Friday, March 31, 2006

Camping, canoeing and bears! Oh my!

The temperature's rising, the days are getting longer and the birds and bees are trying to have sex with each other. Spring has arrived, and then so will summer! I can't wait for summer to begin. Even though I'll be doing my internship, I fully expect to make the absolute most of my summer. That includes more camping, more trips, more gallivanting outdoors. There's many things I need to do here in the city (like finally get my G license), but I am mostly looking forward to getting away.

This year, I think I will try my hand at portaging and camping. For anyone who doesn't know what that is, it's basically camping without a car, without a toilet, without anything. It's just you, the bears and raw nature. Basically we'll be canoeing 2-3 hours to our campsite, which to me sounds like quite the adventure. 2-3 hours on the water?! At first, this made me uneasy, but I realized I have to learn to get over 'fearing the worst'. I feel sorry for the person who ends up in the boat with me because my arms aren't exactly like Popeye's and I bitch.

I have a feeling this trip will be physically demanding for me, but I'm still looking forward to it! I can't wait to be out in the middle of the woods with no reminders of civilization. Except my walkman...and cell phone... maybe my portable DVD player... Which also brings me to the next problem with this trip: what to pack. For anyone who's ever gone travelling with me, especially camping, I DON'T TRAVEL LIGHT. Yes, clothes is mainly the issue here (sometimes even shoes!). I really don't know why I bring so much, wear only 2/3 of what I bring and end up taking home clean, unworn clothes. I'm gonna have to learn to travel light for this trip because we're not driving, we're hiking and canoeing. Which means we're carrying everything (ugh). Which pretty much means I'll live in my bathing suit the whole time we're there, just so I don't have to carry so much stuff! Bathing suit, sweater and pants is probably the only clothes I'll bring because I have other essentials I have to carry with me like alcohol and a toothbrush. I've decided I'll leave my huge tent at home, and I'll sleep in someone else's sleeping bag just to carry as little as possible! I found this useful checklist online and I'm starting to wonder why they didn't add 'kitchen sink'.

Ah well, I'll get over it. I just can't wait to be in the glory of nature and meet a bear or something. I sincerely hope I see a coyote (at least 100 metres away) or a moose! I'm not crazy, I don't want to be mauled by anything, I just like animals (which reminds me, I need to buy a jackknife. Y'know, just in case). Seeing a moose in its natural habitat is just not the same as seeing it lying on a highway, y'know?

Who doesn't love a game?

The Dating Game consists of many levels: The Hunt, The Bait and Hook 'em, The Mating Dance and Guesstimation. Guesstimation is the pinnacle point at which you are seeing someone and wonder if you're serious enough with the person to quit the Dating Game.

It's funny how some relationships work. For something as common and necessary for everyone, the rules of relationships are not universal. From what I've seen and from what I've experienced, most relationships begin with a LOT of mind games and guessing.

The problem is, noone is willing to talk and be honest at that point. They're afraid of what the other person is thinking and they're afraid that what they're thinking may not coincide with what the other person is thinking which would make the whole damn situation awkward. Why do you think there are so many women's magazines that seem to have the answers to decipher "What Men are Thinking" and "How to Let Him Know You Like Him Without Actually Saying It"?

I'm not saying that I'm the most outward person with enough self-confidence to say what I mean and mean what I say. In fact, you could me right up there with the people who do all the guessing and wondering (many friends can attest for this -_-). I'm willing to talk about my feelings to everyone else but the actual person, in fact. However, I do like to preach and live by the philosophy that honesty and communication is the key to avoiding the drama that comes with relationships.

Many problems arise from everyone having different perceptions on what an "exclusive relationship" and "casual dating" is. I've heard of odd ways of people hooking up and remaining in a serious relationship without so much as a word to each other about the matter. I don't know if I can speak for guys, but I personally know girls who will cling on to one sign a guy is interested in dating them as a key sign that they're officially in an exclusive relationship. I myself need a collection of signs plus a verbal agreement that we're exclusive. If there's none of that, I am free agent and noone has to know about the Others. Simple as that. See, I'm technical like that.

However, sometimes mind games and guessing are essential. The drama is what makes life interesting and worth learning more about. Not only do we eventually see the true side of a person, we learn when to avoid them when we 'see the signs'. The Dating Game is merely a means of a learning experience in the form of a game: your emotions are the game pieces that you risk jeopardizing on the board called Life. Sometimes you just don't get the numbers you hope to roll, and at times you may get kicked off the board. But the most important thing is that you go back to Start and try to make it to the End.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

What goes around, comes around...and around?

So, amidst thinking of ways to quit my job or find a better one, Fate has somehow answered my question. It's ironic that earlier today that I was telling a friend that if I got fired, I wouldn't even blink because I'm fortunate enough to have a couple leads to better (and safer) places to work. So I go into work today...only to find out I was fired. Let's just say I was stunned. Not because I was surprised or anything, just that I was stunned that even though I saw it coming it came pretty fast.

Oh well, it's just as well. So while I was getting fired, there was a client in the office who heard everything (I think) because as I was waiting at the bus stop, she pulled up and handed me her business card.

"Did you just get fired as a receptionist?"

"Yeah, how did you know?"

"I was in the office at the time. Here's my card, my office is looking for a receptionist."

She handed me a pink card with a shoe on it.

"What kinda business is this?" I asked.

"I work in the adult entertainment industry."

Needless to say, I was stunned and touched that she was sweet enough to offer me a job after I had just been fired. Who said people in the adult entertainment industry were bad? They're just misunderstood. I thanked her and put her card in my pocket. Not that I'd consider taking the job, but just because it was an ironic experience. If I was desperate enough to just get any job, perhaps I would've given her a call (please, it's not like she asked me to play a receptionist in an adult film. She asked me to be a receptionist in an office that happens to do that kinda stuff), but right now I just need a job in the legal field.

So anyhoo, I don't really feel anything about this whole experience. In a way, everything bad turned out fine. I wanna thank everyone who consoled me and pointed out that this was probably a blessing in disguise. I was looking to quit, mainly because I really did not like working by myself at night in a ghetto neighbourhood (someone got shot a couple days ago near there!) and I also hated talking to clients of the office. Especially the types of clients that office received: poor people. My job was to ask for payment and honestly, when you talk to poor people about money it is suddenly a touchy topic and they get all hostile. I now understand what Biggie meant when he said he didn't understand people with "short money". Amen.

This probably couldn't have come at a better time anyway. I have three more weeks of school left and I should really be focusing on finishing third year (!) instead of worrying about whether I'd be robbed and attacked each night.

So in a way, I guess you could say there may have been a cosmic force behind this whole experience. And I did learn something from this, as I do with all 'experiences': be careful what you wish for because you just might get it.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Well we've gotta start somewhere...right?

Today, I had hours to kill before I had to start work at 4, so I finally hauled my ass (with the push and nudge of Sarah!) to the gym. First time ever, peeps! We intended to drop in for the pilates class (cancelled) but ended up at the treadmills. You know how people usually jog on a treadmill? Well I used the treadmill a la me: walking. Not even one of those 'brisk' walks, where you break a sweat. I was just striding on the treadmill, not to mention doing it the lazy way by leaning over the handrail. Move over, Homer Simpson. I'm the new Lazy Boy Girl in town. Ha. It gave me some time to people-watch at the gym. Mostly students, of course (school gym), and it surprised me how many active people there were. I truly wasn't expecting that. I thought most people were lazy asses like me.

"How do you stay so thin, Lil?"

"Public transportation, watching Sex and the City religiously and a daily dose of Oreos."

Most of the people there seemed to know what they were doing and I kinda now see why people say the gym is a good place to meet guys. All those guys huddled at the weights, all congregating by comparing their bulging... arms. Of course this is a good place for guys to hit on girls: after pumping 80 lbs, they've gained 80 lbs of confidence!

Sample Sales of note:

DC Sample Sale (they're now guaranteeing everything is authentic or "double your money back")

Seven for All Mankind, JoeJeans, Juicy, Citizens

Mar 30- Apr 1

332 Richmond St.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Down and Out

So the strike's finally over. Normally there'd be a big sigh of relief but ironically everyone's wishing they had one more week of strike to catch up on the homework we should've been doing in the past three weeks. To top it off, apparently they're not going to extend the school semester so everything's being squished. On the upside, already some of my profs have thrown out some of the readings and assignments we would've been doing.

Makes no real difference to me, I suppose. Either way, I'm going to be busy busy busy. Gonna have to juggle this new job (Mon-Thurs 4-8:30 and Saturday! *sob*) and school (5 more weeks of the semester is left!). It's gonna be hellish for me, especially this week.

I've already started off on a bad workday. I don't think I've ever felt more stupid than I did today. I was constantly advised on everything I was doing wrong and I wouldn't be surprised if there were many eye-rollings because of me making foolish mistakes. I don't mind the corrections, but I don't think I've received any compliments or encouragements (as shallow as that sounds, but I really need to know if I'm doing things right!) and it's making me question whether I'm doing anything right. I've never felt so bad about myself, I swear. After I finished the day, I just spent the whole train and bus ride home thinking about what a screw-up I am (it didn't help that my walkman batteries were dead so all I had were my thoughts).

I know I've only been there for a week, but for someone who's been there a week I should have everything down pat. At least that's what it seems like compared with the other girls who work there. They're more diligent, more intelligent, more organized, more competent. I feel soo retarded next to them and I'm sure they're not very happy with me not 'catching on' as quickly as they did because I'm probably slowing them down (and they've only been there for two months!). Basically I'm not feeling very good about myself. I'm especially not feeling so great about this job, although I really want to keep it because I want the experience and I need this job for my internship this summer. I have a fear that I will get fired within a month and that's just gonna make me wanna consider a career change and taking up smoking. *sigh.

Anyone else got any "bad training experiences" as a new employee? I could really use the stories.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Noone Does it Better

I am not ashamed to admit I like the Fast and the Furious movies. The cars, the colours, the gaudiness. Paul Walker.

When I heard that there was going to be a third installment of the series without Paul Walker I was a lil disappointed. Instead it's some guy with a Texas (?) accent and Bow Wow (I so lost so much respect for him after he dissed Ron Isley) in Japan. And it's about drifting.

Hello? That movie's already out. It's called Initial D, with Jay Chou and the hottie Edison Chen. Now, I can't attest for how good the movie is, since I insist on first finishing the anime series (I even bought the movie on DVD so I can watch it as soon as I finish!) but I'm sure it's probably way better than the "Hollywood version".

What's with the Americans need to remake all these Asian movies (and other classic movies, for that matter)? Would it be really awful to just show the original in North America? I mean, part of the reasons some of these movies are so good is the fact that they have Asian people in it! I find that Asian actors are able to be funny, without even trying because fobbiness is just too hilarious to be serious.

For example, they're apparently remaking a popular Korean romantic comedy, My Sassy Girl, which is wildly popular amongst Asians. One of the reasons that movie was so great was how vile and hilarious the sassy girl was. If I saw a white woman do what Jun Ji-Hyun does in the movie, it wouldn't be as funny. She'd come off more like a heartless bitch with no soul and it wouldn't be so funny and charming. Let's face it. There's only some things that Asian people can get away with that no other race can pull off. The same can go for different races.

They remade a bunch of scary Japanese movies, titles that can't seem to come to mind now (the one with the video of that ghostly chick and she comes out of a well?) and most of the people I've talked to who have seen both the American and Japanese versions agree that the Japanese version was way better. So why did Hollywood need to remake it? I can't pinpoint exactly where Hollywood went wrong in the remakes because I don't watch remakes, but they could've saved alot of time and money by just releasing the original version, in my opinion.

On the flip side, Asians shouldn't remake American movies either. There's going to be a Bollywood version of Fight Club, complete with dancing, singing and of course, fighting. Google this shit, because it's pretty hilarious. I didn't really like the movie Fight Club but from the looks of it, I'll probably hate the Bollywood version more.

Hollywood needs to realize that you can't just make a 'better' version of anything by throwing some money at talentless B-list actors and rewrite a script that reflects American culture just because they can. Originals should remain originals because they're 'original' for a reason.

Kickin' It Old Skool

Man, oh man. New Jack Swing Reunion concert was "da bomb" (retro concert needs a retro phrase). Dev was my date for the night (had to borrow him from Sarah!) and we had such a blast. Not only did we not feel soooo old (alot of Guy and Tony Toni Tone songs we didn't recognize because it was 'before our time') but we soooo connected with everyone else with all the great wayback playbacks (SWV's 'Weak' and Blackstreet's 'Don't Leave' bring back memories of highschool dances).

Ever had one of those moments where there's all these pieces of clothes that you wanna wear, but they don't necessarily all go together? Well, that's what I did. I wore too much pink (I think) but I don't care (pink shoes, pink top, pink purse). I wanted to get there a bit early, but that was all in vain when we saw the line up to get inside...

I don't know if you can tell in the picture, but the line up snaked around the building towards the adjacent skating rinks (in case you don't know, that's far). I took that shot from my place in line to show how many ppl were behind me.

So anyway, we finally got inside and I was pleasantly surprised at how great our seats were. Not on the floor (which was probably best because with everyone standing and stuff, it'd be bad for me, even in 4-inch heels) but our seats were in the bleachers in the second row. And we were VERY close to the stage. You might just say it was perfect seat (because we could sit and stand whenever we pleased and still had a good view of the stage). Here's a shot of the stage from our seats:

You may have to squint to see the stage because it was dark but trust me it was very close.

Of course, concerts never start on time, so we waited for everyone to pile in and at around 8:30 (scheduled time was 7:30), they brought out this comedian. He was hilarious. Most of his jokes were 'black', so I couldn't 'relate' to alot of them but he was still funny (but not Dave Chappelle-funny).

Hollywood Rich: How many people here paid to be here?

(crowd cheers)

Hollywood Rich: How many people got in here for free?

(I cheer, everyone turns)

So the concert started off with SWV. I was so itching to hear 'Weak' all day and wailed to every line when they finally sang it. When they were done their set, and Tony Toni Tone came on, they watched the concert right in front of us.

^"IIIIIII get soooo weak in the knees, I can hardly speak..."

We so could've gotten their autographs and stuff, but we wanted to save all that for Blackstreet just in case (we were hoping they'd watch from there, but no :( ).

At intermission, DJ Starting From Scratch spun a couple old school tracks and got the crowd really pumping. Every time a familiar song came on, everyone was on their feet and jamming. It was wicked.

And then it was the moment we were waiting for... Blackstreet!

^"Don't leave! Darlin', no. Don't leave, sweet girl, won't you stay with me toniiiiiiiiiiight."

^"No diggitty, no doubt, UNGH! Play on, playa..."

All in all, I had a great time. Although I probably wouldn't have paid 50-90 bucks for that concert since I only really heard of two of the bands, it was so worth the 3 days of calling into the radio station. Also, I got to check out my old workplace, including checking out an old crush who still works there (and still lookin' GOOD).

The concert was sooo for the ladies (many of the male singers insisted on taking off their shirts to show off a lil chocolate) or for dates. Regardless, I'm glad I brought Dev (first concert!) and we really need to go to Club Menage soon on a Wednesday...

I think I will try to go to more R&B concerts from now on. I'm not too into rock music and I think I'm too old to go to rap concerts, but with R&B at least I can sing along with the artists because I know the songs and it's less chaotic. Too bad there's not alot of good R&B groups lately worth going to see live. I guess it's reunion tours for me from now on...

Friday, March 24, 2006

Shake Somethin' for the Camera Phone..

I'm so lovin' "Camera Phone" by Da Muzicianz. Only hip hop can make a song about a camera phone sound so catchy. Everytime I hear that song I just wanna strut around in 4-inch heels and sashay down a catwalk, fan in my face.

Went sample sale shopping before work today. I dropped about 9 hours of work worth of money in about 2 hours. Lacoste backpack, Nanette Lepore top (for the concert tomorrow night!), a satin clutch, and yet another bikini. I walked along Chinatown, looking at all the cheap, yet funky wares merchants were selling. I found a shoe store that sells pretty nice looking shoes for like, 5 bucks! I resisted the urge, but I feel I will be drawn to that place the next time I'm down there...

Today was also my first wnight working alone. o_o Got the keys to the office, and I was left with a whack load of responsibility. I have this NAGGING feeling in the back of my head that I may have messed up somewhere, and I feel like I won't be able to sleep because I don't know what it is. I'll have to call tomorrow and see if I closed right, but either way, my head won't rest until I know. Funny how I have more anxiety over me messing up than a stranger coming in trying to rape me while I'm alone at night.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

My past taking too long to complete; my future coming up way too fast

So tomorrow they're making me work by myself. Eek! It's gonna be scary! I hope I don't fuck up badly, I've only been there for three days!! I'm gonna do everything super slow so I don't fuck up. Aiya... I hate that everything's monitored so I can't correct my mistakes without anyone knowing. Once I make a mistake, it's recorded. GET IT RIGHT, LIL!

Okay, so to clear up any confusion: the strike is still ON because negotiations are OFF. There was a bit of hubub surrounding what was off and what was on. Good grief, the second round of negotiations have broken off which means we'll be on strike for probably another two weeks. It's a good thing I've got a job to keep me busy because I'd be going bananas with no school to go to and no drive to do any of the homework I was given (still don't, but as soon as I hear the strike will be nearing it's end, I'll go into panic-mode and start on it). Everyone's coming to me (for some strange reason) about what's going on with the strike. The one thing I'll say to them is to follow the course outline and do all the readings. That way when you do go back to class, it'll be easier to pick up where you left off. Of course, that's easier said than done and I'm not one to talk (my books are collecting dust, and I don't even remember where some of them are).

Ho-hum. I don't have much of a reaction to this strike as much as others. I think I will begin sample sale shopping tomorrow before work.

Samples Sale of note:

Fur and Shearling Blowout Sale

March 23-26

84 Wingold Ave.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

We all gotta start somewhere...

Second day on the job: it was better than the first. At least I hope. The Boss took me into his office today and said that I sounded too nervous on the phone (he monitors all calls). Well, duh. I'm calling all these clients, not knowing why I'm calling them. But today I got the hang of it because they pretty much made me take all the calls. Yep, that's just me. I need to learn from mistakes in order to learn new things. I really hope I can pick up all these things I'm supposed to know fast, because apparently I'll be expected to work alone (gasp!), at night (double gasp!).

Honestly, this makes me a tad uneasy. Today I had a raging woman come in after dark, and I'm so glad I was working with someone and that this raging woman was a female. There's noone else in the office, who would I ask for help if I were alone? What if I'm alone in the office at night and I'm confronted by an assailant? Shit, I have no idea what I'd do. I mean, the place has video surveillance but what good does that do?

It's all part of the job, I guess. I just don't like that I'm put in a 'situation' where my ass can get robbed, raped or murdered. Perhaps I'll wait a week and if I still feel uncomfortable I'll talk to the Boss. For now, I guess this is what I have to do (suck it up and do the job) in order to move into a more desirable position where I'm not working at night. Working at night doesn't bother me entirely (I did it in the summer and worked later than I do now) but it's just the fact that I will work alone at night where people off the street can walk in and out makes my heart race.


There are two things in this world that I love that begin with the letter 'S': Shoes and Sex Sample Sales!

Yes, it's that time of year again. Alas, while I have a job and money coming in now, I lack the time to attend all the sample sales I'm notified of. So I will post a few sample sales that are happening in and out of Toronto. Got time and money? Spend and shop for me!

March 23-24 Shopping Addicts Sample Sale (SASS) For guys and girls, includes (guaranteed authentic) C&C California, Juicy, BCBG, Nicole Miller, Ben Sherman 360 Adelaide West (Sound Emporium) Downtown Toronto

March 23-April 2 Action Inventory Warehouse Sale Designer fragrances (D&G, Calvin Klein), Electronics (Sony, Panasonic) and skin care and make up from Italy, France and Canada. 173 Carrier Dr. Etobicoke

April 15-30th P&G (Proctor and Gamble?) Warehouse Sale same place as Action Warehouse Sale

April 15-30th Victorinox/Swiss Army Warehouse Sale (ooooh, I think I should check it out and get some equipment for portaging this summer!) same placeas Action Warehouse Sale


March 30-April 1 Designer Sample Sale 332 Richmond St. W

Monday, March 20, 2006

Suddenly bartending doesn't seem so bad...

Aaaand the paps have arrived!

So not only Hayden Christensen and Sienna Miller an item, they are apparently also in town. And they've brought the paparazzi with them.

Does anyone recognize those garage parking doors? ^_^ Sienna, you look like a 15-year old boy. So do you, Hayden.

So today was my first day at the law firm, and I guess it wasn't entirely as bad as I feared. See, I was scared that I'd be tested on all the things that I'm supposed to know from my three years in college. Even though my classmates who have and are working in law firms say that they only use a fraction of stuff we learned at school in their jobs, I was still scared.

Today they started me off 'easy' and let me chill at the receptionist desk. I mostly talked to clients on the phone and processed payments. I guess it was easy, and I don't think I entirely failed at those tasks. But apparently I started my first day on a day that happened to be frenzied and busy. It's a good thing there were three of us there because I dunno how just two receptionists could handle all that drama we were faced with. Erratic clients, answering nonsense questions, handling inquiries. The erratic clients are what scared me the most, though. This couple came in ranting and raving that they "wanted their money back" and wouldn't leave. Apparently they thought I could handle them but I sorely failed. Let's just say that worst case scenario is when the lawyer has to come out and settle the dispute. Boy, did they argue for a long time...

On the upside of this job, as far as I could tell, is that the dressing is pretty informal (after all, this isn't Bay St.) and the pay and benefits aren't bad. I've never had a job where I got 'benefits', so this should be fun to use and abuse. hahaha. After the first day, I realized I learned quite a bit. A lot, actually. Which only means that I'll be learning even more tomorrow. *sigh

At least I get to start at 2 in the afternoon. Woot.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Me, Myself and Id

For anyone who hasn't heard of Jessica Cutler, she's this chick who blogged about her life and sexcapades whilst interning at the White House. I said 'blogged' because her popular blog about rendez-vous' with certain married politicians and her sexy lifestyle was outed and she got fired from the White House. She's now working and living in New York, but she doesn't seem ashamed about that part of her life. In fact, they've turned her blog into a book and it's been dubbed Washington's version of "Sex and the City". I'll have to give this book a gander when I get the chance (library card, wherefor art thou?) but I've Googled her to see what all the hype was about (yes, I have that much time on my hands) and she intrigues me.

I have to say, I truly admire how open and public she is. No pseudonyms, no cryptic messages. She bares it all, with no shame. I so, so admire that. I don't think I'd ever have the guts to bare my soul and the secret life I hold, especially to people I know who read my blog. As much as I don't care what people think of me, there's certain people's judgment I do have a concern about. Plus, I don't want people in my life to avoid confiding in me, with fear that I will publicize their love affairs and third nipples. And I don't believe I can be completely open and honest without embarassing some people without using a pen name.

Perhaps it's also the fact that it mostly has to do with the type of person I want to be portrayed as: fierce, independent, hard as a rock, fun, wise, omnipotent. Unfortunately, I've been blessed with this gender as a girl and this species as a human who comes with all the traits I hate about in other people. Don't get me wrong, I love being female, but sometimes that fact just bites me in the ass (especially in the area of "<3")

I guess I'm just dealing with what I call the "self-complex" where I have an ideal self in mind, but I've yet to achieve it. I'm afraid to show my weak and vulnerable side, but insist on baring all my strong qualities. I really need to get over this, because I am human and that's how I am. I make mistakes, I let my heart get broken, I ask for help, I whine and I beg. I believe in Freudian terms, this would be called my "id".

I figure I have two ways of solving this problem: either overcome my 'weaknesses' (ha!) or just admit that I'm not perfect person. I seriously hope it's not the latter.

I used to think that I wasn't fine enough

And I used to think that I wasn't wild enough

But I won't waste my time tryin' to figure out why you playing games,

what's this all about

And I can't believe,

You're hurting me

I met your girl, what a difference

What you see in her

You aint see in me

But I guess it was all just make-believe

-Keyshia Cole "Love"

Money and Shoes, these are a few of my favourite things!

Could my week get any better?

Some good news: I finally got a job! It's gonna be part time and may lead to full time in the summer! Yes! I got my internship locked down, if I do really well. I really hope I do well. This is pretty much the first permanent job I've had. I wanna at least keep this job for a year. I'll be working as a legal assistant in a law firm of about 15 lawyers.

So to celebrate (as well as Davis' bday) a bunch of us went to Money Nightclub (drinks on me!). Music was good, atmosphere was okay. I guess the night got progressively better the more I drank (hangover!). There were a couple photographers there and they took a couple pics of us, but I hate not realizing how bad I look in clubs until I see the pictures. Brace yourselves...

What's with the weird angle, you ask? Well we were dancing on the stage for most of night and up until now I never realized how bad this angle of me is. Yeah, from now on, noone should take shots of me from below my chin. Ugggghhh. (BTW, the outfit was actually inspired from me watching all these Hyori vids. I normally wouldn't go out in shorts in sub-zero weather!)

I'm suffering from a bit of hearing damage and hangover, but it's all good.


Saturday, March 18, 2006

Caller Numba 9!!

"Hi, who's this?"

As soon as Hollywood Rich said that, I knew I won. Just based on my experience as a radio winner *natch*. Finally, I won those Reunion tickets! Hooray!

I had just woken up at around 11:30 and just happen to turn on the radio when the DJ told me to call. So I called, not with much enthusiasm, mind you. And then I got through in around the 4-5th redial.

"Congratulations, do you want to make any shoutouts?" Umm, do people still do that? I wasn't aware I needed to prepare a Thank You speech, like at the Oscars. The first person I called as soon as I hung up was the only person I could think of who would not be working, who wasn't in school, who'd have access to a radio and who'd give a damn: Devlin. "Haha, you should've made a shoutout to the Bowling Boys!". I remember back in the day when I'd listen to KISS 92.5, or even in the early days of Flow when people would make these ghey-ass shoutouts.

"Yo, I wanna make a shoutout to the Westside Crew aka the Killas aka the 10th Street Gangstas. I wanna say 'WAZ UP' to my girl, Baby G aka Stylin' Sista and also to my boys, Lil Jeezy, B-boy, Hovah..." I really wished those DJs had screened those callers and edited those parts out.

I, myself, couldn't think of who I wanted to 'shoutout' to, mainly because I had just woken up and I still had my retainer in and didn't want to speak as much as possible. But since I'm feeling a bit giddy and obnoxious... here are the shoutouts I would've made if I wasn't too out of it:

I wanna say hi to my family in Canada, Singapore and the US. Thanks for the support. To my girls aka Vicki, Jez and Sarah, I knew you guys were always behind me. LOVE YA! To my Lil Girls aka Mel, Meg, Kathy, and Minh: couldn't have done this without you. My boys and my boys' boys aka Nam, Alex, Dev, Andru, Cuong, Quang, Iljya, thanks for not letting me down. To my Posse boys aka Jeff, Justin, Konrad, Paul, thanks for the moral support I needed. And a big shoutout to everyone on my MSN Messenger contact list, you guys made this worth it! And if I missed anyone else, I love you, thank you, this award is dedicated to YOUs!

Can you imagine if I had read all that on the air? They'd sure to have cut me off at 'Lil Girls'.

So who will I take to the concert? Well there's a long list of people who I want to take. But I've narrowed down my choices to people I know will enjoy the music (i.e. actually know who SWV is and listened to them way back when) and who I will have a good time with. Fair enough, right?

After I picked up my tickets from the station (thanks for coming with me Cuong and Dev), we went to the employment centre and I scored a job interview tomorrow. And then I scored some cargo pants and underwear at Square One. Later, we went to Timmy's and I won a coffee from that Roll Up the Rim thing. Feeling lucky, I played Poker (I lost, but Mel came in 2nd so in essence, I won too. Haha).

So I guess in the words of Ice Cube, "Today was a good day."

P.S. If anyone has that Ice Cube song, send that shit over.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

As if she couldn't be more hotter...

In this day in age, it is hard to find a 24-year old virgin. Okay, scratch that. It's hard to find a 24-year old virgin who is also a Victoria Secret model and one of the hottest chicks in the world. Which was why I was delighted to hear that in the next issue of GQ, one of my favourite models Adriana Lima will grace the cover and she claims in the magazine that she's still a virgin.

^Adriana @ Backlama (sp?) fashion show

As liberal as my views are, I somehow respect her a little more that she's saving herself for marriage. I mean, not that I'm against chastity, but in the world we live in today and the world she works in, I'm oh-so-impressed that she was able to rise above all the sexual (and drug) pressures that must surround her in the modelling business. Plus, she's a fox, so it must've been even more of a challenge to keep those hungry hungry hippos at bay (and cold water on hand). AND, she's from the land of 'walking sex', aka the Brazilian wax.

Adriana Lima for President.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

John Stossel is a be-moustached god

Watch if you've got 40 minutes to spare.

P.S. I don't wanna hear any crap about Black people, you bigoted fools.

Whenever I hear of immigrants wanting to move to North America so their kids can have a better education, I have to wonder where they got that notion.

In fact, they should show this 20/20 episode before they get on the plane or as soon as they land. Let them know what they're getting themselves into. Not only will this slow down the influx of immigrants, perhaps it'll solve the 'teacher-student-ratio' problem in many schools.

Of course, this report is mainly aimed at American public schools (Canada ranks 7th highest, what what!) but I honestly didn't need to watch this to know how shitty American public schools are. Even though it's TV, just watching shows like The OC and Boston Public gives me an idea of what goes on in American schools. What the hell is 'homecoming'?

I really have to question why anyone would choose to move from Canada to America these days. Just like going to the country, it's a nice place to visit but a crappy place to live.

Young and Restless, Yes I am.

So I woke up around 11:30 today and out of boredom I turned on my radio. I just happen to hear my 'cue to call' for those Reunion tickets and I had to be caller nine to win. Got to my trusty phone (trusty where I only have to hit 'redial' and it automatically hangs up and dials immediately, the perfect radio-caller's phone) and I actually got through!

"You're caller number seven!"

"Aw, fuck!"

And that was my morning. Since then, I've been listening to the radio. I dunno why I think that since I got through that one time that my chances of winning are suddenly greater. It's a good thing this is a station I tolerate, because I'm getting a bit antsy.

So this is pretty much what my days have wittled down to: sitting in front of the laptop/TV/radio, cleaning, staring blankly at my assignment sheet. There's other productive things I could be doing like, paying bills or job-hunting, but I'm just not feeling it.

Happy Steak and Sex Day

"This morning my husband wakes me up and asks, 'Where's my steak and eggs?'. So after I take him out for steak this morning, we come home and he pokes me for some you-know-what. And then after he says 'It's Steak and Sex Day'. He thinks it's supposed to be for 24 hours! I just can't do that!"

Haha, I laughed at this caller because I can't believe people are actually celebrating this. I also can't believe she's refusing sex.

Monday, March 13, 2006

I Could Be a Winner!!

Check this out. This is the kinda case that'll give law enthusiasts an orgasm. If the teacher is the purchaser of the cup, is he still entitled it even though he threw it away? Should the girl who found the cup get the car or should it be the girl who unravelled it? Was this a three-way effort of winning the SUV? When this case is settled, this is the kinda precedent to make a law student foam at the mouth.

They should treat this as if it were three children fighting over a toy: NO ONE gets it!!

BTW, if you hear of anyone winning money or something equally big from a found cup from a trash can at the west-side of the platform at Islington Station on March 7, I want a DNA test done, pronto. In fact, do a DNA test on all the Tim Horton's cups at that station. LOL

I think I will cease buying Tim Horton's for awhile. I have a tendency to throw away un-rolled cups without thinking twice. The sheer wonderment of whether I won is enough angst to make me go insane.

What Do YOU Know About That?

Looks like TI's in a new movie called 'ATL' and it's about a bunch of kids from the ghetto trying to get rich and die trying, blah blah blah. I'll be seeing this movie in mute because as hot as TI is, I can't sit through these kinda movies. They're like the non-funny version of 'Half-Baked' or 'Next Friday'. The guns, the violence, the baby-mama drama, the cashmoneyhoes, the 24's; truth be told, that stuff annoys me.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the finer things in life, but there has to be a more desirable way to get all that without violence (guys) and sex (ladies). I hate that some people choose this type of life, not even to get a better life, but to just have all that shit to impress someone. I know alot of people think I'm shallow like that; I like the clothes and the luxury, but I also like fun. But what fun is it to have achieved Gucci shoes by killing someone or selling drugs? Seems alot to go through for shoes.

I also hate that this type of lifestyle puts a bad reputation for people who enjoy the finer things in life and that it suddenly means they're materialistic and shallow. Some people worked hard to earn all that. And yes, while I enjoy a man with a Benz or two, I'm not dating him for his cars. If I can't enjoy at least a repartee with someone, whether it be in a Benz or a Ford, it just won't work. In fact, I'm usually the one footing the bill on dates, especially if the guy drove a great deal just to see me. Also, I'd buy my own luxury items. If I can't afford to buy my own, sure as hell I'm not letting someone else buy it for me. So put that in your pipe and smoke it. I just felt like I had to put this out there because I know what's on people's mind. They think I need a guy who has a nice car or has money (which is bullshit, because whenever I my car it'll be hotter than theirs). And while I don't give a shit what people think, I feel as if I need to say this either way.

Brand-name labels don't necessarily label a person. For me, all the upscale lifestyle and the luxury goods are just for fun. It's not something I require and it's not something I take so seriously. Afterall, I wasn't raised on it so why would I need it to justify my being?

All I'm saying is that a hard-working girl should be able to have her Jimmy Choo's and eat her Kraft dinner too.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood

One of my favourite things to do now is to take a walk downtown, in the trendiest street in Toronto, on a bee-U-tee-ful day. Everyone's out in their post-winter/pre-spring garbs, shopping bags in tow, little dogs abound.

Yesterday I did that with Sarah, and I'm so glad she called me to go out yesterday. It's been one week of school-strikin' with no end in sight. After the second day of the strike, I've started to feel restless, and *gasp!* even started a bit of homework. In fact, I'm completing a project as we speak (multi-tasker extraordinaire!) and I'm trying to decide what I will do for the rest of the week.

So anyway, yesterday we made our usual rounds around Yorkville and Yonge/Bloor. There's nothing like doing a little window-shopping at Gucci whilst broke ("water, water, everywhere. And not a drop to drink"). That night we joined Paul for some Thai grub and some drinkies at the local watering hole (mmm, banana liqeuer + 7up! Thanks, Sarah!) and then poker with the guys. Aah, what a perfect day.

I also noticed that the more stores I went into, the more dogs I saw. I remember back in the day where dogs would be fully prohibited from stores unless they served a guiding purpose. And then gradually, people started sneaking in their tiny dogs in big bags. Now I'm seeing big dogs walking around (on leashes of course, but how long will that last?) in the store. I foresee an 'uproar' in the near future about this. Right now they're letting in the animals in the upscale places, where not alot of people might mind the expensive furry friends. But as soon as this becomes mainstream we will be hearing from the Health and Safety Board soon after I think.

I don't personally mind the animals, especially if they're well-trained and quiet. But I will be a bit more annoyed if my purchases start smelling of dog and I find myself slipping on brown matter in the store. No dog with my Hermes, thanks.

Friday, March 10, 2006

GAWD, I'm old...

Here's a tell-tale sign you're old: when some of your favourite artists of your past are making comebacks and having 'reunion tours'...

Shit, I really wanna go to this. And it's being held at my old work, Hershey Centre. Unfortunately, tickets range from 55-95 buckeroos. Boo. Apparently Flow 93.5 is giving away tickets, so I'm going to be listening for my chance to call in (then why aren't I listening to them now?).

What are my chances of winning tickets from a radio again, though? The last time I won tickets off a radio contest was for Hanson, back in 1999 (I think). Seven years later, will I strike lucky again? *fingers crossed.

Dammit. I wish I still worked at Hershey Centre. I could be at the concert for FREE.

Notorious MSG

What the HELL is this?

Dim Sum Girl

Straight Out of Canton

I've never been more mortified to be Chinese.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

School's striking, world poverty, terrorism, and now this...

I have some troubling news to report... favourite Korean group is breaking up!

Yes, I know noone cares, least of all know who the hell Baby VOX is. I don't care. It's my blog and I can report whatever the hell I want. Baby VOX is the shit.

I'm gonna miss you, Baby VOX.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Guys + Lil's Night Out

I saw Dave Chappelle's Block Party movie last night with the guys. Surprisingly the movie was better than I anticipated. I mean, I love Dave Chappelle, but a movie about an impromptu party? Nahh...

But leave it to the genius that is Dave Chappelle to leave me in tears of laughter and to actually teach me a thing or two about black culture (thanks to Quang and Nam for coming to the movie, who were probably lost at a few parts during the movie ^_^). I never fully appreciated all those 'political' rap artists like Common and Dead Prez, but I think I will start listening to them now. Perhaps I'll learn a thing or two from their music, unlike the content in Crunk and Gangsta rap (which I listen to purely for entertainment. I don't give their lyrics a second thought). And I just wanna add that Mos Def is damn hot, just never appreciated him before (and for a long time, I thought the 's' in his name was silent for some reason). The movie needed more John Legend, though.

On that note, I have a bone to pick. WHY do they play T-Pain's "I'm in Luv With a Stripper" on the radio if they just bleep out the "stripper" part in the song. The "stripper" part is the essence of the song, isn't it? Bah. If it's so offensive, they should just not play the song at all. I dunno why I'm beefing, I hate the song overall.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Day 1 of Strike

Is anyone surprised? As much as we're all anxious to finish this school year, it looks like it's not going to be without 2 weeks (anticipated) break!

So what did I do on my day off? Not as eventful as Ferris Bueller's, unfortunately. I got up at the ungodly hour of 7 (it's ungodly if there's no school. It's sleeping in if I have an 8am class) to meet my group for a project at 9. Apparently, we were supposed to meet at 8.

So at 9:20 am, with nothing to do, I decided to make use of this day after I called around to see if anyone was up for just hangin'. After I couldn't find anyone (okay, I called one person. I was too lazy after), it looked like it was going to be a day of me, all by my lonesome. What, does everyone else have things to do during a strike but me?

My first attempt at making it a productive day was to had to the YMCA. No, not the gym (ha!), the employment centre. I might as well make use of my unemployed ass (as well as having lack of a place to intern this summer) and take advantage of my 10 free photocopying/printing a day to find a job.

Lemme just tell you; the employment centre is not the most uplifting place to be. Especially in the middle of the day. Out-of-school young adults and unemployed middle-aged people aren't the most happy people on earth. Besides the unemployment office and a dentist's waiting room, this place makes being at school seem like a day at Disneyland.

I decided to check out what legal secretary/clerk/assistant jobs were available and source out my resume and cover letter. It's such a tedious task and I hate it; repeating the same thing over and over again to each prospective employer is not cool. What made it more irritating was this old man who sat next to me. I could tell he was really frustrated. Frustrated with life, frustrated with being unemployed, frustrated with his computer, frustrated with the people in the room. He was one disgruntled goat.

Every little thing seemed to bug him. He's one of those people who, about to sit down to a computer, takes his time before sitting down at a computer and makes sure everything is just right. Jacket meticulously hung over the chair, briefcase settled just by his feet, the monitor just at the right height. I swear, he took 10 minutes to settle down. And even once he was settled, he wasn't settle. Any noise anyone made, a man on his cellphone or a crying baby, he'd turn towards the source of the disruptance, mutter something to himself in Tamil and turn his attention back to the monitor.

So after about an hour and a half (I can tolerate alot, eh?) I left. I just don't think one can stay in a place like that for so long before the bitterness and frustration rubs off on you. It's depressing listening to a guy on a phone talk to like, 50 employers, begging for a job. For some reason, it's especially depressing to see old people looking for a job (I dunno why).

I really really really hope I don't ever get to a place like that, or for anyone else I know for that matter. It's so sad. Of course you can't help but wonder how they got into that position in the first place, but for some people, shit happens. It's a wonder why my parents plan for everything and I'm grateful for that because I'd hate not having the stuff I have now (wow, did I just sound totally spoiled?). Just another reason to be grateful for everything I have. *tear*flick*

I spent the rest of the day just walking around City Hall and Square One all by myself, with my thoughts. It's funny how in a world where we all have a fear of being alone, when you take time to be by yourself with your thoughts, you are reacquainted with someone who's often been ignored: you. Not to sound like an afterschool special, but you're a lot less lonely when you like yourself more. Instead of being around influences that make you hate yourself more (friends, music, and yes, even school), more people should think about what they like about themselves. We've become so dependant on other people to provide us with happiness and entertainment, we don't know what to do with ourselves when everyone's gone.

Perhaps that's why the types of people at the employment centre are "the types of people at the employment centre". They've been entirely dependant on a job, and when they suddenly didn't have one, they became lonely. Kinda like when people lose everything; the world seems a lot lonelier when there's nothing else to dependant on.

Monday, March 06, 2006

I'd go Muslim for THIS...

When we think of "excessive wealth", we commonly think of the royal family in Buckingham Palace, Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Oprah...

But Bill Gates ain't got nuttin' on the oil tycoons of the Middle East. JEALOUS


No wonder they have a large family. It's not only to create future heirs to inherit the family business, it's also to fill up all the bedrooms in that friggin' palace. If it was a tad smaller, it'd make a SLAMMIN' party house. But it's just too big for a party. You'd lose your date in under a minute just trying to look for a bedroom. Although it'd make a hell of a place to play Manhunt!!

A silver Audi? Pssshhh.. I can do better. Check out my chrome Mercedes Benz:

Of course it's not mine yet. The good people at Mercedes Benz are just holding it for me until I get a job.

P.S. Apparently that stuff about the house is a hoax. It's actually a hotel. It's interesting how it became a hoax though...

It's Hard Out There for a Pimpin' Rap Group to win an Oscar

So apparently Three Six Mafia won an Oscar last night. I don't have much to say about that except that it'll probably be the last time I'll ever see someone accept an Oscar in Air Force Ones and a basketball cap.

There was a slight buzz around campus today over the looming strike. Some people are for it, some people aren't. I personally don't give a shit. I mean, I suppose I'm in a situation where either way, it benefits me. Because my dad's a prof at my school, if they negotiate, the teachers will get what the they want. If there is a strike, I will have a break for school. It's win-win! This is how the universe balances itself out. Although some of my profs have piled on the work, "just in case".

What sucks is that I still have to go to school and meet my group because they wanna finish the project regardless by Friday. *sigh.

I saw a funny thing today: a guy was just riding down the street on a unicycle. I must say that's a first. It's weird how he just doesn't use a regular dual wheel bike, because it's less work (instead of constantly peddling, he can just pedal and ride). I so felt like throwing something at him, though, just to see how he would recover. Haha too bad I was on the bus.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Happy Birthday, Konrad!

Went to Joe. for Konrad's birthday last night (yep. It's "joe. period"). Haven't been there before, so it was a nice change of venue from the usual nightlife digs. It's basically supposed be remniscent of a typical Canadian bar/living room, complete with bar, pool tables, jitz, hockey game on TV, loud music and dancing. It's a really great place if you've got a group of friends who are diverse and like different things. At least we can do whatever we liked under one roof.

Of course, I brought my camera and was the camera nazi for the evening. Well, not so much than usual. I think I should get my own smaller, thinner, lighter digital camera because my dad's Sony Cybershot is a bit cumbersome for my tiny purse. But alas: no job, no money, no justification to purchase such an extravagant piece of gadget.

^Subway fun and Justin's foot


^Don't I look gangsta? Jeff: "Every group has their token black friend"

^Sarah and Jeff

Konrad has an unusual amount of female friends, so I didn't really take pictures of them because I couldn't tell out of all the girls in the club who were his friends. Hahaha. Konrad continues to have that "ladies charm".

I was also amused (?) at the amount of middle-aged men at that club (not to mention this one guy who kept "moving" by himself, unaware of people around him). And if that wasn't weird enough, they were usually by themselves (as opposed to a group of them, like a guys' night), either "dancing" very close to young ladies (ME) or just standing in the middle of a crowded dance floor, ogling.

Now, I'm very open as to people doing whatever they wanna do on a Saturday night, but I can't help but wonder what their lives are like in the day time. Do they have jobs? Do they have families? Are they wifey-scoping? Are they catching up on nightlife that they missed during yesteryears? And if so, why don't they go to a more... "age appropriate" place? Not to say they can't go wherever they want but at least go to a place with young women who want older men and the night will be productive.

Oh well. I think this is something I'll have to get accustomed to because I might end up being an ogling, lonely middle-aged woman one day, in a sea of young eye candy. A productive evening would probably be being able to take advantage of a drunk young man. (And I actually saw that last night. I saw an "old" woman making out with a much older guy outside a bar. Nice.)

When Konrad was satisfactorily plastered, we ended the night with pizza and full bellies. Now there's a productive evening.

Thursday, March 02, 2006


I want this new IPEX bra from Victoria Secret. No wires! Minimal padding! Not to mention pretty pretty Gisele Bundchen is promoting it.

I have a sick hobby of admiring supermodels. No, I'm not gay, I'm just big fans of them. I think it's because I don't hear them speak and they're not thrust into my face (like Paris Hilton) so I'm not annoyed by how stupid they might be. In fact, I like to imagine they're intelligent people who read books between photoshoots and date intensely artistic guys. The weird thing is, I don't like looking at them only because they're good-looking, but admiring how some of them have the strangest looks yet look completley gorgeous regardless. For example, Gemma Ward and Daria Werbowy.

Now that's something to aspire to.

P.S. Does anyone have my October 2004 issue of Vogue? I've been looking everywhere for it!

Child-Rearing According to Yours Truly

I recently found this, and it got me kinda annoyed.

So fuckin' what? She taped the kids' mouths shut. It's not like she took off her belt and pelted them! Some 12-year old kid in Detroit put a chewed up piece of gum on a $1.5 mil Helen Frankenthaler painting and there was no sign of any discipline for that. " He is only 12 and I don't think he understood the ramifications of what he did before it happened," the paper quotes.

I'm so sick and tired of this day in age where we are expected to worship children, regardless of whether they're 'bad' or 'good' as if they somehow deserve it because they just "don't know any better".

Don't get me wrong, I don't hate kids, persay. I just hate kids who are being worshipped for being kids. Call me uncompassionate, cold, bitchy and heartless, but what happened to disciplining children and teaching them the cold hard facts about life? I believe we've sugar-coated just about every dark corner of life to somehow spare their feelings. You do something bad, you get punished, not "there, there" and a mention in the local newspaper.

There could be more to that story in Montreal, but the gist of it is the kids were disciplined, so the teacher is being disciplined. This is such bullshit. Are we seriously expected to discipline kids through 'grounding' and 'time outs'? I don't know any kid who's actually learned their lesson or least of all think about what they did during their so-called punishments. Kids aren't stupid. Time outs and groundings are just an easy way out of real discipline they know better than to question this form of punishment.

A 15-year old friend told me he got caught for shoplifting at Walmart. "That's pretty serious," I said. "Yeah, I got in sooo much trouble. My parents are strict, not like other people's parents." he said. "Man, I would have been crying if that happened to me. What happened to you?" "Walmart made me write a one-page essay and my parents won't let me watch TV for a year."

... That's not a punishment. That's doing him a favour.

People complain that the youngsters of today have lost respect for their elders, especially their parents and they blame everything else but their parents. I think kids have lost respect for adults not only because they weren't taught respect, but the fact that parents have been so merciful to their children and disrespect them because they pity them for not having the balls to be adults. It really makes me sad when I see children scream and swear at their parents. This is just one reason I don't want my own kids; I don't want to subject my kids to associating with kids who scream and swear at their parents.

Perhaps Russell Peters was right when he said that it is typically the North American way for parents to let their kids swear at them and treat them like they're their friends. I really don't think we can continue to rely on parents to discipline their kids properly nowadays. After all, it takes a village to raise a child, so if the child is in school 85% of the time each year, the school should have a right discipline the kid as if they were raising them (and if they don't like that, HOMESCHOOL). And as for parents, they really need to keep a tighter leash on their kids, seriously.

Many people will argue that not everyone was raised the same way as me and they turned out just fine anyway. But think about it, all of us that 'turned out fine' all share the same values growin up: to respect elders and to shut up. Perhaps it's all the sugar and hormone injected into their genetically-modified foods that have screwed up children lately, but there's no excuse for not instilling some sort of FEAR of elders into them and to just tell them to shut up. And if they tell you to shut up, that deserve a spank. Yes, I condone spanking. Child abuse, my ass. It's child abuse when you let your kid inhale sugar like water and stuffing their faces with Kraft dinner whenever they damn well please.

Advocates of no-spanking laws preach that children have a right to a childhood. Hello? Kids are running around slutting it up as early as 9-years old. Their shot of a 'childhood' is shot to hell by then and yet we still embrace them as if they were god-sent babies. I really feel sorry for people who 'experimented' and whatnot at a young age. No matter how you swing it, you lost your childhood a looooong time ago and there's no getting it back.

If this trend continues, I totally see the WORLD being handed to the kids of today and that really scares me. If they're capable of such idioacy and tomfoolery now, can you imagine what they'll be like as adults? Don't get me wrong, I've done alot of stupid things in my childhood, but I've learned. I wonder how many of these kids can look back in 20 years and even recognize what they did wrong.

Okay, I'm done bitching for now. Oh, and one more thing: parents need to take computers out of their kids' bedrooms. I'm so sick of seeing pop-up ads and banners of pre-adolescent 'cam whores' looking up at their cameras with their legs spread eagle looking for a good time. Does Wayne Brady need to slap a bitch? I think so.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Man, it doesn't even feel like a regular school week. It's been pretty lax. On Monday, I had a 50-minute open-book exam. On Tuesday, class was cancelled (I feel sorry for the half of the class who ended up going at 8am). Today, I had another short open-book exam. So what? Two days of regular school this week? And then BAM! Next week there's potential for a faculty strike. Actually it's apparently very very likely.

I must admit, I'm not too dismayed about this strike. I'm still not in school-mode post-Reading Week. I could use another week of doing nothing (even more so than when I'm in school). But not too long. Rumours abound that the strike might be a "long one". Oh dear. Any more than a week, then I have a feeling my term will be F-U-C-K-E-D. What will happen to the term? Noone knows. On the other hand, it'll give me some time to go internship-huntin', something I should've been doing last week.

I think I will go into the Career Centre this week and print off as many free copies of my resume as possible before the strike begins... heeeheeeeheeeeeeeeeeee