Saturday, December 31, 2005

Ya Nasty Girl

Another reason to just slap Paris...

^Nice suit, though

What a coincidence that I'm listening to Notorious BIG's "Nasty Girl".

Like, really. I know I occasionally ACCIDENTLY flash ppl when I'm in my teeny weenie eensy weensy, but... this is too much. I don't even want to know why she's doing that. Paris, at least go waist high in the water! At least! >_<

Running on 5 hours =_=

I don't even know why I'm still awake.

Played poker last night with 15 ppl until 4:00 am and then woke up at 8:30 am to meet Sarah and Paul for breakfast at Milestones. I even had a Mimosa or "Morning Glory" and that hasn't waken me up yet (Mimosa = orange juice + champagne, a classic morning drink). I even did some shopping at Yorkdale! It's 1:00 pm and I just got home. Wow. I suppose I should just go sleep on the couch for a couple hours, but my dad asked me to do some grocery shopping for our New Year's dinner tonight.

Ugh. I keep forgetting today is New Year's Eve. Time is flying right by me and I can barely catch up. Plans tonight are so chaotic, I don't even feel like leaving the house. I plan on doing a bit of party-hopping and try to at least see everyone near or at midnight. I'll be very surprised if I'm still awake at midnight. I shall carry two cameras tonight so at least someone else can capture my start of year 2006 (passed out on a couch, but as long as there's a glass of bubbly in my hand and I look fabulous, I'll be happy). If I don't end up playing poker tonight, I won't be too upset.

Yes!! I think the mailman's at the door with my new Melie Bianco purse! WOOT. 2006 is starting off great.


Thursday, December 29, 2005

The limit's been reached

Wow, I spent under $20 at Vaughan Mills. That is truly some self-control right there, people. Right now I'm so loaded on Starbucks Frappucino, I don't think I'll be able to sleep tonight (but thanks for assisting the barista, Brandon!). I think I've truly reached the capacity of stuff I can possibly have -- for now.

The second week of my winter break is drawing near, what have I achieved? The year 2005 is drawing near, what have I achieved?! I guess there wasn't alot for me to "achieve" besides pass all my classes in school. Done and done. Now what do I want to achieve next year. I should set some realistic goals from myself, make myself more inspired about life.

I guess one thing I'd like to achieve is to work towards my independency. I'm in my 20's now (OH MY GOD) and I'm unemployed and uninspired. There. That's a start for a goal: starting from nothing. I guess my first goal would be to get a job, preferably at a law office, since I'll be starting my internship in the summer and might as well start as soon as possible. Need to get some funds in the ol' bank account. I've actually started by making copies of my resume. They've been sitting in a folder for a month now...

Once I've achieved that goal, I'd like to get my own place. I'm always complaining I need my own space and I always daydream about having a place of my own for my own stuff. Of course this goal can only be achieved until I get a job, hold it, and save up enough. I don't think I'll take the roommate route, since I've shared a room with someone my whole life. Time to turn over a new leaf. Hmm, this is gonna be hard.

As for personal goals, I'd like to step out of my social circle more and just take in life as it is all by myself and take hold of my own perspective. I've noticed this year that I'm quite naive and I'm always being contradicted, so I'm beginning to think my point of view may be seen by me and only me (it's frustrating because I always want to be right and whatever I believe is just) and there may be something wrong about that. I've learned alot from my friends, my oh-so-smart friends, but I should take a few moments by myself and learn things on my own. And whenever I get lonely, I would only hope my friends will still be around, instead of abandoning me because I'm not gonna be around that much. I probably will lose a couple but at least I'll know who my real friends are. Some people change, but that doesn't mean the relationship has to, right?

Hmm... my new year's resolutions are kinda lame, but I can't really think of anything else I need to "change or improve on". I'm perfect. Ha. But seriously, for realistic resolutions it should be other people who make suggestions on what you need to improve on because they're not blinded by your ego. So, I'm opening it up to everyone to make some "constructive" suggestions ("you need bigger boobs and be taller" is not constructive).

K, I feel like cleaning and organizing. Lates

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Time Well-Wasted?

I recently came across this article and it instantly brought back memories of me in highschool (because that is exactly how juvenile this Paris Hater party would be if this rumour is actually true) when at one time in my youth I, too, plotted out a party to celebrate my hateration of a certain someone. Yeah, can you believe it? I was actually a bitch back then. Ha.

But alas, I've grown and I've matured. Still have that hateration towards that certain someone, but I've learned to be a bigger person and realized there are better things to do with my time. It's such a coincidence that I came across the article exactly one month to my 22nd birthday and I remember that particular point in my life when I was as juvenile as that. I can actually say "at one time in my youth" as if "my youth" was another era. It sorta is, because as I'm entering (er, still in?) my 20's, I have to start letting go of my past life and focus on my future. Such a Hallmark thing for me to say, eh?

The other day I went through my box of letters and journals that I kept throughout my childhood and adolescence. Yes, I still keep them. I kept every single one of them. Why? Because I have an awful memory and I want to remember my good memories. And it's a good thing I wrote things down, otherwise I would've totally forgot about certain mementous moments and laughable experiences.

And now you know why I document my life in pictures these days, because in two weeks I'll forget everything I want to remember. You guys scoff at me now, but wait and see in 10 years when you'll really wish you had that picture "from the time we all skinny-dipped in the lake"<-- that has yet to happen, but you'd sure like to have a copy of that, wouldn't you?

I found this wonderful website and I'm randomly typing in videos I used to have but don't have anymore. I think some of you (precisely, 4 or 6 of you) will appreciate this. I watch this and I'm thankful we just choreographed our own dances after that one, eh ChinKL? Remember how we really wanted fans so that our hair would blow like theirs did? Haha, we were so lame but I loved every moment.

Okay, enough living in the past. Time to live in my present.

Edited to add: the VIDEO

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Oh yes!... way-ayy-ayyy

So I went shopping again today. This time I went to Markham where I picked up a tangerine orange pleated skirt from Club Monaco and a couple ridiculously low-priced accessories. God-bless Boxing Day.

Also hit up Pacific Mall, where I always seem to find something that amuses me. It's just as well that most of the signs are written in Chinese, because I don't understand their "Engrish" either. I bought a big box to put my fabrics in and this was the label on the box, called "Multi Box":

"Arrangment order of room. The thing with a big small thing is additionally the best choice in the size."


That's some sound advice, people. If someone can decipher that, please let me know. In the meantime, I should submit this to

The Real Christmas: Boxing Day

It's 12 noon and I'm sooo tired. I didn't think I would be worn out from about 7 hours of shopping, really. Probably would've been more if they didn't start kicking us out of stores and stuff. I went to Heartland, so that's probably why shopping took so long. Half that time scooting around the parking lot trying to get through all the blocks of the shopping area. Made out pretty well, though. I just dropped about $100. The loot:

We made a game of our goodies to see who made out the best. Kathy won with 16 items and about $100.

Off to more looting~!

Sunday, December 25, 2005

O Rly? Waterloo-Chicopee trip in pictures

We're such photo whores...
Road trip!
What didn't we do on the trip? My gift to Alex: Truth or Dare Jenga...

^Girl on girl action...eskimo kissing

^Aww, a romantic moment with a broom

^Man on man action, my favourite kind: the Russian kind


^Man on man and male competition? *drool

^Oh, Alex. Just wait for someone to answer the door...

And the moment we were all waiting for... Chicopee!

Chicopee was quite nice. I really liked it there. Wasn't too crowded when we got there, which was around 2 pm. They've got a lot of runs, from beginners straight to the most difficult. I attempted one of the "most difficult" hills. It was good. Nam and Yuri took quite bad falls from what I heard. In fact I think most of us did, since half of us were newbies. Aches and all, we all had a good time.

Christmas to me, is the most romantic holiday of the year (Valentine's is just lame). But Boyfriend or no boyfriend, I'm not feeling lonely at all this Christmas. ^_^ Ya, rly.

^The last day: attempting to finish all the food

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Annual Xmas Dinner @ Dev's

Woot. My trip wasn't ruined by me failing any classes this semester. I actually checked my grades from Waterloo and to my surprise, I actually made the Honour Roll again this semester. *whew but it was a close one. Gotta get my act together...
The party did not end in Waterloo. Straight from Waterloo, we went to Dev's where he made us his famous cajun friend rice... Mmmm....

^haha, Nam couldn't take the spice and had to strip

After dinner, the fun really began... gingerbread men and women!

^Making hair: Mmm.. dun that look good?

So everyone pulled names and had to make that person as a gingerbread person...

^Can you guess who's who?

Happy Everything, everyone!

Home Sweet Home

I must admit, it feels good to be home. Don't get me wrong, I love staying up ALL NIGHT with friends just chilling and not having to worry about going home. But it feels great to have a bed all to myself and not having to sleep stick straight.

I feel like I've been away from home for a week, but it was only three days. Coming home makes me wonder how much stuff I need to do, but I don't have anything to do! One week of Christmas break has gone by. Two more to go!

Finally left Waterloo at about 6. Man, it took so long to get everyone up and moving. Packing and cleaning was not so fun either. We went to Dev's for our annual Christmas dinner. Mmm, cajun fried rice. I could've eaten bowls and bowls more. Perhaps the key to getting people to want more is not to make so much. Hehe.

Got home around an hour ago. I so don't feel like unpacking right now. No idea where my camera is but I shall upload them tomorrow once I've settled. One thing I hate about going away is that I don't travel light, so my stuff is probably floating around people's cars and homes.

Anyway, I just want to say a big thank you to everyone who came and hopefully had a good time. I'm terribly sorry for my bitchy army sargeant behaviour at times, but really, you people should come to expect and tolerate it. I bitch because I love. Haha. Sometimes I can go into spazzes where everything and everyone irritates me. Just gimme a good 30 minutes to cool off and I'll be reasonably tolerable.

Alright time to hit the hay. G'nite.

Thursday, December 22, 2005


What a night. I was sandwiched between two people (Nam and Iljya). Woke up this morning to discover that Iljya didn't wear underwear and he wore nothing but Kathy's paper-thin pajama pants. I'm gonna sleep on the roof tonight. At least those pajama pants were a buffer. I love you, Iljya, you sexy animal

From the "Tropics" of Waterloo...

Hey. It's the total opposite of tropical weather here, which is great. It took us five hours to pack up, shop and finally leave Mississauga, but goddamit, we made it. What I have discovered so far:
  • Dorm life is gross. Like, really. I am going to nix the idea of ever living with a roommate I don't know because for all I know they could be drugged out people who don't do the dishes, leave marijuana paraphonelia (sp? i'm drunk) out, don't take out the garbage and have parties when I have exams. Instead, I will screen my next roommates, even if they're friends. I'm not too hard to live with, but all I ask is you just wipe down the table every once in awhile. I'm leaning towards the option of just living by myself, in a high-security area, just easier.
  • Amaretto + Coke = yummy! I had a whole thermos full. I am not sober.
  • I thought packing for a ski trip would be lighter than camping. So wrong. Five snowboards + two cars + seven people (one on the verge of puking), you do the math.
  • Dorm life is gross.
  • No one reads my emails!! C'mon people! I made a detailed email with the itinerary and even info on the ski place we're going to, and people still have the nerve to ask me questions that have already been answered! <-- haha I sound like a bitch, but it is frustrating when you put a lot of thought into something and people just "skimmed" it (stupid, Alex). Oh well. Lesson learned, I suppose but I know I will just do the same thing again.
Since we've been here, the guys went midnight-boarding, I did some cooking, we played Cranium, we played Jenga Truth or Dare (hilarious pictures soon to come) and I've just sat around watching TV for hours.

We all want to wake up in the morning to hit the slopes early. But alas, it's 3:00 in the morning and some people are playing poker, watching The Daily Show and I am blogging. I'm a lil dismayed that I left my USB port for my digital cam at home, because I would upload pictures. Oh well. That will have to wait.

I'm wide-awake right now. I know I should go to sleep because I will end up going down the hill face-first on my stomach tomorrow from lack of sleep. Everyone's like "yeah, let's go at 8:30 in the morning!" but I know I'm going to be the one trying to get everyone up by noon. BAH.

Alright, I gotta go pee for the millionth time tonight. *sigh.

Wish you were here!

Sunday, December 18, 2005

The Long-Awaited Winter Workout; Time Flies

So I went snowboarding for the first time this winter. Time to get those muscles toned this winter. Gotta get from flab to fab now.

After finally dragging Nam out of bed around noonish today, we hit the slopes with Sarah. I must say, Nam, you're not bad for a beginner. Just practice carving the snow when you turn and find your centre of balance. It was a good first try today, and we'll definitely get a good night sleep tonight. I just hope I can get out of bed tomorrow because I want to go downtown. Sample sale, anyone?

Two more days till the ski trip and there's so much I need to do in such little time since I won't have time to do it when I come back because it'll be Christmas Eve by then. Funny how I thought I had a lot of time. Girl, you need to look at your calendar more carefully. And the more I do check out my calendar, the more I realize how little time I have for anything.

Geez, time does fly by. I haven't even finished putting together my scrap book from 6 months ago!! Ugh, I think time flies by because I let so many things I need to do accumulate and then I realize when I have time how much stuff there is to do in so little time. That's what makes time fly: not having fun; but it's procrastinating.

Kinda sucks that people still have exams, though. I wish everyone finished at the same time. But alas, it's not highschool anymore. Just gotta find stuff to do on my own in the meantime...

Saturday, December 17, 2005


A fantastic end to a semi-fantastic semester. I say semi because I think I'd have liked the semester more if I were more confident about how I did on the exams this week. *sigh. Oh well. Not much that I can do now, I suppose, but wait for grades to come out in a week or two.

Went out for lunch with April, then went shopping. Found some FABULOUS Coach Solaris boots with a rabbit trim for just $200! I'm really contemplating it though. I really want boots that won't get my feet wet (stupid Uggs), yet will keep my toes warm (like my lovely Uggs in non-wet weather). Dunno if I can justify $200 on yet another pair of boots this year (not to mention the shoes I've got that I don't even wear as often as I would with boots). What do you think?

Yeah, don't mind the look on my face. That's just the look of a haggard person who just finished her final exam. I put the boots on hold for a day, just to see how badly I want them. Needless to say I didn't think too much about them tonight, so... *shrug. Made off with some equally fabulous gold running shoes for $8 bucks, though.

After shopping, I went to Vicki's for Mariusz's birthday. Had some fun with Mario Party and had way too much food (but so good, bubs!). And then AFTER that, me and Sarah hit Republik.

Why I agreed to go to another rock club? I dunno, but they did have a hip hop room which I was ever so grateful for and spent about half the time in there. Even danced on stage. Even got Sarah to dance on stage! That was fun. Kinda wish I could've stayed in there longer, but alas, it's a hip hop room on a rock night, so what can I say?

I've also noticed that going to rock music nights at clubs isn't entirely bad. It's kinda entertaining just standing there and people-watching. Not to pass judgment... but okay. The place is the place for people to go who CAN'T DANCE. It's the perfect place, because, well you can't really have a certain dance movement beside thrusting your head (or hair?) from side to side, to and fro to the fast-paced rhythm, or jumping up and down and bumping into people. You can't really be a "bad dancer" there! Which is nice because at least you know everyone's having a good time even if they can't dance, but they love the crowd and the music.

I witnessed a couple of interesting people. One to note, this insanely skinny brown man with a waist to die for did a lil sexy dance for me (to show me he could sexy dance) and I was a little in awe because he shook his hips better than any woman I've ever seen! Could've easily been gay, but I later saw him grinding up on some woman (dancing better than her, of course) so I'm just gonna assume he's one of those over-metrosexed gino guys. Interesting. Wish I got his number, could've learned a thing or two from him.

Came home a lil earlier than usual, but that was good because PMS has started at an ever so bad timing and my head has been throbbing all day (but oddly enough didn't hurt at all when I was in the club) and I've been popping the Extra Strength Tylenol like candy all day.

Alright, I'm going to go to bed and hopefully regain some of my hearing.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Do you prefer to GIVE or RECEIVE?

One... more... exam... to go!

Yeah, I really should go study but I'm feeling a lil lazy now. Perhaps I'll go in a bit. I feel like I haven't written in awhile and it's about due time for an entry.

So what have I been up to? Well, exams but I'm sure everyone is "up to" that. You can tell by reading just about everyone's MSN names.

I've also busied myself a lil with my mini-ski trip next week. Can't wait! Besides boarding, I really want to do some tobagonning as well. Maybe we'll do it on that little incline just outside Kathy's house. Hahaha, straight onto the street! I also can't wait to do a lil cooking for everyone and going to Dev's for Christmas dinner. Which reminds me, I need to finish everyone's gifts by next week. My sewing machine has been on the putz lately and I just figured out today that my machine was messing up because I put the needle in wrong. D'oh >_<

I really hope everyone likes my gifts. Or at least appreciate them. I have this thing about trying to get people gifts that show I'm listening to what they like and not just randomly running through the mall and picking up the first thing (or last thing, depending on how long I've been shopping) I find that I think that person will remotely not dislike. Alot of people get gifts that also reflect themselves, as the giver. It's hard, but I think that's appropriate seeing that you're the one giving the damn thing.

As for the receivers, I know how some people get with stuff they get, picky about colour, picky about value, picky picky picky. And I know noone really expects my gifts to 'turn out' (but I am grateful for those who at least have faith in me) because they will be homemade and noone sees me as a "domestic". Oh well. I guess the gifts will either make or break that assumption. Or I could take on this one girl's attitude I saw on TV, "If you don't like it, appreciate that I actually got you something this year or I won't get you anything next year". I think it's funny how people perceive the gifts they receive. I personally know some people who appreciate the thought, but I also know people who considers the value of the gift to determine what that person thinks of them. I won't name names, but you know who y'all are, and alot of you aren't ashamed to admit it. And you know what? That's okay. I think it's justified to think like that because not everyone should just appreciate the "thought". To some, value = thought. It doesn't make them a bad person at all. That's likely what they're used to, how they were raised or common in their culture. If someone doesn't put a lot of thought into a gift, it is pretty insulting. I guess it varies between people how people should represent "thought". Yeah, it is hard to shop for those people. The solution? Homemade gifts. Ha!

What's my definition of "thought"? A thought is not a feeling of obligation that you have to get someone a gift. I think that is proabably the worst "thought" of all because it doesn't necessarily mean you want to give the gift, but that you have to. I think alot of people are guilty of it. I admit I'm guilty of that as well. Sometimes.

So as the close of the year nears us, perhaps we should stop and think about why we give gifts around this time of year. Without getting into the history of gift-giving around Christmas, I personally believe it is like the snowy version of Thanksgiving. We give gifts to show our appreciation to a certain person for being a good friend, driver, postman, lover, whatever and be thankful to them for being there. Whether it's desgner label glove or a very fruity coloured Christmas sweater, we should give gifts to show someone how we feel, and not just because we feel the obligation to burn a hole in our wallets.

P.S. Yeah, it's already been brought to my attention that I tend to analyze things too much and ask too many "useless" questions. So how 'bout this entry never existed and I'm going to go prepare for my final exam?

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Mullet'd, continued.

Well today I actually dared to actually style my hair as intended, without hats and without bobby pins. I think my hair has calmed down. Bangs are still a little short but I managed to solve that by taking some longer pieces and putting them over the shorter parts to make look not so short. Ha.

I attempted to take some pics but... the pictures don't really do it justice, in my opinion. So I'm not gonna post them. I'll probably post some pics in the future but I don't really feel like it today. But I really like my new coif. I guess I'm not having a very photogenic day.

But I'm not too bummed. There are worst photogenic days...

I'm way too lazy right now to look for his outfit from this picture, but I think this picture is just enough for one night, oui? *tosses Rodman a tube of my eyelash glue

Monday, December 12, 2005


Yeah, the weather and studying can bring out the worst in me... the FASHION worst of me. For the past week I've been lookin' like an average college student: unkempt hair, sweats, frumpy sweaters, no jewellery, BACKPACK, runny nose... Well, the last one is just me, but it might as well apply to everyone nowadays, right?

It's a wonder how I still make the effort to even put makeup on before I leave the house. And to thwart the boredom that is studying, I keep noshing on junkfood. More specifically, Sour Patch Kids, which are oh-so-addictive but oh-so->_< for the health. I actually have a stomachache from eating too much now. And my tongue is chaffed from sucking too hard. That's right. You heard me.

On top of exams, I'm pressured for time to pick out an elective class for next semester. I have a choice between two: Citylife or Power. I really want to take Citylife because the subject does interest me. However it's being conducted by a professor I had before and although he's easy on the eyes, he's not an easy marker. Plus, the course calls for someone with strong reading and writing skills. I enjoy reading and writing, but I don't know if my reading and writing will be cut out for this class, especially with this teacher. That is the only thing that's holding me back from making a decision. For now, I signed up for Power (so chill, Sarah!) but I think I will call the program coordinator and talk to him about this...yeah I know, I'm giving this way too much thought than I should but I really have my heart set on Citylife. I just don't know if I want to risk my academic standing for a GenEd course. What do you think? CITY LIFE

As a result of their magnetic attraction, cities concentrate people, money and power so that now three out of four North Americans live within their confines. What began as the natural growth of settlements around agriculture evolved into regional market towns that have now been further transformed into spaces where millions live and struggle and work and play. The city intensifies our focus, making possible both the best and the worst of human activity. The best health care, the most vital and competitive markets, the greatest diversity of human culture and the most sophisticated knowledge in science and the arts co-exist with the most appalling corruption, crime, ignorance, violence and homelessness. This course examines how it feels to live in cities as well as how different cities afford different experiences among their citizens. As well, this course explores how the city is both a response to, and an actor in, fundamental economic and political factors that can have a global reach. Sociological theory provides students with a solid foundation in university-level sociology as well as a perspective from which to view the theme of the city and the issues it raises, such as culture, class, stratification, race, ethnicity, gender and deviance.

POWER: AN INTRODUCTORY ANALYSIS In the first part of this course we examined various definitions of power. In this section, we look at questions of legitimacy. Under what circumstances should power be exercised? Does power encompass violence? What limits should be placed upon the use of power? We will investigate underlying issues including the relation between power, truth and knowledge, the justification of violence, the formation of communities, the ascription of rights, and the meaning of the term justice. Students will be asked to employ the theories and concepts studies in the analysis of contemporary case studies.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Kristin Davis, how do you never age?

Does anyone remember her from way back when, when she played that psycho bitch (well, one of those psycho bitches) on Melrose Place? Damn, I miss that show. I remembered she was obsessed with Billy and I think she died?

I've seen her around TV, like on Seinfeld, but I didn't really get to see-see her until she became Charlotte on Sex and the City. I've been watching reruns just about everyday and I've realized that this is the only white woman I've seen that doesn't seem to age. I mean, wasn't Melrose on, like a decade ago? She looks the exact same as I remembered her! (I guess I can throw in Heather Locklear into that ageless white woman category) From Melrose to Sex to now:

On another note...

I need this!

Something weird brewing at Second Cup

No more Second Cup lattes for me. They put something in their drinks, something more than caffeine, that messes with my body somehow. My hand was shaking in class, yet I was still dead tired. And then last night I went to bed at around 1 am and then I was wide awake at 4. I had to wake up at again at 6:30 so I tried to get back to sleep so I wouldn't be exhausted today but I didn't actually fall back asleep until 6. *sigh. I'm sticking to the vanilla bean hot chocolates, no more Second Cup coffee for me.

So this morning I was sitting in the computer lab and I observed a couple of girls being pretty rude to this seemingly friendly guy, just trying to have a chat with them and socialize. I honestly can't help but feel terrible for guys who just put themselves out there and then get shot down in the most mortifiying way (this was mortifiying because I was witnessing it). Not that I don't turn guys down, but there is a more humane way than talking rather loudly and bitchy. This is why most guys, most good guys, are reluctant to ask girls, like me, out. But it's not about that right now.

Back to the poor guy in the computer lab. He seemed like one of those guys who try to fit in, try to socialize and basically, try to establish some sort of life. Kind of like those guys who'd keep to themselves (or their own small social circle) in highschool, waiting for someone to invite them into the bigger social circle. And then they try and make up for their lack of socializing in highschool by taking initiative in college when they realize how independent they are. Sad to say, the girls (and some guys) in college are the same as they were in highschool. Because I felt horribly for that guy, I started to wonder, do lonely people know why they're lonely?

I really don't know how to answer that question. It's one of those chicken-egg things where you question whether the guy is lonely because he doesn't try to be social, or because people just don't give a damn about him. And I suppose it could be argued either way and other ways.

And I'm not talking in terms of "oh, I wish I had a boyfriend/girlfriend, I'm so lonely. I'm going to die alone! Woe is me!". I'm talking about someone with noone they can consider a real friend, besides classmates who they acquaint them self with at school. And I'm not talking about "geeks" and "dorks", because even geeks and dorks have their circle of geeky, dorky friends and they do still do stuff together. I'm talking about someone who has noone to hang around with besides family. Is it by choice, or fate? Or was it originally choice, and later they couldn't figure out how to socialize?

This entry serves no purpose really, and I don't think I have an opinion yet about this. I need to learn more about this. I think I just feel really bad for that one guy, that little engine that would. And yes, it's not fair for me to judge a stranger and call him lonely. But you just had to hear this guy trying to converse with these girls. Perhaps he just put himself too much "out there", leaving little to the imagination and lacking coyness. Why didn't I just go up and talk to him, you might ask? This is not about me making friends with him to make me feel better about the situation. Just trying to put myself in someone else's shoes and figuring out the what/why/hows...

...Fuck, I really think the Second Cup caffeine is messing with my head!

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Mullet'd... to be continued

Ola. Didn't go to class today because it was all presentations and I was one of the lucky ones to go on the first day (two weeks ago) and I really didn't feel like waking up for the 8 am class and sit there for 2.5 pointless hours.

SO, I finally got my hair 'did' this morning and then went to the library for some studying. The hair turned out okay, of course, not as good as the pictures I showed her (because, when does it ever turn out exactly like the picture?). Gonna wait a good two weeks or so for my hair to get out of the o_o phase and perhaps I'll take pics and compare. The bangs are way too short, but that's to be expected because I don't think anyone ever learns that when you cut bangs, you should cut them longer than you actually want them because they will bounce back up. And never cut them wet. Well, this is what I get for going to a small Asian salon in Mississauga (but I've been going there for like, 10 years and I just don't learn). For now, bobby pins are my new favourite accessory.

I really wanted to go to a sample sale today since I had a whole day to myself, but alas, I woke up too late from watching a bunch of late night TV (did you know they played Friends and Sex and the City at 11:00?). Boo. Perhaps this weekend.

Tomorrow I'm meeting Sarah for breakfast and I have to beat her to the restaurant! So, good night!

Monday, December 05, 2005


I think one of my "crushes" from the bus has found me on


Okay, I'm quitting the internet for awhile...

Sunday, December 04, 2005

And thus the pandemonium begins...

The Christmas shopping. The assignments due before exams. The gotta-gotta-study for exams. Okay, perhaps they're not "pandemoniums". The pressure of all of them can very well add up to maybe something a lil less pressured than a "pandemonium". More like a "hubbub", because after all, we did see this coming.

I went to the library today to get a "headstart" on some studying. I say headstart with a little mockery, especially after realizing that probably everyone had the same idea as me as the library was packed. I could not find one solitary quiet corner of the library. I settled for sitting next to a huge bay window, which was a very bad idea because everytime I sit near a window I tend to gaze outside and daydream. And daydream I did.

I was in plain view of the skating rink across the street, in front of city hall. *sigh. Along with the snow falling and the bustle of people outside, I really really really wanted to be outside skating. Today would've been perfect, too. It wasn't too cold that it was a suitable no-need-for-two-pants day, yet cold enough to just want to hold on to someone (or something, haha) while skating around that teeny rink.

I think my efforts to study were all in vain. Which was a shame, really. You would think reading about "Sex, Contraception and Sexual Conceptions" would at least hold my attention for more than 15 minutes.

Went to Square One to pick up some art supplies and wish I didn't even go in. The mall was packed. People everywhere, shopping bags flying and me, swerving between annoying people who walk too slow. The worst are the ones who are walking at a good pace where I'm following right behind them and then they stop suddenly to either look at something or for some other nonesensical reason. People in crowded malls ought to travel as if they were cars on a highway or road. Pull off to the 'shoulder' (i.e. towards the store) if you need to stop, don't stop in your tracks, otherwise I will be huffing by you trying to swerve out of the way and you might, just might, feel the wrath of my big purse knocking into you. And you should know people are behind you so keep up some sort of consistent pace! Ugh!

A little shopping etiquette tip brought to you by me.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Happy Birthday, Paul!

...and so continues the birthday saga that is these past few weeks.

Went to korean bbq last night at Korean Barbeque Grill House. Loved it. I haven't had korean bbq in a long time so it was a good reason to go out last night. Another reason to like going to Krn Bbq G-house: the bartenders suck. As in, they don't make the drinks properly and end up putting too much alcohol in the drinks. Ha.

Anyway, after eating what seemed like a whole cow and chicken, we made our way to O'Grady's Pub. I recall drinking about 3 drinks last night. And I recall meeting some of Paul's UofT friends who were thankfully not as dorky as Paul. Only a handful of names come to my head but oh well. Even sober I have a hard time remembering names.

Thankfully I didn't wake up with a hangover and I wasn't too drunk as I would normally be wasted after 3 drinks thanks to eating all that meat at the restaurant.

All in all it was a great evening out. The last one before I head into obsessive-nerd mode to prepare for exams coming up in two weeks. This time the exams are all in one week, one after the other so I really have to get my ass into gear, including finishing all these assignments due before exams. Agh.

Speaking of which, I should go start preparing for my cross-examination that was to be "finished" yesterday.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Looking for a piece of shit movie. No, seriously.

Aww, isn't that cute? Leave it to the Asians to make a piece of shit look awfully adorable. Haha, get it? Awfully adorable. Because it's a piece of shit, and it's cute? I'm a comedian in my own mind.

Anyways, after reading this article, I now want to look for and watch this movie. A kids' movie starring shit! Who'da thunk it?! I love you, Haywood for introducing this to me. I haven't seen the movie yet, but I'd definitely show this to my kids (if, of course, they don't actually use the word "shit" in the movie).

What an ingenious way of showing kids that even the worst piece of shits in this world , both human and fecal, have feelings too.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

My Big Entry of Grievances

It’s a pity how I’ve somehow lost my drive to excel at school.  I’m not usually a big procrastinator but somehow I’ve managed to leave quite a few things to the utmost last evening before a due date.  I hate it when this happens to me because it leads me to give empty promises (“I’ll have it done for you tomorrow”) and rushing everything.  Usually I at least start a week before the due date, but my head’s been in a tailspin lately.  I’ve lost my stamina to even try at anything anymore.  Right now I’m in the “as long as I get by” mood, which sucks what with one and half weeks of school left.  Someone needs to mentally and physically push me towards December 16 because I feel like I’m slowing down while everything else is pulling ahead of me.

A few disgruntling observances from the past few days that I need to get off my chest:
  • This woman with a carriage was trying to get on the bus, which happened to be the old one where you need to climb steps to get on the bus.  Noone would help this woman with her carriage to get on the bus.  Not even the bus driver! “If I hurt my back, I don’t get paid!  This isn’t part of my job” he explained, as he reluctantly got out of his seat to take part in the “back-breaking” task.  To top it off, the people on the bus were laughing at this woman when she couldn’t get the carriage on herself.  I would’ve helped, but I was sitting window-seat next to one of the laughing assholes.  Altruism is truly rare nowadays.

  • School kids who feel the need to take up a two-seater by propping their feet up on a full bus need to be tossed off the bus.  You didn’t pay for two seats; you paid for at most, one.  Non-punkass teenagers are truly rare nowadays.

  • Uggs are not meant for trudging through water.  Just snow.

  • Is really strong body odour transferable?  I sat behind this woman with awful body odour (this isn’t an ethnic issue, definitely a hygienic thing) and when I couldn’t take the smell anymore, I moved.  But I could still smell her.  I finally got off the bus, and I could still smell her.  I smelled her on the subway.  I smelled her on another bus.  I smelled her in class. WTF!  I wonder if her smell was just stuck on me or if it was the memory of her I “smelled”.

  • I hate it when people don’t keep their word.  I mean, really hate it.  Those who have crossed me with their unreliability have experienced my wrath.  Don’t let it happen to the rest of you.

  • I think one of my professors is randomly marking papers.  He gave my friend a low mark.  When she asked him what she did wrong, he admitted he didn’t know why he gave her that mark and that she did very well and then gave her a higher mark.  Huh?!  It really irks me that he’s doing this and I don’t think there’s much I can do (even though I also returned my paper and got a higher mark too, but what about my others?).

Hmm, I wonder why I’m complaining more than usual.  Must be that time of month.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

I Came to Play

I can't decide if I like Natalise's new album. Her sound seems to have changed from her last album, which was poppish/dance. Her second album seems kinda tongue-in-cheek and rock-inspired.

As much as I think it'd be cool for more Asian musicians to make it big here in North America, I listen to Asian-American musicians like Natalise and I can kinda see why alot of them are 'underground'.

I have a love-hate thing with Natalise here. At first, she looks like a typical Asian import model. Nothing against import models or anything but sometimes they're just too much. Too much makeup, too much blonde, too much of too little clothes. And their voices. Ugh. Check out her latest vid (there's even some lesbianism going on!). Her speaking voice is sooo irritating.

But I also can't help but like her music, although I still don't know if I like her lyrics. Her voice is alright, nothing spectacular, just something I'd expect from a girl like her. I'm glad she didn't fall into pop music, like she was advised to. And I guess she is pretty, in an Asian girl sorta way. But she does have a nice body, attributed from the dancing I expect. I'm sitting on the fence about her new 'image'.

It's interesting how the image of Asian-American musicians is different from Asian-Asian musicians. I would never imagine innocent BoA wearing nothing but a fur stole around her neck and saying "get me off!". It's kinda sad how Natalise uses alot of sex, for whatever reason, to appeal to the Asia-philias out there. But I guess that's the only way to get things done around here, huh?

Milton is the land of the gold rings, but no Tim Horton's to be found.

I didn't do much this weekend. On Friday, I went to class for no reason. We were supposed to use the class to work with our groups (i.e. no lessons, waste of time). Since I had so much time on my hands I decided to finally going to Home Depot and find rings for purses I plan on making.

I hate Home Depot. Yeah, I can find everything I need there, but not without the aid of the experts in orange aprons who are either nowhere to be found or conveniently busy with someone else. The place is just so overwhelming. I could only find silver rings (not even the size I wanted, but I would have to settle), so I asked about spray-painting it gold (I really needed gold rings). Turns out I would have to sandpaper, prime and then I could spray paint it in this really cool paint that literally turns things to gold. Alot of damn work just to get gold rings but dammit I cannot settle for less. $15 later, I lugged two cans of spray paint home on the bus and I was satisfied that this was the only way to get gold rings because I checked just about everywhere else. Today I went with Dev to Milton to find a car at the car auction. While we were in Milton I was directed to this store called Ab$olute Dollar that has a good supply of craft goods...and I found gold rings...a bunch for $1! @$#&%~! Let's just say, I hope I can find my receipt from Home Depot.

Thanks to Dev for showing me the fantastic store that is Ab$olute Dollar. And a very special thanks to Davis for spending 3 hours with me looking for the rings when the whole time it was in Milton, of all desolate places. *sigh. That place has no sit-down Tim Horton's but they have gold rings. I hate how Fate works like that.

I made two purses this weekend. I'm really proud of one of them I made. For the longest time I wanted a bag just like the large Gucci Horsebit bag. I didn't want to pay a few hundred dollars, and I hate being a label-whore so I vowed to make my own. How hard could it be? A couple of sketches later, I came up with a pattern and set to work on it. I think sewing/designing is my new therapy. It distracts me from everything else and I'm forced to focus and use my brain on one thing. Plus my determination to finish a project in one sitting instead of putting it off keeps up my stamina.

I think I spent about two hours on it. The toughest part was putting in a zipper pocket on the inside. I hate working with zippers because they always seem to break my needles when I run over the teeth (which I guess I'm not supposed to do) and this time it took me a long time trying to avoid the teeth and getting it straight. Well, I gave up and it's kinda crooked, but what the hell, it's on the inside but it's still functional. The finished product: Let's compare...

Yeah mine looks alot 'saggier' than the actual Gucci one, but that's because their's is canvas and mine is this drapery-like material. I just liked style of the bag and the argyle pattern, except I foolishly forgot to realize that the diamonds should be running vertical, not horizontal. D'oh! I used an old grey leather belt for the handle, and those are the rings I got from Home Depot. I'm actually quite proud of it, though I am still annoyed about the way the argyle pattern is running. Bah well.

Friday, November 25, 2005

I Bid Adieu to You, and You, and You...

I had to bid farewell to some dear friends of mine. We had good times in the spring and summer, and now they have to leave. BUT at least they'll be back in about 6 months and I'll probably acquire new friends then. So that's okay, but still bittersweet.

I spent my evening pulling out my winter wardrobe and putting away my summer. Why now? Bored. And the snow outside is my signal that I can't keep the mini skirts hanging in my closet any longer.

Good bye short shorts. We had some good times and I can't wait till I see you again, thanks for the nicely tanned legs. So long strappy stiletto sandals, we'll do lunch al fresco in May? And farewell to my dear dresses, jerseys and bikinis. It won't be long till you'll be in my arms, my darlings.

Taking a glance at my inventory, I really wish I had my own space. I could really use it (and before anyone goes on a tangent about my "excess" amount of clothes, I assure you they are not being wasted. They're appreciated). I dream of the day for my own walk-in, shoe shelves and boutique-style racks and everything.

It seems that I'm at the age where taking the future into my own hands is a closer reality than it was 3 years ago. It's time to start putting things into perspective. Career stuff aside, where do I see myself in two years? I'll be around 24 (OMG!) and I definitely don't want to still be living in the house I grew up in.

Maybe I'll move on up, like the Jeffersons. "Up to that deluxe apartment in the skyyyyyyyyyy, we're movin' on up!"

Actually I doubt I'd want to live in an apartment. I've lived in a house my whole life. It's ground-level or nothing. Hahaha. Besides, I've heard many horror stories about living in an apartment. 5am fire alarms, cockroaches, the permanent smell of ethnic food in the hallway. What I really really want is just to buy my own house. Once you've purchased your own abode, you'll know you've made it (that, and owning an Hermes Birkin bag). I don't know much about investing or real estate but buying a house is where it's at!

How ridiculous would it be to convert one of the bedrooms into an Oprah-fantasy-like closet! *lightbulb goes on*

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Excess Food for Thought

I came across an interesting article today.

For anyone's who has eaten out with me, they know that I hate wasting food. I used to work at a hockey arena where I worked in the box suites, and I worked in a restaurant in the summer. It is so disgusting the amount of untouched food that is thrown out, seriously. This crime is usually caused by both the kitchen and the consumer. Shame on all of you!

Now, I don't want to get into the "kids in Africa" speech, but really. I think us North Americans have forgotten the meaning of food. We've grown to be so used to excess food that we don't even realize why we we eat. Are we eating to live, or living to eat?

This is probably the worst time of year where excess of waste is at its peak, and really saddens me. Sure, I could give to a charity to help the less fortunate, blah blah blah (but let's not get into my issue with charities), but I really don't think giving away my hard earned money to help a "supposedly" unfortunate family will make me feel better. In fact, I think I'd be a little more sad than before giving the money. I'd still feel so guilty that I have what maybe 90% of the world does not have: shelter, food, family, an education and a credit card.

So how am I going to do my 'part'?

Well, I don't think I'd take the "freegan" route. I mean, I give props to those who do it and stuff, but there has to be a more convenient (and less barbaric?) way to get food like that. Like, just asking the restaurant or grocery store for "wasted food" instead of waiting with the raccoons in an alley for the garbage run.

I look around myself and I see that I really do have too much stuff. Looking at my expenses, there are frivolous things that I can avoid buying that can turn into waste, like anything disposable or "one time use". Yes, I'm going to start advocating. In fact, I think this Christmas I'm going to wrap all my gifts in newspaper, and why not? Newspaper is recycled paper and I have plenty of it lying around. Wrapping paper is just paper with some fancy and meaningly patterns. Besides, by using newspaper, it'll keep in theme with my "homemade gifts" this year. I also encourage everyone else who is planning on giving me a gift, to either wrap it in newspaper or don't wrap it at all.

So this is how I'll do my part: instead of donating to a charity to help the less fortunate, I'm going to undonate to the most fortunate. My way of balancing out the universe, I guess.

Monday, November 21, 2005

This entry is nothing special...

...I'm just looking for something to distract me from an essay I should be working on.

Today was an 'eh' day, as in nothing special really happened and nothing bad happened either. Got up around at around 11, made a pizza, lala-ed around the house, went to Humber Law Association meeting and then class. Just an 'eh' day. I also 'test drove' that purse I made on the weekend. I think I'll test run it all week just to make sure that it is durable enough to give away. Day 1: it held two notebooks, a wallet, cd player, a pen and it didn't break. *whew.

Is it odd that I have two real-life crushes and I don't even know their names? They're both strangers from the bus, and those are the best types of strangers because you see them more than once every week. The first guy is this cute "quiet" Asian guy who I see on the bus to school. I say quiet because it seems like he would be. He's not hot in an obvious way but he's hot in a fobbish way. And with my luck, he likely doesn't speak English and is likely in the ESL program at school. Or likely I'm just prejudging. The other guy is an obviously hot Asian guy with a tattoo and bald head. Now, I usually hate tattoos because I never seem to find any that look good on anyone. But this guy happens to have a tattoo on his neck and it looks quite hot.

Will I ever act on these crushes? Hell, no. These are just the kind of crushes that make me look forward to taking the bus to school everyday. I don't think I'll ever get the balls to go up and strike up a convo with them or anything. "Hi, I like staring at you on the bus. Can I have your number?" (Although I'm pretty sure they're aware that I stare at them hardcore whenever I see them). No, I can't do that. Well, I can. I just won't. It's funny how I can't practice what I preach. I'm always lecturing girls to take action and ask the guy out because it's super sexy. I always brag that I'd ask a guy out if I really wanted to. And have I? No. Truth be told, I am a wuss like the rest of you gals (I can hear my credibility as a reliable source to go to for advice go down the toilet). But you can't really blame me, what with my track record of rejection and odd couplings (of which I will fleetingly not go into).

I think I also have too much pride. Although it's not totally a bad thing, especially in the legal field, but it has caused me to hold back from moving on from my last amour and I think it's even made me cynnical. Me, cynnical? Pah!

I guess what I'm trying to say is... I should really get back to writing my Ethics essay and stop wasting time ranting about my lack of balls (both metaphorically and man-wise).

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Happy Birthday, Sarah!

Man, November is the birthday month. Such a burden on the wallets around this time of year. hahhaa... Went to Ein-Stein last night. We orginally decided on O'Grady's and I was so looking forward to drunken karaoke. Unfortunately, their website decieved me. So we ended up at Ein-Stein. I'll let the pics speak for themselves...

^Now, was that necessary?

^Why is this called an 'Appetizer Platter' when it's clearly a meal?

^Crazy Face and Whitney

^Drink up...

^...and up!

And Justin found out my ears are pierced so he decided to have a lil fun with that: