Tuesday, March 21, 2006

We all gotta start somewhere...

Second day on the job: it was better than the first. At least I hope. The Boss took me into his office today and said that I sounded too nervous on the phone (he monitors all calls). Well, duh. I'm calling all these clients, not knowing why I'm calling them. But today I got the hang of it because they pretty much made me take all the calls. Yep, that's just me. I need to learn from mistakes in order to learn new things. I really hope I can pick up all these things I'm supposed to know fast, because apparently I'll be expected to work alone (gasp!), at night (double gasp!).

Honestly, this makes me a tad uneasy. Today I had a raging woman come in after dark, and I'm so glad I was working with someone and that this raging woman was a female. There's noone else in the office, who would I ask for help if I were alone? What if I'm alone in the office at night and I'm confronted by an assailant? Shit, I have no idea what I'd do. I mean, the place has video surveillance but what good does that do?

It's all part of the job, I guess. I just don't like that I'm put in a 'situation' where my ass can get robbed, raped or murdered. Perhaps I'll wait a week and if I still feel uncomfortable I'll talk to the Boss. For now, I guess this is what I have to do (suck it up and do the job) in order to move into a more desirable position where I'm not working at night. Working at night doesn't bother me entirely (I did it in the summer and worked later than I do now) but it's just the fact that I will work alone at night where people off the street can walk in and out makes my heart race.


There are two things in this world that I love that begin with the letter 'S': Shoes and Sex Sample Sales!

Yes, it's that time of year again. Alas, while I have a job and money coming in now, I lack the time to attend all the sample sales I'm notified of. So I will post a few sample sales that are happening in and out of Toronto. Got time and money? Spend and shop for me!

March 23-24 Shopping Addicts Sample Sale (SASS) For guys and girls, includes (guaranteed authentic) C&C California, Juicy, BCBG, Nicole Miller, Ben Sherman 360 Adelaide West (Sound Emporium) Downtown Toronto

March 23-April 2 Action Inventory Warehouse Sale Designer fragrances (D&G, Calvin Klein), Electronics (Sony, Panasonic) and skin care and make up from Italy, France and Canada. www.giantwarehousesale.com 173 Carrier Dr. Etobicoke

April 15-30th P&G (Proctor and Gamble?) Warehouse Sale same place as Action Warehouse Sale

April 15-30th Victorinox/Swiss Army Warehouse Sale (ooooh, I think I should check it out and get some equipment for portaging this summer!) same placeas Action Warehouse Sale


March 30-April 1 Designer Sample Sale 332 Richmond St. W

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