of people to my party, I'm actually pretty glad my email kinda scared some people off. I can't imagine what would've happened if more than the 20 or so who showed up came. I think my ass would've been on the subway home by midnight.

The evening started off at the Korean Grill House. It's such a cliche place to go because a.) the food is good, b.) the food is cheap, and c.) it was the only place I could think of that would take a big party on such short notice. I don't remember how long we were there, but we probably ate an entire farm. And it was oh-so-delish.

^Look closely: he's wearing a tie, dress shirt and turtleneck. Don't get me started on the colour-matching
After dinner we spent an excruciating long time divvying up the bill and then we trooped on over to the Holiday Inn. It wasn't that much trouble getting us all into the suite. Luckily I got the suite, otherwise the party would've been a bit too cozy. A special shoutout goes to my sister and Kathy for decorating the room prior to the party in classic child-age birthday party decor. I love you guys for making me feel young. LOL.

Special thanks to: Mel and Kathy for the earrings, Alex for the book, Cuong and Nam for assuming I'm some sort of sex fiend and giving me some items from the sex shop and Vicki and Sarah for the lovely Dior items! I love them all!

^Sarah makes shot glasses from styrofoam cups...
...and then we realize what a waste of time it is.

^Thanks for the efforts, sistas!

We played a round of Kings, which is never a dull game especially when there's no shortage of booze. I think my favourite part was when Alex had to make up a rule and he said that every time someone took a shot, they had to "take a soldier out of their drink". It must be some weird Russian thing. However, he soon gets a taste of his own medicine and realizes how ridiculous his rule is when he had to take 26 shots:

^Mmm, gummy tarantula

^Me, doing the Egyptian?
^How face/tie/shirt/turtleneck is my red?

It is truly astonishing how much I am remembering from last night considering how much I drank (which was a lot). I'm proud to say that I even outlasted Nam and Alex from passing out (shame on you, Alex. Vodka is your blood, Russian). I also managed to put a new drunk quote to add on to Nam's infamous "How face is my red?": "These pretzels are making me salty!"

^Money shot

^Go Corey. I mean, damn, Louise.

^Damn Alex's fat ass! ^Floored! ^Paul and Louise
^Mel and Corey

I'm glad we got to play Twister before security came up. We made good use of that king-sized bed, eh? The game could've got more interesting had the girls really played in their underwear (damn Louise and Whit for wearing thongs! LOL) but alas, there was enough violation and inappropriateness as it was.

More violation and inappropriateness when someone had the bright idea to retrieve ice from the machine and we had an ice fight. Water, pretzel, popcorn everywhere (including places where such items shouldn't be)! In true rock star form, minus the drugs, sex (sort of) and rock and roll. Hahaha, in the morning, our lovely skylight gave us an idea of how out of hand things got the night before.

^Diane left a nice surprise for the guests in Room 1234 the night before^Our $300/night view
^Mmm, free toothbrushes!
^Drying my socks from the stupid ice fight
^Nam and Whitney help out with the cleaning
^Ohhhh yes! Toasty socks!
I'm kinda sad we didn't get to make some sort of music video whilst at the Holiday Inn (c'mon, when you hear Holiday Inn, you think Chingy). It seems like such a cliche thing for us to do and we really should've done it because who knows when the next time we'd be at one. Oh well. The 'party' didn't seem to end in our hotel suite. After the party was the hotel lobby, after the lobby was the Tim Hortons, after Timmy's we went to Pho. I thank all those who braved the bitter cold and TTC last night and came down. You guys really made my weekend and I wasn't even feeling bummed about turning 18 (hahaha). The effects of last night will probably last well into tomorrow as I have a whopper of a hangover. True signs of an awesome weekend, I think. THANK YOU!! ^Sarah going on one of her ice runs or walks around the hotel...in Cuong's shoes
^Sadly, a recurring incident of the evening