Sunday, September 30, 2007

White Night

I just want to make a special shoutout to my Le Chateau nude-coloured peep-toe 4-inch slingbacks. You rock my socks, which is an ironic thing to say since I wouldn't wear socks with these shoes.

Last night I went out for Ish's birthday. First we hit Alice Fazooli's, bitched about the food and then went to Yuk Yuk's. The comedians that night were OK. I sometimes feel sorry for comedians. They basically go up on stage in front of a bunch of strangers and bitch about their pathetic lives.

After that, we went to Crocodile Rock. Are all Croc Rocks aimed at 'cougars' and sugar daddys? I really thought it'd be different downtown than it is in the suburbs. After about half an hour, we had had enough and decided to join Mel and the Russians for Nuit Blanche. From what I understand, Nuit Blanche is an all-night, all-over-town art show.

We joined them as they were about to embark the CN Tower, which was perfect because Ish has never been up and neither have I. And it was free. Just perfect.

It's amazing that I've lived here my entire life and I have never been up the CN Tower (from what I can remember). To be honest, it wasn't as exciting as people think it should be. I'm not that afraid of heights, so it was just like looking over the balcony of a high-rise. Same ol' city light pollution, same ol' "hey, I can see my house!". Hm, I really do take a lot for granted.

After the CN Tower, we went to some Russian art exhibit. They set up some make-shift Saunas with tents and generators. It was pretty funny because I opened the door and all I saw was flesh and mostly men. Yeah, I'll go in that.

We walked around to other exhibits, including the ghost subway station, museums and street art exhibits. There were alot of people out which didn't make it seem like 4 or 5 am at all. I mean, even the clubbers were gone by 4.

We got home at like 6 am via the all-night Bloor Blue bus. It actually wasn't that bad and it was fun (minus the minor shoe-bitching and hanging off the guys because it was tough to walk towards the end).

It'll probably be awhile before I fully recover from last night. I don't think my feet will forgive me for awhile.

^I don't get Russian humour
^On the glass floor
^"Lil in a Box"
^Still don't get Russian Humour
^Alex terrorizing Toronto pigeons

Friday, September 28, 2007

Sub-Prime Monogamy

I haven't gone on a date in like, 10 years.

Wait, what constitutes a 'real date'? No sex? Yeah, I haven't gone on one in 10 years.

I finally broke that streak last weekend with a guy who I will vehemently dub as 'V'. No, not that dude from V for Vendetta, although I guess it might as well have been. See, it was kind of a blind date.

V runs his own business and drives a Jag. Although it's not something that attracted me at first, it didn't turn me off, either. Ha. He did the whole door-opening thing and other altruistic gestures which will no doubt die with time. I didn't realize guys still did that (or at least try to). Personally, I thought it was kinda lame. I thought chivalry was dead and buried and I wasn't entirely used to it. Yeah, what can I say, I'm cold.

However, I had a really good time and I'm sure we'll be seeing each other again soon. I can't really get into much about him, since there really isn't that much more to say.

Although, I will say this much: I think my bad Karma is lifting, as I have a date with someone else this weekend.

At this point, I'm not completely sure if it's 'okay' to be dating different people at one time, but I'm going to go with my gut feeling and say it is. I'm not one of those one-date-equals-monogamy kinda people. It's not official until someone declares it should be, and there is a mutual agreement and there may or may not have to be a contract signed (to sign away your independence!). Yeah, this is relationships according to me. Monogamy is sort of like signing up for a closed fixed rate mortgage: You gotta do your research and know what is out there before you sign that approval. In this case, your independence. If it's the best rate for you, go for it. I'd say I'm more like an open variable rate mortgage ('Open' being the operative word).

Do I sound like I'm afraid of Monogamy? To be honest, a little. I kinda do and I kinda don't trust myself to commit to the commitment. I do wonder if I can stay monogamous for even one night even (I've found that I'm really close to double-booking because of my schedule. I tell you, Monogamy is for the weak.).

Let's see how this works.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Superman that Hoooeeeeee!!

How many bands has that Travis Barker been in (beside Blink 41)? I always thought Travis Barker had a lil hip hop in him.

My first clue was when he did a cameo in a Dem Franchise Boys' video showing off the 26's on his Escalade and his grills.

My 5th clue is this:

If there's an mp3 version out there, hook. it. up.

And for those who want to learn to Crank That:


Saturday, September 22, 2007

Instant Karma Got Me

As many know, I'm not a religious person. In fact, I don't even really believe in it. But that's beside the point I want to make. Generally, I am not of one religion.

Which is weird because I'm a big believe in Karma. Not necessarily in the spiritual sense, though. 'Do unto others as you would have them do unto you' (or something like that). I believe that, and not just because Jesus said it (or whoever) but because it just makes sense! Also, believing in Karma allows me to have a reason for why bad things happen to good people, particularly me.

I think I've encountered some bad 'relationship Karma' recently.

Last night I went to Metro, not realizing that I was there about a month ago. Wow, my memory is either leaving me or I've really partied way too much (which explains the memory loss?). When we got there, I remembered that we were there, and I remembered how much the guys at Metro on this particular night were bad: bad dancers, bad personalities, bad dressers. Bad.

Let's rewind to a month ago: the last time we were there (also the fateful night I got my very first traffic ticket), a guy came up to me and started talking to me. He seemed nice and to be honest, I wasn't really looking at him because I generally don't. Usually guys will talk to me and leave, so what's the point in really paying attention to them? Anyway, I can't remember his name, where he's from or anything else really, except that he gave me his card. Needless to say, I was in possession of that card for about 5 minutes before it was ripped to shreds by a certain someone.

So last night, I could feel someone eyeing me. Not just in the 'checking out' sense, but in the 'burning holes in the back of my head' sense. I danced with Jonny because that's the thing to do in this place to get rid of unwanted attention (sorta). Someone gave me a lil pinch and I turned around and this guy said, "Hey, aren't you from Mississauga?". Whoa. I have fans already? Nice.


"You were supposed to call me."


(more incoherent talking)

I shrugged.

He left.

And then it hit me. It was the same guy who gave me his number last time. And in a better light, that guy was cute hot. Oh shit.

Guilt is one feeling that was settling into me. For the rest of the night, I actually kinda tried to find him again, but obviously couldn't (maybe because I could hardly remember what he looked like? DAMMIT!).

So there you have it. Karma is a bitch, ain't it? Yeah, it wasn't my fault that the number got ripped up (and I'm not mad at that certain someone, it's my fault for showing it to other people), but in reality I probably wouldn't have called at that time, anyway. That's probably worse. Or not really, at least I would've had his number and then call him after that second encounter. I could rationionalize that he probably gives out his card alot anyway, but then again, he remembered as much where I was from and even what I looked liked, and we briefly met a few weeks ago. Dammit.

Moral of the story: keep numbers you get and file them away because you never know when you'll get a second chance and get to see them in a better light.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Some Germenglish Music

I finally got a hold of Tokio Hotel's English album, Scream, and I am totally not disappointed. I wish I could share the link to the album with everyone, but unfortunately I didn't bother to save it after scouring dozens and dozens of foreign, mostly Russian, websites. I probably have a ton of spyware and downloaded questionable Russian porn (Russians doing it in a hotel room in Tokyo, anyone?) unbeknownst to me but it was worth it, dammit. So if you're interested, I'm willing to share (the album, not the spyware and porn).

I half expected myself to only enjoy the 'music' part of the album because I really anticipated some really awful 'Germenglish'. Oddly enough, it wasn't that bad. The lyrics aren't totally horrible either, considering they translated all the German lyrics almost to a tee so that the lyrics weren't lost in translation. Then again, I don't know German, so how would I know? They did change some of the music from the original German versions, but it still sounds decent. I give it to two "decent-rock-music-coming-from-a-hip-hop-lover" thumbs up.

And now, allow me to have a horny second to post some pics of Wentworth Miller at the airport (probably LAX).


Sunday, September 16, 2007

Makeover, Makeover, Makeover!

It's Sunday night. I wish tomorrow was Friday. I guess we can't all have our way.

The thing I hate about being in the 'working world' is that they seem go by so fast (because they do). I ran into a friend on Friday night at Shoppers (trying to get some change for Poker money) whom I had not seen for most of the summer. We were relegating on how she is back at school and how it is September and I'm just working. It hasn't really hit me that it feels weird not to be at school in September and it still hasn't really. I mostly hate that I yearn for the weekend every week day.

So on Friday, I played Poker, which was a change from watching movies or hanging out at Captains because I haven't played since my parents came home (and my house ceased from being the place to be on a Friday night). I recall picking up my first hand of the night and not being able to really consider whether an 8 and 9 off-suit was decent. It's definitely been awhile. By the way, I totally lost badly that night.

On Saturday, I did some condo-shopping and lunch in Yorkville with the girls. I really can't wait 'till I get my own digs, but I'm certain I don't want to live in a condo. My real estate expertise senses that they are one of the worst real estate investments.

After lunch we went to Holt's for a YSL makeover. I like having makeovers done because 1.) it's relaxing to just sit there and let someone fuss over you and 2.) I like to get another person's perspective on how I should look. It's not like a dictation, to me, but a suggestion. I welcomed it and I made note that I don't have to wear black liquid liner all the time. ;)

Later that night I went to Crocodile Rock for Sy's birthday. It was fun, despite the reputable 'cougars' that were crawling there. In a way, it was kinda nice to know that there are places for people 'of age' who can't really hit the hot clubs downtown. It's nice to know that there will be places like these for when I grow old and I'll have somewhere to boogie, even when my boobs are down to my knees. After a while we couldn't take anymore of those old hags hogging the dance floor, so we hit Tremendous.

This morning, I was woken by my mother telling me Alex was at my door at the ungodly hour of 11:50 A.M. Wha...? He's lucky that I at least got 5 hours of sleep, otherwise I would've slammed the door in his face. We went out for breakfast and played some tennis (I use the term 'play' loosely as I merely hit the ball around and made Alex chase them for literally 20 minutes and called it a day).

You could say I had a 'complete' weekend: Poker, partying, br/lunching with friends, played some sports. However, I still feel like I didn't do much. Weird, eh? Looks like I'm still in my summer-mode of finding something exciting and exhilarating to do. Any suggestions?

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Fashion Week, Fall, Football

FFffffffffffffffffffuck yeah.

This has to be one of my favourite times of year. Firstly, my favourite seasons are the 'transitional' ones: Spring and Fall. In the Spring, I can't wait to shed clothes and think about camping trips and the beach. In the Fall, oddly enough, I can't wait to put more clothes on (but not too much) and think about ski snowboard trips.

Secondly, Fashion Week, duh. In spirit of all this hoopla surrounding Fashion Week in New York, I purchased a look book, appropriately titled, Look. I think this is what they call a 'coffee-table' book. Regardless, it's a really interesting read, although I don't know if I'd call it a real read since the book is basically a collection of portraits of people attending fashion shows taken by photographer Timothy Greenfield-Sanders. Now, one might ask why I'd spend $30 on such a book. Well, for one, it was on sale. On the other hand, it's a really interesting view of people in the fashion industry, I think.

Yeah, I guess this the type of thing that would only interest me.

Thirdly, football season is upon us! Sure, I'm the most unlikely candidate to follow teams but I was walking through Champs today and just looking at posters of those football players made me a bit weak in the knees. Plus, I can't wait to start, or try to start, touch football with friends again.

Good things seem to start with the letter F, huh? Fashion Week, Fall, Football, Food, Fridays, Friends, Full House (in Poker), Four of a Kind (in Poker), Flush (in Poker), fishing, free stuff, fu...............nk music!

Oh yeah, and Ford. Tom Ford. And fuzz-free femmes! (NSFW BELOWWWWW!!!!)







































Thursday, September 06, 2007

Thursday Night: Fuck the What!

Goddammit. I'm so restless tonight (y'know, that type of restless)! I don't know what it is, but I have some pent-up energy and I have no way to exert it. This sucks. So many numbers to call from the The Little Black[Berry] Book and not a one available! How can that be?

OK, so on to the next hobby: fashion.

Yay yay. Alas, someone else who doesn't like Gwen Stefani and L.A.M.B. I'm glad I'm not the only one who didn't like her Spring '08 RTW collection. Reaffirms my taste? I'd say the New York Times will do.

OK, next hobby: weird Asian people.

We all know how I love reality shows ... not! I recently read about a new one coming in the Fall and it makes me smirk a lil. I don't get it: I have the same measurements as Ms. Tequila (I checked). How is it that I can't look like her... from the waist-down, at least (holy butterface. Batman!)? Konrad got a new car and he wants to show it off. I'm going to let him. Lates.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Wedding Crashers

The last weekend of the summer has come and gone. It feels like summer has really ended, not because of the start of the school year (a term of which I probably won't use for awhile), but because the weather has suddenly taken a turn for the cold.

I was half-hoping for a weekend getaway, like camping or something, but that didn't really happen. On Friday, I went out with a couple of the guys to see War. The movie sucked. That's it.

On Saturday, I decided I just really couldn't waste the day at home so I dragged Kathy and Mel to the mall where I dropped almost $200.00 at BCBG. Why? I dunno. Lately, I've been feeling a little restless with my wallet. BCBG was a good cure.

That night a bunch of us crashed a wedding. Well, not crashed per se, since we were expected to come. But it's not like we were mailed invites. We went to Megan's brother's wedding (one of her twin brothers who married a triplet, whose triplet is marrying Megan's other twin brother next year. Get it? Got it? Good.). It was a really great wedding, even though we were there for the last few hours of it. We came for the midnight buffet, open bar and dancing, and stayed for the hot (single?) guys and wedding brouhaha (i.e. bouquet toss and the herding of the single people). Nam and I took full advantage of the open bar and that was evident as I was quite drunk and Nam was most definitely wasted.

I don't even remember how I got home, although I do know that Mel drove. From what I could remember, though, was that I had a really good time. It's not everyday we all get dressed up and look good (at once). It was nice to have experienced that, even if I had to bitch at Alex to put on a dress shirt (but no tie) and beg Nam not to wear white running shoes with a red dress shirt, red tie and white pants. I know this might sound weird, but I think when you put someone in a formal setting with formal attire, a different side of that person comes out, like ... a formal side. For example, you probably wouldn't recognize me in a law office as you would in, oh say, a club. A side you don't see when you're normally with someone in a casual jeans-and-tee setting. Attitudes are suddenly adjusted and postures are suddenly changed. I dunno, I kinda like it. It helps me understand certain people because they become a different version of themselves under a certain light. After all, you can't merely be defined as the 'jeans and t-shirt guy', can you?

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Who's a Hottie, who's a Nottie?

I will admit, Jessica Alba is damn hot. In fact she was recently scientifically confirmed to be 'perfect' (and we all know how factual science is, so it's gotta be true). She looks good in everything, even in a paper bag, and especially without! It's really hard to believe that anyone could ever make her look bad...until now.

Wow, I actually found someone she could stand next to and have some serious competition all of a sudden: Lee Hyori. Amazing.