Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Guys + Lil's Night Out

I saw Dave Chappelle's Block Party movie last night with the guys. Surprisingly the movie was better than I anticipated. I mean, I love Dave Chappelle, but a movie about an impromptu party? Nahh...

But leave it to the genius that is Dave Chappelle to leave me in tears of laughter and to actually teach me a thing or two about black culture (thanks to Quang and Nam for coming to the movie, who were probably lost at a few parts during the movie ^_^). I never fully appreciated all those 'political' rap artists like Common and Dead Prez, but I think I will start listening to them now. Perhaps I'll learn a thing or two from their music, unlike the content in Crunk and Gangsta rap (which I listen to purely for entertainment. I don't give their lyrics a second thought). And I just wanna add that Mos Def is damn hot, just never appreciated him before (and for a long time, I thought the 's' in his name was silent for some reason). The movie needed more John Legend, though.

On that note, I have a bone to pick. WHY do they play T-Pain's "I'm in Luv With a Stripper" on the radio if they just bleep out the "stripper" part in the song. The "stripper" part is the essence of the song, isn't it? Bah. If it's so offensive, they should just not play the song at all. I dunno why I'm beefing, I hate the song overall.

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