Saturday, September 30, 2006

The Jerk Store called, they're running out of YOU

I was once a very compassionate person. I don't think I am so much anymore. Lately I feel like I really can't tolerate people who don't use "common sense". Perhaps it's because I see it all the time at work (where stupidity is not tolerated too much because you need to be careful with everything you do) but I find myself being short with people and it's really starting to get to me.

Actually it's already got me. I just came home from the subway and I came across a very 'rude and ignorant' fat, white man. Now, I don't mean to mention that he's fat and white, but listen to my story and you'll understand why I had to stress that he's 'fat and white'.

My sister and I were just boarding the subway and as usual, people usually beeline it for the first available seat they can find. Mel and I had been walking all over that University Fair and shopped around some used bookstores, so I was particularly exhausted because a.) all that heavy literature we got from the Fair and b.) it was wet outside and I was miserable. So, as I was sitting down, this Fat White Man was about to sit in the seat I was approaching. Because I'm ever-so-swift, I got the seat. He then said, not too quietly, "You rude and ignorant person."

I know he said that rather loudly to embarass me and to get a reaction out of me, but as my nonchalant and suave self I chose not to dignify his comment with any sort of response, verbal or indicative. Not even a blink.

However, I was irked. First of all, how am I the rude person? Are you an elderly person? No. Are you pregnant? No. Are you boggled down by many shopping bags/parcels/young children? No. Are you fat? Yes, and that does not entail you a seat because you've obviously been sitting too much. Perhaps that's a bit mean and rude on my part, but I didn't say it out loud so there really was no reason for him to say I was rude.

I was also miffed that he called me 'ignorant'. When I think of ignorance, I think of racism or someone with a prejudice thought. I probably looked like some punk teenager to him: big hoop earrings, puffy jacket with fur hood and the bags from the University fair. He probably thought I was some 16-year old Black-wannabe ghetto Asian chick (he's only half right. HAHAHA JUST KIDDING. 'ASIAN PRIDE, WHAT'). Regardless, that's no reason to call me ignorant. For all he knows, I could be a 22-year old college student, studying law and likes to eat prunes and who happened to be suffering from major back-aching, menstrual cramps (which I'm not but I so should've said that to him and see his reaction). Talk about ignorance. "Hi, kettle? You're black."

I don't understand people who feel they can just call people derogatory names, especially when they don't even know them at all. People are always so quick to make rash and judgmental decisions without rhyme or reason. It doesn't make sense to chew out a random stranger just because they can't sit down! The subway was designed for both sitting and standing passengers! I can't believe this Fat White Male Stranger has gotten me so mad that I had to blog about it. URgh. I'm gonna take out this frustration with the guys tonight in Poker.


Wednesday, September 27, 2006

When NOT in Rome, envy those who are...

It would be oh-so-cliche of me to state that the Beckhams are an 'enviable couple'. So I won't say it. Rich, good-looking, pro-athlete breadwinner (oh, but didn't he get kicked off the team?), a litter of offspring (and she still manages to look as if she didn't naturally bear them all), trend-setting hair, very nice clothes (love love love her Matthew Williamson/whoever she's wearing Miu Miu), friends in high places, strolling around in romantic and godly city and their accents (OK, that's one of mine).

And now I want to add to the list: Mrs. Beckham manages to get Mr. Beckham to carry her worldy possessions, so she doesn't have to carry a purse and he STILL look chic and manly.

Son's of bitches.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Attention Social Butterflies and Leeches!

As some already know, I sometimes moonlight as a server/bartender. I haven't been doing much of it lately but earlier this year and especially last year I did a few events (particularly ones that involved alcohol). It's really a lot of fun and the tips are really good, especially if you have a nice smile*.

*A nice rack

I still get a couple of odd job offers and this time I would like to pass this little bit of info to those out there looking for something to do and/or would like to start doing some networking if you're looking to do something excting, such as event-planning (ever since seeing The Wedding Planner, I tend to think this kind of job is quite glamourous and so fun). However, for this 'event', it is volunteer but as far as I can tell, there may be benefits. These benefits would include meeting new people, learning new things and quite possibly making some money like tips, if the job you're doing calls for it. I have an itching feeling that a few of my dear readers may be interested. If any of you do decide to jump on this bandwagon, please lemme know how it went.


Promotion: Industry Event

Duties: Your Choice (Registration, Serving,Flair Bartending)

Location: High End Toronto Restaurant

City: Toronto

Date: Thursday September 28

Hours: 4pm - 10pm

Pay Rate: Exposure Within Event Industry

M/F: Males and Females

NOTES National Event Staffing is participating in a get together for eventplanners and those in the event industry. Our client is expecting avery good turn out, perhaps over 800 people from the industry will beattending. We are looking for staff to Volunteer their time and helpat the event. All staff that attend will gain exposure to theindustry,promotional gifts and other perks during and after the event.

Please choose form the following options for the evening,Registration, Serving Appetizers or Flair Bartending.

REPLY NOW Reply now with the following information.- Promotion Applied For- Choice (Registration, Serving, Flair Bartending) - Full Name- Cellular Phone Number- Headshots and/or Full Length Photographs and/or Staff Info Sheet- Preferred Task/s at Event

BE ADVISED Only those that are considered for the promotion will receive a reply.

As you may have noticed, this is quite short notice and applicants need not be ugly. The email to 'reply' back to is I've done a couple gigs for them, including the Rolling Stones Concert and a couple Molson Canadian events.

Good luck!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Happy Birthday, Ish!

Last night, I got in touch with my fobby Asian side once again. I know I'm not the most 'Asian' Asian, and just when I thought I could reach full potential of Asian-ness, I was trumped by some of Ish's friends.

We went to Markham, which might as well be the most Asian place in the world, next to actually being in Asia. I don't usually chill there at night with the young people because I usually get pretty fed up with all the fobbyness by early evening whenever I'm there. But since it was Ish's birthday, me and April made the trip. And it was worthwhile (even if I had to drive in the rain, at night >_< ).

Long story short (not really, Mel came home with the car at 8 when I was supposed to be there at 8), April and I made it to this very chic chinese restaurant one hour late. We had the usual chinese celebration fare (the stuff you eat at Chinese weddings) and I was really not surprised we were eating there, considering Ish is Sri Lankan. ALL her friends were Asian. Not only that, they were ALL Chinese! Ish, her sister and April (Filipina) were 'the minorities', although you could say that we were all Asian, if you want to pull out a map and be technical. Although I'm Chinese, I felt like a minority compared to her Chinese friends who all spoke fluent Chinese and basically belonged in Markham. But whatever. They were cool (and might I add, the guys were CUUUUTE) people, and they showed me alot of apparently 'common Chinese things to do' (stuff you don't really learn about until one of your CBC friends learns a new game from one of their FOB acquaintances and teaches the other CBCs).

We were gonna go to this place called KTV, a huge pool hall but it was full (of Asians, no doubt). So we went to this place called Urban Lounge, which isn't really like your typical lounge you would find downtown Toronto. Sure, it had the loud music, alcohol and comfy couches and tables. But it had that 'Asian-ness' to it because they provided games and the atmosphere to play them. See, I find with alot of Asian hangouts, you don't just go there and eat. You go there, you may eat and drink, and the place provides you with things to do like, cards, Chinese chess, and at this place, some game called 'Dice'.

Now, the Dice I'm familiar with involves only two dice and a fistful of cash. But apparently there's this Chinese game called Dice that "everyone knows" ('everyone' as in people who hang out in local Asian digs, so that doesn't include moi). The waitress brought to our table our drinks and 10 plastic cups, each with five dice in it.

"Are we playing Yahtzee?!" I asked joyfully, as I shook the cup and threw the dice. Ish's ex-boyfriend/'just friend', Raymond, gave me a Look.

Apparently Dice is a game where you shake the five dice you have in the cup, turn it over, and you have to guess how many 'numbers' you have between you and the people playing. Supposedly this is a drinking game, but I protested that a drinking game shouldn't involve having to think and do math, like probability.

"There's no math in it, it's all bullshitting." said Raymond (actually he said 'bo-shitting' LOL). That's the Asian way of saying, "Yes, there is math, but it's simple math that comes to us human-calculator-type Chinese naturally, dumbass".

Since I was DD (for once!), I couldn't drink, but I sure had a hoot with my virgin Shirley Temple. All in all, I had a really good time. I met some Chinese FOBs (which I honestly don't run into much in Mississauga, we keep our distance) and I learned something (if I learned, does that mean a productive evening as well?). I wouldn't mind going back to Urban Lounge or that area in general because there was a lot to do but it sure does put Captain's into perspective (Perspective: although alot of Asian people hang out at Captain's, it's not really as Asian of a place until you've been to Urban Lounge or KTV).

NOTE: Pictures to come later. I'm too lazy.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Inner Male in me

ATTENTION SHOELOVERS and straight guys who need to buy new shoes: Aldo's Outlet store at Yonge and Dundas (as far as I know, this is the only location I've seen) is having a half-off sale on their strappy sandals, wedged platforms, and the like (I can't remember if the boots are on sale too, because usually everything in the store is 'on sale'). GO NOW. There's plenty of selection and it's friggin' dirt cheap because it's half-off the last ticketed price (ahh, my most cherished phrase, next to "Here, just take this for free" and "Lil, you fabulous broad"). Speaking of cheap shoes, check out this hilarious article by my favourite shoeblogger, Manolo (I wish I had the nerve to speak the way he writes).

Today was Casino Day at my school, and of course, my assprint was emblazed at the Poker table, even after I swore off Poker after Saturday night. I ended up having to miss half my Philosophy class because I was still hanging on by a string and kept coming back! We didn't use real money (basically they give you $5000 Humber dollars to play with and you have to win a certain amount from Poker, BlackJack or Roulette to obtain a raffle ticket for a specific prize), so I'm not really sure why I spent an hour and a half playing Poker. I was actually supposed to be working with my classmate on an assignment but she ended up working on it herself while she let me play (I love you, Ish!). These are tell-tale signs that I have a gambling problem, although I don't know if I'd call it a gambling problem because I wasn't even playing with my/real money. I think I have an odd competitive streak with men, as if I have to prove myself somehow (I was basically the only girl there).

Perhaps it's leftover tomboy-ness from middle school. Or perhaps it has come back to haunt me~! I used to be so damn competitive and gallant. But it wasn't just with anyone. It's mainly with guys. My class is 90% chicks, and I don't give a shit what they do. I have no qualms or jealousy with my female friends. But if you put me at a table of guys with cards and chips, or even on the old middle school parking lot to play foot hockey, I suddenly grow a penis macho ego. Why?!

I'm quite sure I'm straight and I do have a feminine side (re: my shoe closet). I don't think I do this to attract guys (as I'm sure alot of girls do, don't lie), because a.)I'm competitive with even the guys I consider brother-like and ugly strangers, and b.) I know guys don't like girls who are like this. Hmm...

So how did I do at Poker? For you Poker enthusiasts: I ended up going all in, as I had only three chips left ($300) with low cards (7 and 9, I think) because I knew I had to go to class and I really needed to pee. The other two guys had face cards and kept raising each other until there was over $17k in the pot, pre-flop. Then one of the casino event organizers came and threw in $5000 in the pot and said whoever won the pot could take the extra $5,000. Yours truly, the River Fluker, managed to get two pairs (over one other guy's pair of A's, I think). I won $22 K from that hand! Too bad it wasn't real money, though. Oh, the shoes I could buy with that money...

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

You have to admit...

...Uggs look so much better.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Beautiful Stranger, is that you?

I checked out the latest Cassie video for her song "Long Way 2 Go" the other day. Yeah, the video really butchered the song for me, but whatever. But this isn't what I wanted to discuss.

OK, this is going to sound sooo far-fetched, but if you remember my post awhile back about the hot hot hot guy I hooked up with at Tonic, I want to speculate something about this Cassie video. Watch the Cassie video and check out the guy she has a dance battle with (the hot Asian dude who saunters into the club as if he's all that, because he probably is)

I'm 88.88% sure that that is the guy I hooked up with at Tonic, no joke!! Allow me to make some supporting arguments:

1. The guy looks really familiar and looks alot like "T". Meg/Dev/Dru/Cuong, you all saw him, do you agree? Yes, it was a while ago, and it was dark. But just try to remember! I need to know I'm not just seeing things.

2. He has a tattoo on his neck. "T" had a tattoo on his neck.

3. The guy's online name in the video is "Tatt-guy" or something. Tatt_guy..."T"....Hello? (yes, I'm aware that that just could be his 'name' in the video, and not necessarily his real name, but humour me a little)

Umm.. that's pretty much the gist of my argument. A large chunk of it has to do with the fact that the guy in the video looks very, very, very similar to "T".

So what if it is him? I dunno, it's just kinda cool. The mystery of my Beautiful Stranger is somewhat solved.

Hmm.. I wouldn't mind getting into a dance off with this guy *in bed*. I also wouldn't mind getting into a dance off with Cassie, on the dancefloor, of course.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

THINspiration vs. inFATuation

Today I discovered, the messy way, that a crepe is not an eat-and-go type of food.

On my way home I detoured to Sherway Mall to check on a few things and pay some bills. I was starving so I decided to check out the food court and discovered that they opened a new crepe stand. Lately, I've taken quite the liking to crepes, that of which I can probably blame on Iljya. I decided that I was craving a crepe (although you can't really decide to crave something, it just happens) and ordered a 'Tutti-Frutti' crepe (Nutella, strawberries and bananas). I admit it was a bit overpriced (is 7 bucks over-priced for a crepe?) but I was trying it so I figured 7 dollars for this 'snack' was justified. I really should have sat in the food court with a knife, fork, bib and a stack of napkins to tackle this debacle of a delicacy.

I walked around and tried to eat the thing but it was more like I was slurping, tonguing and wiping my face on the stupid thing. Sauce, strawberries and bananas falling out everywhere! I sat down in one of those couches in the mall and tried to finish this as fast as possible because it was getting embarassing (managed to spill some on my new jeans, arrrgh). As I was passionately making out (because that's what it pretty much looked like) with this crepe crap, I noticed a girl, who was sitting across from me, eyeing me. I sure must've been quite the sight: little girl, big crepe, chocolate and strawberries everywhere. But the thing that got to me was not that she was staring at me, but what she was probably thinking. You see, this girl was rail thin, young and seemingly one of those snobbish types (not that it's hard to find those types at Sherway Mall). To be honest with you, she looked anorexic.

In Madrid, officials have called a ban for underweight models to parade around during Madrid Fashion Week. This meant 30% of the models, who were under the '15 BMI minimum' mark, were withdrawn from the festival. A large part of this ban was because it is generally believed that underweight models somehow encourage eating disorders.

I've watched a ton of fashion shows, and while I've seen more than my share of exposed ribs, I really cannot see how girls will see this and think 'I need to diet'. It would take an extremely pro-ana chick to even think that. Furthermore, I think this ban is unjust, unless they put a ban on people participating in Fashion Week who are over a certain BMI. Sure, you can take away all those underweight 'bad influences', but what bout the overweight 'bad influences'? Can you imagine if they put a ban on overweight people? There'd be an outcry and the idea would be fou-foued and unheard of.

This ban on underweight people is a double standard. By allowing 'overweight' people to be acknowledged in a way where the message is "It's OK to be overweight, love yourself anyway" is just as bad as telling girls they need to be thin. Over half of North Americans are overweight, and while many people blame this on the quantity/quality of food being eaten (trans-fat, carbs, super-sized, where was this problem 15 years ago?), alot of people are merely nurturing the idea that being 'normal sized' (a nicer way of saying big-boned, if you ask me) is fantastic.

My view of this could be put to thin air (no pun intended) because I'm a petite-sized person and everyone will probably think I'm 'fatty-hating'. I don't consider myself rail-thin, but I am thin. I am not making these statements because I'm thin or because I've never felt the need to diet; I am making these statements because I wish everyone would just put their 'weight problems' up their asses. I don't like going out with my friends and they're not eating because they 'can't'. I don't like shopping with friends who only buy dark/black clothing because it 'makes them look thinner'. I don't like it when people exasperate about 'how skinny I am' (my boss does that alot).

Lil's Food, Diet and Weight Ideologies:

The only person who knows what your 'ideal' size should be, is your own body. Eat whatever you want in moderation, eat smart, don't use food as a substitute for love/people/something to do, get to know your body on a personal level. YOU will know how much and what you should eat.

If dairy makes you queasy and bloated, it's not fatty, you're probably lactose-intolerant. Horizontal stripes don't make you look fat. Fruits have too much carbs? Fuck off. Look at food as a means to live, not the number of buzzwords you read about in diet books.

As for that allegedly anorexic chick from Sherway? She got up and walked away (to a bathroom?), probably disgusted with my eating. I could've chased her down and tell her she doesn't need to look like Kate Moss or Liya Kebede, but then again, who's gonna listen to a girl who doesn't make thousands walking down a runway and has chocolate on her face?

Monday, September 11, 2006

Sashay, sashay, sashay

My, my. It was certainly brisk today and I must admit I totally loved it. I pulled out the good ol' trenchcoat and donned a turtleneck (a turtleneck in September! How 'bout that!).

This is my favourite time of year, where the season is in between the extreme seasons (summer and winter) and... Fashion Week is upon us!

Lame, huh? How can someone who's not even in the fashion industry get excited about Fashion Week? I don't know. I'm just strangely drawn to it. And talking about it. But I sure as hell would never get as excited about the passing of a new legislation or something...

I think one of the reasons I like Spring and Fall is that I get a chance to get out of the fashion rut (short shorts can only be so fun and wearing a heavy jacket can only be so cozy) that is late Summer and Winter. I think I'm one of those people who constantly need change, rather than fear it.

^Yes, that's a shoe on her head.

Exclusive (not really)! Leaked photos of Transformer movie

The little boy in me is getting tingly feelings. More photos.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Vive la Fromage! Montreal 2006: Day Three (at last)

I was going to post an entry last night whilst play Poker but I didn't know Cuong didn't have wireless internet. Bah. I tried. Right now I'm gonna attempt to publish this entry before I leave to meet Jez at the bus stop to go downtown...

So after the long night of hard partying, some of us (Team Nerd) actually made the attempt to go to the Biodome again because they apparently didn't finish seeing everything the day before (OMG).

^Is there anywhere in Montreal where there's not a hint of erotica?

^Mel finds her plant-twin


Meanwhile, the rest of us managed to find our 'niche' in Montreal, somehow: a place to play jitz and drink bubble tea and find other young good-looking Asian people. Aaaaaaaaaah (but there's nothing like Captain's Pool Hall in the end).

When the rest of the group met up with us, we went for some dim sum (which was a huuuuuge rip off) where we experienced some pretty dismal service. So, in the land of big tipping, the guys decided we should leave exact change. In Nam's bid to 'run off' after leaving no tip, he somehow managed to pull a 'Nam'...and slipped on a freshly-mopped floor, right next to the 'Caution: Wet Floor' sign. To top it off, he looked exactly like the man on the sign.

^A Youtube moment missed because I was literally on the floor

^Waiting for the valet: "Bring us our cars, good sir"

Checked out and packed, we decided to make one last stop: Mont Royal. Our hotel suite faced this mountain that sits in the middle of Montreal and I was dying to check it out because I heard it was a good lookout over Montreal. A perfect ending to a perfect trip (minus the rain on the last day...).

^MORE walking

^What a bad day to look over Montreal

It 10:23 pm and I got home about an hour ago. Hahahaha... I suck. And I'm exhausted. Good night.

Hard Candy, not so sweet afterall

Yeahhhh, that's a pretty random picture. I'm just posting it because I like it*. It's Gisele Bunchen, if you really need to know. The boobs, the hair, the mouth. All so Perfect (my version of Perfect).




*not gay.

I just came home from the Lam's. We watched this movie I've only really heard of called, Hard Candy. It's one of those Canadian-made, film festival-genre, thinking movies. It had the workings of a Hollywood pay-$15-admission type of movie, but it just had too much artsy fartsy and not enough sex, drugs and violence to make it a blockbuster.

Generally the movie is about a girl who meets an older man via the net and they meet offline. Yeah, seems pretty predictable from there to figure who's the victim and who's the bad guy. Or so you think. I challenge you all to watch this movie if a.) you have the time and energy to sit through a movie with mainly two characters acting off each other, or b.) Who loves P E D O P H I L E S?!. The movie gets 3 1/2 stars from me, mainly because the main chick pissed me off but the pedophile was oh-so-cute (yet oh-so-dirty...). If you care, Sandra Oh's in this movie, but no Dr. McDreamy.

I watched this movie wondering who it was to appeal to: to thwart pedophiles from ever meeting children offline (not fucking likely) or to send the message out that it's OK chastise pedophiles. What's wrong with chastising pedophiles, you ask?

I think it's way too easy to just lynch pedophiles. No, I'm not defending them, but I don't think all pedophiles deserve to be treated like this is their choice. I believe violent acts are by choice, but the thoughts that go through their heads, it's gotta be inherent. Of course there are many reasons why someone might want to go after a kid (lack of self-confidence, bad childhood, cannot relate to people their own age) but the want and the actual doing, I think, are totally different and should be treated as such.

Perhaps I have too much compassion for everyone and I will likely be vilified for the statements I am making right now, but shit. I haven't put in my two cents about anything lately.

BTW, I know I have yet to post an entry from the final day of Montreal, but I just got lazy tonight. Bah well.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Vive la Fromage! Montreal 2006: Day Two

I'm bad. Very very bad. I know, I lied. I said I'd post the rest of the Montreal trip yesterday but I didn't. I ended up going to Kathy's to cut her hair and then staying for dinner. By the time I came home, I was like, 'fuck it'. Tonight I was gonna do the same thing as I just came home from purchasing a teeny, tiny laptop for myself. But I will refrain from playing with it and post because Kathy just scolded me for not posting.

So, with a gun to my head, here it goes...

Day 2, Saturday September 2

The morning after the drunken night of blackjack, banana gorging and giggles and shits, was very tiring and bleary. Somehow some of the guys managed to rummage up the energy to make breakfast for all. And then I guess someone fell asleep at the stove and burned the food so much that the alarm went off. Just another hungover morning...

^Fanning the alarm
We decided for the day that we would split up since some of us wanted to check out the Biodome (Team Nerd) and some of us did not (Team Cool). Those of us didn't feel like learning on their vacation decided to check out the street sidewalk sale on the other side of town. The adventure begins with all of us taking the subway, the Metro. I don't know what I was expecting but for some reason, I didn't think Montreal subway stations would be so... lived out (I spied a pair of underwear lying in the station. Now, how did that get there?). Oddly enough, the TTC seems quite luxurious compared to the Metro. The Metro was narrow, poorly designed and lacked air conditioning. I nearly hugged the TTC conductor this morning on my way to school.
^Who the fuck is 'Charlie'?
^Here comes the Metro
^Dev, Kathy and Mel at the Biodome
^Who's ready to LEARN?
The street sidewalk sale was good. I was amazed at how cheap the food was (a box of chow mein went for 2 bucks and pizza was 99cents). I even picked up Jay Z's "The Blueprint" for 3 dollars! One thing I noticed (actually the guys pointed this out): not alot of good looking people in Montreal. Not even faintly good-looking. We were by far, the best-looking people there. Seriously. Do people come to Montreal to hook up because they're too drunk to notice how fug these people are? Okay, that's mean, but maybe the good-looking people come out at night? Let's hope so.

I dunno what Team Nerd did at the Biodome, but from what I can tell from the pictures, they did alot of plant-watching. As for Team Cool, we hit the area that is popular for young kids. It was basically the Montreal version of Queen St., with the funky shops and the even funkier-clad people. We hit a pool hall even and just took in the young people culture (and still no great-looking local people around).

Everyone met up again in the evening and we went out for Chinese food before rushing back to the hotel to get ready for crazy fun evening -- Montreal-style.

^A hearty meal at the Deer Garden Restaurant
^The ladies get ready for a fun and crazy night
^The girls are ready and set... ^The boys are clearly not
The guys took their sweet ass time getting ready and whatnot so us ladies made it a brief 'girls night' and headed out on our own first. We decided to hit the Soho area where most of the nightlife took place, before we met up with the guys to get jiggy with it. We decided to go to the club 'early' (10:30 pm) because it was open bar until 11:30 and Brandon was getting us in for free (gotta love those hook ups). Unfortunately we hit a snag just going in when the bouncer didn't approve of Cuong's apparel and turned him away. However, luckily everything turned out fine (oddly enough they were more concerned about dress code than they were about checking our pockets for weapons). Cuong came back, sans the t-shirt that was disapproved, and everyone got in for free. Time to get silly drunk!

We went to Orchid, which I heard was one of the best. I enjoyed it, as they played hip hop, R&B and old skool. Drinks were good and the venue was nice. They had a stage (with a pole!) and the people there were moderately good looking. I even saw a familiar (way too familiar, she lives right behind me!) face: Kirat! Fellow Mississaugian!

^Mothers, lock up your sons. The Ladies are out!
^Girls watching the street performer play with a marrinete marionette marinade doll
^Walking around the Soho area
^Me, doing hemming wonders to Megan's pants with a stapler
^Cheers! Clink!
^Feat #1: Get Kathy to drink. Alot. ACCOMPLISHED
^Hooray for Montreal!
^Whoa, Andru looks pissed...
...and Mel does not
^Feat #2: Get Nam to a club. ACCOMPLISHED
^Feat #3: Get Kathy to a club and dance. ACCOMPLISHED
^Feat #4: Get Kathy to dance on stage...with a stripper pole! ACCOMPLISHED
^Feat #5: Get Nam to dance on stage ACCOMPLISHED
^I look way too pro with that pole and there are way too many pics of me on stage...
^They should have a maximum age limit at this club
^Look, it's Kirat! A familiar face from home!
Dev apparently got pretty wasted and puked on not one, but two Mercedes Benz' on his way back to the hotel! Nice! Everyone went back to the hotel, while me, Meg and Shinji got to know three guys we met at Orchid. They seemed like nice guys and we decided to hang out with them after Orchid with 5 of their other friends. Turns out they're from New York (Queens, to be exact) and they were young professionals (lawyers, orthodontist, musician and one works for NBC, apparently) so it wasn't too bad (although Megan is skeptical that they are who they say they are). I don't think any of us girls were particularly interested in getting to know them more than in Montreal, but it was still fun anyway (although I think 'my' guy, Gill, was the cutest out of all of them). And on a side note, I never ever do shit like this (go off with strange guys we meet spontaneously), it just seemed like a crazy Montreal thing to do ("when in Rome...").
Gill, Shinji, Megan and the Orthodontist (can't remember his name, but I remember his teeth)

Me, Meg and Shinji got home at about 5 in the morning and crashed wherever we could find space since everyone was sprawled all over the hotel suite. My hearing was definitely impaired and I probably smelled like alcohol, Chinese food and sweat all mixed together. But I didn't give a shit. Funnest night ever, guys.