Tuesday, March 14, 2006

John Stossel is a be-moustached god

Watch if you've got 40 minutes to spare.

P.S. I don't wanna hear any crap about Black people, you bigoted fools.

Whenever I hear of immigrants wanting to move to North America so their kids can have a better education, I have to wonder where they got that notion.

In fact, they should show this 20/20 episode before they get on the plane or as soon as they land. Let them know what they're getting themselves into. Not only will this slow down the influx of immigrants, perhaps it'll solve the 'teacher-student-ratio' problem in many schools.

Of course, this report is mainly aimed at American public schools (Canada ranks 7th highest, what what!) but I honestly didn't need to watch this to know how shitty American public schools are. Even though it's TV, just watching shows like The OC and Boston Public gives me an idea of what goes on in American schools. What the hell is 'homecoming'?

I really have to question why anyone would choose to move from Canada to America these days. Just like going to the country, it's a nice place to visit but a crappy place to live.

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