Monday, July 31, 2006

Time heals all lonely wounds

It is 9: 53 pm and I am BAKING in this heat. Well, actually, there's no sun, so I guess I'm just poaching in this heat. It was yet another scorching, summer, humid day today. Definitely not a day for a walk in the park for seniors and those with lack of good functioning lungs. My boss asked me to run a couple bank errands, which required me to run to the bank across the street. Even though it's only a 3 minute walk, I was panting by the time I got to the bank. I can't believe how hot it is right now. Although I'm probably just saying that because I'm in my computer room and it's a perfect evening for a walk outside. My computer just died because it got overheated. o_o Compaqs suck.

So the other day, I was having a conversation with one of my girl friends. We talked about the usual: what's been going on with our lives, who's doing whom, the parties we've gone to, the trips we've taken, the people we plan to kill. Inevitably she asked me about my love life, as all girls bring this topic up one way or the other with each other...

Her: So are you seeing anyone?

Me: No, not really. Just dating around, nothing serious. Everything's casual.

Her: You need to get a boyfriend.

Me: Why do I 'need' to?

Her: Well, I just want you to be happy.

Whoa. Slap in the face! Well, it's more like a punch to the stomach and a kick to the groin and spit on my neck. I wasn't insulted by her comment, just a little taken back. Does being in a relationship essentially remedy unhappinness?

One of the annoying questions I'm constantly asked is, "Why don't you have a boyfriend?". I wasn't aware that a requisite to being a fabulous and fun, suburban 22 year-old, entailed a boyfriend. How come no one alerted me of this?

It is a popular notion (especially amongst girls, I've found), that to be in a relationship is a life fulfillment, the perfect accessory, and the answer to every "what to do on a Friday night" kinda question (these are the types of people who don't feel "comfortable" not being in a relationship). In these cases, to me, to be in those types of relationships are just a waste of time. Aren't they? I mean, they don't really last, and they end up being a life experience or worst mistake ever.

I once believed that it was OK for me to be perpetually single and just contend to a "hump 'em and dump 'em" lifestyle until I found someone that, a.) didn't piss me off too much and, b.) could put up with my neurosis long enough to maintain a meaningful more-than-friends relationship with me. So now with everyone around me, seemingly, in serious relationships on the brink of marriage and ever after, I'm starting to question whether the 'take it or leave it' chapter of my life is about to expire. It seems like I will soon have to learn to adapt to a certain mechanism of dating, one of which I don't fully understand how/why people behave the way they do (Why do guys go through phases where they're in a Mood? Why is it unacceptable for a man to look at another woman? etc., etc.).

So I guess what I'm trying to do here, is summarize and clarify questions surrounding my personal life and whatnot (because I think I need clarification for myself as well):

1. I am happy. At least I'm feeling content right now. I have great friends to spend my Friday nights with and my shoes are what I use to spoil myself with (because there's noone else to do that!). In essence, yes, I guess you could say I'm 'dating' my shoes. 9 years strong, I think it's getting serious.

2. I put myself out there. I've been typecast as some sort of anti-social, bitter, feminist, I think. It's simply not true. Refusing to see guys shorter than me, does not an anti-socialist make. It's just good sense!

3. I am not only attracted to Black guys. Geez.

4. Sex life. Don't worry about it.

5. I'm still trying to learn how to weed out the "bad" ones and especially the guys who seemingly seem Perfect, but are just as much of assholes as the ones who admit they're assholes.

6. I'm not one of those chicks who only go for guys who treat me like shit (as most girls do). Nice guys finish last in my book. Especially if they let me treat them like shit.

7. I have mostly male friends, not because I'm one of those flirtatious, hard-to-get, toying-with-your-mind kinda chicks. I just happen to not stand most chicks.

8. Yes, I say 'chicks'.

9. No, I'm not gay.

10. Lance Bass is gay, and I honestly didn't see that coming (totally irrelevant, but I figured there should be a #10 listing).

So there you have it, folks. This hopefully clears some questions and general wonderments of what you may have of me.

I suppose I could 'ease' up a bit, and be a bit more forgiving in allowing myself to get to know those obnoxious, stupid or "I'm a Loser" types and have a chuckle with mysef, but it's gonna take a lot of practice for me to get there.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Excuse me, would you happen to have any Grey Poupon?

ETA: More Kincardine pics

Hard to believe, but sometimes I can be a bit of a workaholic and it scares me a little. Yesterday (Saturday), I worked at the office. Voluntarily. I could've refused to, but no, I insisted I finish the paperwork piling on my desk. This is not how I expected things to be. I don't want to end up like those people who have nothing better to do than to come into the office on Saturday (sometimes, even Sunday) to do work. I hope my life would be far more important than frivilous paper work just to meet a deadline (sure, it'll cost some people money because the deadline's been missed but it's just money. Haha).

So after pitter pattering around the office yesterday, I finally pulled myself away from work-ohol at around 3 pm. I really don't admire workaholics because I realized I missed a good chunk of my weekend.

So last night, I indulged in a little 'culture' and a little 'fancy'. I went out with my siblings for dinner at a fancy schmancy placed called Via Allegro. I was forewarned that there was a 'dress code' (when I hear 'dress code', I think the dress codes that are required at clubs: no hats/runners, dressy jeans allowed. How sad is that?) and that it would be a different experience than going to some other restaurant like Milestones or Moxie's.

So when I got there, sat down and opened the menu, I realized that the only 'dress code' that you need to acquire to is a big, fat wallet. Let's just say a martini was $15 and I would have to work at least four hours to pay off an appetizer. Yeah. Talk about a whole new experience (Although I would have to say Ruth's Chris is the most expensive restaurant I've been to, but wasn't as variated, menu-wise, as Via Allegro).

I never realized my brother has such pompous and an elaborated taste for food, and I was so psyched to try the ever elusvie foie gras (pronounced fwa graa, not foyee grass). Lemme tell you a little thing about this 'foie gras'. First of all, it's a fancy (and French) way of saying 'duck liver'. I'm not a big fan of liver in general (my parents have to bribe me to even eat one piece) but I was determined to give it a try as it is a big, big thing in food culture nowadays as I've read so much about it from fancy people (it's even banned in Boston or Chicago! How dangerous of me). Second of all, they come in teeny tiny portions but costs about an arm and half a leg. It makes a bowl of Pho seem like the best deal in the world, even if it's only broth, noodles and some Grade B beef.

So how was foie gras? Well, I had it in two variations: pate and 'stock'-form (the way it originally comes in. I'm using car lingo to describe food!). It was alright. It's not something I would indulge in very often and it probably wouldn't be the first thing I ordered if I ever came back to this place or something similar. Texture wasn't the same as cow liver (maybe a bit smoother) and the pate form was especially very smooth.

The other food was really good, though. I had what I would call 'surf n turf': sea bass, calamari and tiger shrimp with wild rice. Mmm. I admit expensive food tastes alot different than 'regular' food (Pho, stuff you find at Moxie's) but I wouldn't say it's better. Just different. And as small as the portions were, I was amazingly pretty full by the end of the evening (yeah, I eat like a bird).

All in all, it was a great evening. It was a good experience and I hope it's not the last time I ever go to a place like that, now that I've had a taste of the 'good life'. However, it isn't so bad coming down to 'my life', where I can wear whatever the hell I want and eat my $1 Vietnamese sandwiches and Caesar salads.

More pics from Kincardine:^Ow, OW, OW!: Me and Ale trying to walk on rocks

^Get your mind out of the gutter! That's a rock wedged in between a crack in the rock bed.

^Alex, Kathy and me: not sure whether to jump in

^Come on in, the water's fine. Right, Iljya? ^So NOT jacuzzi-like ^Rock beach < Sandy beach

^Fuck the gym, this is real bench-pressing ^Go boy! Catch the frisbee!

Friday, July 28, 2006

In a dream, my love, you will find my heart...

What an exhausting fucking week. I've been working overtime everyday, like 10-hour work days. This week has been exceptionally long because I had about 7 closings this week, five of which were on the same day. For those who don't really speak real estate: it's like having five assignements due on one day, each with an exceptional amount of paper work in which you have to rely on other people to provide to you. Yeah, it just sucks. However, I'm learning lots, so that would probably make it a successful feat.

The pics from last weekend at Kincardine and Lake Simcoe.

^Kickin' it
^Maybe it's just Alex and Iljya, but I don't get the Russian fascination with axing... ^What was left of the bottle after mine and Alex's night of binge drinking ^Alex hangin' out ^All I have to say is: Alex is 21 12 ^This pic is kinda weird because me and Kathy are just hanging out on a ladder, but it's a nice picture for some reason ^Kathy and I More found at, hopefully. ^Me (not pictured), the boys, the platoon and the water

Hella tired now. More updates later.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

A Shoutout to my Fellow Canucks

I really don't pay much attention to Canadian guys. I mean, I'm not purposely not attracted to Canadian guys. I just happen to be attracted to 'ethnic' guys. I guess the nice guys don't really do it for me.

However, I'm going to have to re-evaluate that. I used to watch the show Animorphs and, well, I don't know if it was Shawn Ashmore or his twin brother (I've given up trying to distinguish between those two) who was in it, but I always thought he was decent looking. But look at him now!

And how bout that Kevin Zegers? Never watched any of those Air Bud movies, but I always thought he was kinda cute too. He's now grown into his looks and somewhat resembles Taylor Hanson, which makes me giddy with pre-pubescent glee.

These guys could easily pass as some hot euro non-gay fashion models. It doesn't hurt that they're dapperly dressed (at Milan Fashion Week). *swoon.

Speaking of Canadian actors, Elisha Cuthbert is reportedly in tentative talks to star in the American version of My Sassy Girl as the Sassy Girl. I don't really know what to think, as I'm still opposed to this movie becoming Americanized (ditto for Battle Royale). Although I do think Sarah Michelle Gellar would play her better (maybe she costs too much?).

Sunday, July 23, 2006

We're running wild as we're restless, and we jump till we're breathless

I hope everyone had a good weekend. A decent one, at least. The summer weeks are tick tocking by! School is coming up (well, it just feels like it, because I'm starting to buy my text books already) and pretty soon everyone will be too busy to do anything.

My weekend was of the awesome, yet again. Gotta love those road trips to the country. A summer home in the country is definitely something I will invest in when I have the time/money. I should round up a group of friends and we can split it and timeshare it. Woot.

This weekend ended up being a couple of seperate plans that Alex and I managed to roll into one. Team 'Win'!!

Man, we are such troopers, I must say. Our choices for the weekend were to either go to Kincardine, near Lake Huron or to Lake Simcoe for a fishing trip on a platoon (I dunno why I like saying that word. Platoon. Platoooooooon.). It was really hard to decide so we did BOTH despite these locations being on either sides of the provinces, almost. I think. I'm not totally sure. I actually didn't even look at a map at all this weekend. Totally relied on driving directions from the internet, which was not entirely the best idea.

We decided that we'd spend two nights in Kincardine and drive Sunday morning to meet the boys for fishing at Lake Simcoe. Do-able? There were doubts, but I was determined to make it work...

So Alex and I left the Sauga on Friday night, after I had dinner with the girls at Moxie's ($30 meal!! Oh well, it was a mini celebration of my new found employment to myself) and a 'quick' pick up from the LCBO. We left alot later than I had hoped, but Alex contended that since that is what usually happens with us and plans---we were doing well. Haha. And we actually did make the normally 3-hour trip to Kincardine in record time by flying down deserted country roads at night in his teeny tiny Civic.

Iljya's mother's new house is fantastic. It was custom made and stuff and I was pretty impressed that my room was hexagonal-shaped. The first night I didn't end up in the room as me and Alex promptly got drunk and downed a good chunk of liquor!

Keep in mind, that bottle was new, and we had about 2/3 of a huge bottle of liqeuer! We passed out on the floor at about 5 am. I didn't even have a hangover the next morning, which was impressive. The next morning we went to the beach that is just steps from the house. What a freezing swim that was, but it definitely woke me up. Me and Alex even adopted a baby snail, and I brought it home to 'raise'. "Snaily" needs to be christened with a new name, though.

Me and Kathy went downtown to 'sightsee'. There isn't really much sight to be seen in Kincardine that you don't see in other small, small towns, especially since we were there just a year ago and not much has happened (although the Asian market has extended their merchandise to a few garments and yarn).

I could've checked out the Tim Horton's that Marc Jacobs' muse, Jessica Stam, was discovered (yes, she was discovered in a Timmy's in Kincardine!). How could a chick from a small, desolate area like Kincardine inspire this, the Stam bag?

Kincardine should really use Jessica Stam to promote tourism and it'll attract some fashoinable tourists! Although there weren't a lot of fashionable types there to begin with, mostly punk rock skater types.

Kathy and I did the usual consignment window-shopping and used book store-browsing. We BBQ'd and later that night we watched the "Best Sunset in the World" off Lake Huron, and then... we skinny-dipped. I can finally check that off my list of 'Things that Need to be Done before The Inevitable". However, it was unfortunate that I lost my virginity to skinny-dipping to a freezing, rocky lake beach. I would have to describe that first experience like the first time two teenagers lose their virginities to each other: rocky, painful and a dark blur.

I wouldn't say that the skinny-dipping was the most exiciting thing I did in Kincardine. The most exciting thing would have to be the walk back to the house. You see, to get to the beach from the house, you have to take this long path through the forest and there are no real big clear paths, just a little troddened one. For some reason that night, noone thought to bring a flashlight and we were left stumbling around in the forest, whilst shivering cold and barely dressed for hiking in pitch darkness trying to find the path to lead us home! Woo, boy. Let's just say, that was a worst fear realized: total darkness, alone and cold.

Eventually we found our way home by looking up and following where the trees made a clearing to the sky. We really need to hone our nature survival skills. It was still fun though. Not at the time, but it was fun that we had that thrill. "Oooooh, Blair Witch, guys!"

So, by the time we got to bed, it was midnight. I knew sure as hell Alex wouldn't get up so I knew I'd have to be the one to get us up and going. I had an alarm clock and Iljya's stepdad's old cell phone to wake me. The aim was to wake up at 4am...we woke up at 5am. Why? Let's just say, the alarm clock didn't wake me, the cell phone did. And although the cellphone was set to 4:00 am the cell phone was old...and set to a different time because of daylight savings...once upon a time.

At 5 am:

I bolted out of bed, shook the shit out of Alex, packed up his shit, let the cat in the house, fed the cat, put on makeup, packed the car and made the effort to write a thank-you note for Iljya's parents.


We finally set off at about 5:30 am, one friggin' hour behind schedule!!! But we did make it to the Lake Simcoe Marina, safe and sound. I was amazed that I was still up for fishing after just under 5 hours of sleep. I even caught three fish, I was so proud. They may not have been whale-sized, but I was still very pleased. The boys, however, were not. Out of 7 of them, one fish was brought back. Put that, together with less than substantial amount of sleep and you get 7 fatigued and disappointed guys. Not exactly the partying type, but I still had a great time.

After fishing, Alex and I satisfied his craving for french toast (yeah, odd craving) and ended up at the Golden Griddle. It wasn't the Waffle House, but it sufficed well. I came home with a new pet, dirty laundry, three fish and tons of memories and pictures. Weekend was a success.

Shoutouts: Alex, thanks for putting up with my singing and not leaving me on the side of the road. Thanks to Dev, for organizing the fishing trip at Lake Simcoe. Kathy and Iljya, the skinny-dipping was a one-time thing, right?

Pictures of the trip shall follow, hopefully soon. My camera's currently MIA and I know it'll take Kathy a good 6 months to send me Iljya's pics. Speaking of which, thanks for the fire pics, Kathy. FINALLY.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Hi, my name is so-and-so, can I get yours?

Ciara - "Get Up"

Alas! The new Ciara video's out. Dancing's pretty awesome. And better yet, Channing Tatum, is in the video. Unfortunately, he seems to prove that white boys can't dance-dance (even though he's in a movie about dancing...). Bah well. He's scaled down only one notch on my 'Hotness' scale. Chamillionaire, on the other hand, is... ghastly. Is it possible for such a good rapper to be so fug? Hm. Maybe it's because he's in a video with Channing Tatum. Haha.

So I've been working at the new job for about three days now and things are going well. Pretty well, actually. For once, I'm at job where I don't completely suck at it, my boss is nice and I am able to work independently. Today my boss gave me a file to work on, which required me to do legal research (finally, something I have an expertise in!) and she was pleased with my work. Which made me pleased. Plus, I'm finding real estate law quite interesting. I'm not gonna get too excited yet. After all, it's only been three days.

One thing that sucks about my job though is that it's right across from Square One. Never give a girl a job in which she can promptly spend her earnings on shoes right after work! o_0

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Happy Birthday, Nam!

Holy fuck. I tried to post an entry on my computer and then BAM! My computer overheated. One entry wasted. Second time, I came on my laptop and BAM! It froze. I am now making a third attempt and not in the mood to type too much anymore. So, this third entry will be in point-form.
  • Busy weekend again...
  • Employed again. Working in downtown Mississauga at a law firm. Yay. Start tomorrrow at 9 am. Boo.
  • Friday: went to do the Docks. Had fun. Boys need more work on their 'game'. Then had midnight Pho. It was delicious.
  • Saturday: celebrated Nam's 21st birthday. Had lots of fun. Volleyball to BBQ and everything in between. Stayed there till 1 am!! Attempted to skinny-dip but there were too many people around.
  • Sunday: hung out with my cousins. Played Lord of the Rings Monopoly. I hate Lord of the Rings. I hate Monopoly. But I had a good day.

Before the cam-whoring begins, I'd like to announce one thing...

Nam is...

...blonde again. Bleach blonde.

Oh, brother.

^We are silly

^Nam makes a friend...

^...or not.

^New feet for Dev

^Dev tries to dig to China

^Alex leans in for a kiss

^Mmm, chicken

^Kathy and Mel model for beachwear

^Volleyball players

^Dev experiments with flammable tequila

Thursday, July 13, 2006

High School High

I recently read an open-call ad for a highschool reality show. I guess it's to mirror that of Laguna Beach and America High, following a group of kids in highschool and their 'angst'.

It got me to thinking, what if a camera crew had come into my high school life? For me, the saying is true that highschool was probably some of the best years of my life (not including classes). I had some great friends, most of which are still my friends now and I went to a diverse school. Diverse being the population of the school made up of half Asian (yellow and brown), a quarter white, and the rest miscellaneous. I've been told the school is now 'ghetto' but I refuse to get into what is meant by that. I haven't gone back in a couple years (I believe the last time I was really there was to perform one last time) but it didn't seem to have changed too much to me.

Anyway, so what would the viewers see if a show were to follow me and my friends during our highschool years? Well, for one, the inevitable "drama" that I'm sure you'll find in all highschools. Oh! I'm sure people would so eat up the shit that went down in the Prom Committee. Certain 'characters' would get a lot of air time for their schemes and conniving ways (every show has the 'bad seed'). And I'm sure alot of people would just love my Naziness during ChinKL practices (Conan O'Brien and SNL would do parodies of me, I'm sure).

I'm laughing to myself about the different characters who I believe would become notorious for their personalities: The ChinKL Nazi, The FAT BITCH (that I hate), The Ditz, The Malicious Schemer, The Experienced One, The Stalker, Nam Lam... I'll let you try and figure out who each of them are because I don't want any slander suits here. With a colourful cast of characters with different stories and so many incidences that can be classified as memorable (when Dev 'hit' Nam or when Harold landed in a pile of shit or when I broke Jez's door down) who wouldn't tune in?

Haha come to think of it, I'd tune in to my life now.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Devil wore Prada...finally.

So I finally saw The Devil Wears Prada after waiting a couple of years for the filming and two weeks after it's premiere. Couldn't find coax bribe blackmail threaten any available people to see the movie with me so... I dared to go to the movies by myself. Well, not entirely by myself. I went to the theatre with the guys, and they saw a man in tights whilst I saw Prada (and Louboutin and Chloe and Valentino...). I can now say I dared to go see a movie by myself without shame, and I'm damn proud of that.

The movie was great. I read the book years ago and from what I can remember, the movie took some essence from the book but not to a tee. Most people first think this movie is all about fashion and the labels, but it's merely a premise. For those who look into deeper meanings of movies (me), it's more about the dilemma I believe alot of young up and coming professionals face: how far would you go to achieve your goals and by what means and what are you willing to sacrifice. The topic is very interesting when you think about morals, ethics and personal lifestyle. It's eat or be eaten, and it's hard to figure out what route you should take.

While watching Andy take on the task as second assistant, I totally related to her from my stints as secretary and legal assistant. I secretly loathe those occupations, but it is the type of jobs I'm aiming for to get to my other goals. The menial tasks, the having to memorize specific instructions, the answering of phones (never ever let it go to voicemail!), uggggggh. Hated that. I'd much rather have the cushy office jobs with the perks and working independently. But of course, we all have to pay our dues, right?

And if you fashionistas intend on going to this movie to see 'what's new for fall', don't bother. Keep in mind this movie was probably filmed a couple years ago, so most everything in the movie is now 'in', therefore, old (Balenciaga motorcycle, Chloe Paddington lock bag *yawn). However, I applaud Patricia Field's work on the movie. The clothes gave me Sex and the City nostalgia. *tear

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Back to basics

What's a group of friends to do with a tank full of gas and a whole weekend of good weather and nothing better to do?

Roadtrip and fishing, baby.

I really thought I'd be putting 'rural' and 'wilderness' behind me after the Algonquin trip. Looks like I've adapted to bugs and peeing in bushes. There's something about 'up north' that draws the city people like us to it. Is it the lack of noise and traffic? Or perhaps it's the ability to speed up to 140 km/h on rural highways. I think it's the fact that raccoons are cuter in the country than in the city because rabid animals just aren't as nice.

Yesterday, after we attended a funeral in the morning and chilled at Meg's, a bunch of us decided to roadtrip it to wherever Hwy 10 led us. The goal of the trip was to scout for good places to fish the next morning.

^Really, what's the point of enjoying the scene when I keep sleeping?
I was actually amazed at all the cool stuff I didn't know was just a couple towns north of my city. Winding nature trails, equestrian farms, tons of places to camp, country homes.
Where to next?
^Me and Dev poking a ferocious frog with a stick

We spent hours just going from pond to pond, lake to lake, park to park, winding trail to winding trail. We finally got back to the city and went downtown for grub, drinks, fireworks and a lil shopping.

^Cheap eats and drinkies at Jeremiah Bullfrogs

Okay, so 6 hours of roadtripping, drinking, shopping and fireworks. How did we ever do that in one day? What an accomplishment, but it really didn't end there. I got home at 2 am only to have to wake up 2 hours later to go fishing at dusk. The park opened at 6 am and we made it there in record time for when they opened (one hour travel time reduced to half an hour)! I think it was more like we were trying to race with the sun so that it wasn't too hot for ideal fishing. But whatever, with less than 5 hours of sleep and our bellies full of Timmy's (and tequila), I was thoroughly impressed with how well we did with time.

^Who needs a boyfriend when you've got these guys?
^Quang and his catches

We caught bass, sunfishes and perches (although I found out later it was actually pickerel). I didn't really catch any, per se (Alex caught one and let me reel it in. Thanks, Duch!) but I did get a few nibbles which was pretty exciting to me. We fished for hours and as predicted, I don't really have the patience to be a good fisher (like father, like daughter) as I gave up way before everyone was done. Just as well, I had a great time. I wouldn't mind doing it again, especially when we catch fish and I get to keep 'em and eat 'em!

^I don't care what those vegans say, the food cycle is a splendid thing

I'm kinda glad the weekend's over. I need to revert back from country bumpkin.