Monday, March 13, 2006

I Could Be a Winner!!

Check this out. This is the kinda case that'll give law enthusiasts an orgasm. If the teacher is the purchaser of the cup, is he still entitled it even though he threw it away? Should the girl who found the cup get the car or should it be the girl who unravelled it? Was this a three-way effort of winning the SUV? When this case is settled, this is the kinda precedent to make a law student foam at the mouth.

They should treat this as if it were three children fighting over a toy: NO ONE gets it!!

BTW, if you hear of anyone winning money or something equally big from a found cup from a trash can at the west-side of the platform at Islington Station on March 7, I want a DNA test done, pronto. In fact, do a DNA test on all the Tim Horton's cups at that station. LOL

I think I will cease buying Tim Horton's for awhile. I have a tendency to throw away un-rolled cups without thinking twice. The sheer wonderment of whether I won is enough angst to make me go insane.

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