Sunday, March 19, 2006

Money and Shoes, these are a few of my favourite things!

Could my week get any better?

Some good news: I finally got a job! It's gonna be part time and may lead to full time in the summer! Yes! I got my internship locked down, if I do really well. I really hope I do well. This is pretty much the first permanent job I've had. I wanna at least keep this job for a year. I'll be working as a legal assistant in a law firm of about 15 lawyers.

So to celebrate (as well as Davis' bday) a bunch of us went to Money Nightclub (drinks on me!). Music was good, atmosphere was okay. I guess the night got progressively better the more I drank (hangover!). There were a couple photographers there and they took a couple pics of us, but I hate not realizing how bad I look in clubs until I see the pictures. Brace yourselves...

What's with the weird angle, you ask? Well we were dancing on the stage for most of night and up until now I never realized how bad this angle of me is. Yeah, from now on, noone should take shots of me from below my chin. Ugggghhh. (BTW, the outfit was actually inspired from me watching all these Hyori vids. I normally wouldn't go out in shorts in sub-zero weather!)

I'm suffering from a bit of hearing damage and hangover, but it's all good.


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