Saturday, March 18, 2006

Caller Numba 9!!

"Hi, who's this?"

As soon as Hollywood Rich said that, I knew I won. Just based on my experience as a radio winner *natch*. Finally, I won those Reunion tickets! Hooray!

I had just woken up at around 11:30 and just happen to turn on the radio when the DJ told me to call. So I called, not with much enthusiasm, mind you. And then I got through in around the 4-5th redial.

"Congratulations, do you want to make any shoutouts?" Umm, do people still do that? I wasn't aware I needed to prepare a Thank You speech, like at the Oscars. The first person I called as soon as I hung up was the only person I could think of who would not be working, who wasn't in school, who'd have access to a radio and who'd give a damn: Devlin. "Haha, you should've made a shoutout to the Bowling Boys!". I remember back in the day when I'd listen to KISS 92.5, or even in the early days of Flow when people would make these ghey-ass shoutouts.

"Yo, I wanna make a shoutout to the Westside Crew aka the Killas aka the 10th Street Gangstas. I wanna say 'WAZ UP' to my girl, Baby G aka Stylin' Sista and also to my boys, Lil Jeezy, B-boy, Hovah..." I really wished those DJs had screened those callers and edited those parts out.

I, myself, couldn't think of who I wanted to 'shoutout' to, mainly because I had just woken up and I still had my retainer in and didn't want to speak as much as possible. But since I'm feeling a bit giddy and obnoxious... here are the shoutouts I would've made if I wasn't too out of it:

I wanna say hi to my family in Canada, Singapore and the US. Thanks for the support. To my girls aka Vicki, Jez and Sarah, I knew you guys were always behind me. LOVE YA! To my Lil Girls aka Mel, Meg, Kathy, and Minh: couldn't have done this without you. My boys and my boys' boys aka Nam, Alex, Dev, Andru, Cuong, Quang, Iljya, thanks for not letting me down. To my Posse boys aka Jeff, Justin, Konrad, Paul, thanks for the moral support I needed. And a big shoutout to everyone on my MSN Messenger contact list, you guys made this worth it! And if I missed anyone else, I love you, thank you, this award is dedicated to YOUs!

Can you imagine if I had read all that on the air? They'd sure to have cut me off at 'Lil Girls'.

So who will I take to the concert? Well there's a long list of people who I want to take. But I've narrowed down my choices to people I know will enjoy the music (i.e. actually know who SWV is and listened to them way back when) and who I will have a good time with. Fair enough, right?

After I picked up my tickets from the station (thanks for coming with me Cuong and Dev), we went to the employment centre and I scored a job interview tomorrow. And then I scored some cargo pants and underwear at Square One. Later, we went to Timmy's and I won a coffee from that Roll Up the Rim thing. Feeling lucky, I played Poker (I lost, but Mel came in 2nd so in essence, I won too. Haha).

So I guess in the words of Ice Cube, "Today was a good day."

P.S. If anyone has that Ice Cube song, send that shit over.


Kathy said...

Wow, you're lucky! Have fun at the reunion.

Anonymous said...

LOL!!! congrats on the win!- Vicki