Sunday, October 30, 2005

So You Think You Can Sing?

Admit it. You sit in front of your computers, listening to music, in the privacy of your own homes and pretend you're a Backstreet Boy. Or The Game (and confuse yourself for Young Buck?). Mariah Carey's probably been done a ton of times. And admit it. Sometimes you feel the urge to be Mike Jones.

How do I know this? Because I find the above ridiculousness all over the internet. This is just a sample of what I've seen. Everyone knows about those UCSD kids who actually go all out and make a whole music video of lipsynching (can't remember the website). I have a whole whack of similar shit taking up valuable space on my computer that I'm too lazy to delete (and similarly can't find the heart to get rid of!). I'm sure everyone who's reading this right now, I've sent them to you over the years (remember the RKelly Asians? I can't listen to "Ignition" without thinking of those geeky asians).

What's my point? I encourage you to dust off your webcams and lipsynch to your favourite artists! And then send them to me so I can upload them for the world to see! Insta-fame!

And whatever happened to the summer we planned to make a video ourselves, of Blackstreet's "Yo Diggity"? We need to get our asses a camera.

Let's face it, people. 90% of us lack the talent, looks, money to make it in showbiz. This is the next best thing! Fame on the internet! It's this generation's "get-rich-quick scheme" to becoming famous. You think Paris Hilton would still be famous if we didn't see her sex tape all over the net? Pah. The Simple Life sure as hell wouldn't have done it.

P.S. Watch that second video link. The future of our people, ladies and gentlemen. The tinfoil bit is priceless (sadly enough, I've seen a couple kids do this)

Saturday, October 29, 2005

An Eventful Friday Evening: Part II

Scroll down to the last entry for Part I.

So in case you were wondering, somehow SOMEHOW, Mel and I made the party. And I'm so glad I ended up going because it was fun. I just love themed parties and I loved how people actually got involved, and that surprised me. Nowadays there's just too many cynnical people around that think they're too cool to dress up and let themselves have fun.

I also loved everyone's costumes. They weren't as half-assed as I would've expected!

^Slutty Angel and her spunky sidekick, Bat Girl

^Oh, Konrad, stay away from the carbs! (w/ Mel)

^Is that the Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz? No! It's a Sean the Beer Keg!

^Cat and Slutty Schoolgirl Whitney

^Satanic Justin (those are actually Super Glued on!)

^Julius Caesar. "Roman Senator" Jeff corrected me.

^Omg! It's Rainbow Brite! (at first I thought this was just a bad ouftit, but after I realized who she was I thought it was pretty awesome)

^An example of the shannanigans we girls put up with

^One lucky Satan

^Satan and Slutty Angel, now there's a pair that should sit on your shoulders

And these are all the pictures I had on my camera. I look forward to exchanging with others from the party because this is what I could get since I arrived so late. I heard someone actually showed up as a penis. If anyone has that picture, you better send it to me!

In the pictures, you can't tell, but that halo is actually round. It was kinda too big for my head and just hung on. Looks like I'm just wearing Christmas garland, huh? Well it's actually Christmas garland and wire coat hanger. Boo-yah! And a special thanks to Sarah for lending me her angel wings, even though it wasn't really noticeable. Next time, I'm gonna find one of those big feather wings. Like in the Victoria Secret fashion shows! Hey...that gives me an idea for next year's costume...

An Eventful Friday Evening: Part I


It's (not) funny how weird things just keep happening to me out of nowhere, especially this week. It's like all these bad things keep happening to me as a way for the universe to balance itself out. I hope it's having a blast doing it. Fuck,fuck, fuck.

It's almost 5am now, and I want to go to bed, so I'll try to quickly rewite Part I of my particularly eventful evening.

All day I was scrambling to get my costume ready for Whitney's halloween party. The dilemma of the week was deciding what to be, which was narrowed down to slutty angel or a Pussycat Doll. It was finally decided that I should be an angel. I couldn't find my wings so off I trooped to Square One (which by the way is completely useless when trying to find anything at the last minute) and the Buck or Two near my house. All that was in vain, because Sarah ended up lending me her wings (after I bought some teeny tiny ones for a whopping $2). Mel and I were trying to dream up some costumes, less than 5 hours to the party. Luckily I managed to find her a costume (less than $1!!) and it was all settled. And then, this is where the weird, messed up part of my life comes in.

It all started at dinnertime. We were eating crabs and my mom somehow got a piece of shell lodged in her throat. She tried to gag it out, which I think made it worse and cut her throat. Off the to Emergency Room we went.

In 4.5 hours, I managed to curse to myself bout where our tax dollars are going. Certainly not towards the hospitals. Especially not towards the Emergency Room ward. I somehow managed to entertain myself as I waited in the car in the 10-minute zone (too cheap and lazy to actually pay and park because we didn't know how long we'd be there) with the radio and people-watching. A couple of my observations:

  • I happened to be parked in plain view of the garage where all the EMS trucks go from their deliveries. In the time I was there, 7 trucks came in. Like, half of them were seniors.
  • A middle-aged man in a wheelchair sat outside, next to a No Smoking sign, with a loud radio in his lap for more than an hour. What the fuck. Makes me wonder if our tax dollars also help those with smoking-related health-issues. And if so, fuck I want my money back.
  • I saw a woman in labour and that was probably the scariest thing I've seen in my life. I thought she was impaled with something in her body at first because of the wailing but, no. It was her contractions. Oh dear god, I'm never having children naturally. Fuck that shit. She looked like she was in the worst pain imaginable. And apparently it is. Yeah, I'm going Angelina Jolie-styles.
  • An inmate was brought in, shackled and orange suit and everything! I really wanted to know what his story was. It was funny that they had a seperate waiting room for him. It was him and this other guy in handcuffs in this room.
  • I was gazing at an aquarium and noticed a fish constantly swimming upside down. I thought that was odd, because aren't fishing swimming upside down dying?

Despite my attempts to stay in the car, and run back to the car every 10-minutes from seeking the warmth in the hopsital, I still managed to get myself a parking ticket. Bah.

As the hours were ticking by, it looked like I wouldn't be able to make the party. Which was such a shame. All that energy and time gone to waste.

We finally left the hospital at 1:15 am! However, the party was still on and I was determined to go.

Alright off to bed. G'nite.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Calling all fellow Fashionistas and Frugalistas...

In the recent issue of InStyle there was this luscious looking kimono top that I can't stop thinking about: I actually have a kimono top similar (but different colour) and an obi belt. However, the kimono is too big to wear as a top and it needs to be taken in a little. My question to the public is a.) does anyone know a good, yet cheap, tailor? I'm willing to alter the kimono, but I also need someone good because it's silk and it was a gift, and b.) does anyone know where I can find other kimono tops? I'm dying to pair this outfit with wifebeaters and jeans! Arggh!

Ever had one of those times where you study like a madman for your Negotiations and Medation midterm and you frantically try and condense two chapters written in incomprehensible English in one night, only to find out the next morning (around 8am) that the exam is open book and all the questions are taken out of another book? Yeah. Don't you hate it when that happens? Happened to me today. To top it off the midterm was FREAKING EASY, literally 10 questions. Needless to say, I got 90% (goddamn trick questions!) and I was exhausted, not because it was an 8am midterm, but from all the useless(?) information about mediation and negotiating deals I crammed in my head for the last 48 hours. *sigh.

At least I got another exam out of the way, and one less exam to worry about how I did.

Oh, btw. This is a notice to those with impending court dates for their traffic tickets: police officers will now be required to attend trials. So, no more relying on the "he probably won't show up" comfort. Sorry, guys. Sorry, Nam.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Sleigh bell rings, can you hear them?

Today I feel accomplished. I had brunch with the girls at Moxie's (mmm banana pancakes!), had a mini-makeover at the Lancome makeup counter (made off with some goodies) and did some 3-hour studying at the library. Yep, I've got it together.

I was walking through the mall and I realized I've got to start Christmas shopping soon. I can't believe we're nearing the end of October already and heading into November! The school semester is almost half done! Yikes. Where did time fly?

Actually I can't wait for the semester to end. Not that it was a bad semester (yet) but I look forward to the holidays: dinners with friends, snowboarding, ski/board getaway in Waterloo, unscheduled holiday surprises...

I'm not usually too crazy about the snow and cold weather here in the tropical trenches of Canada but I think this year I'll be a little less bitter about the weather. Although I still love the summer blistering heat, I'll give Old Man Winter weather a chance. Afterall, I resolved to be a less bitter, right?

Speaking of my resolutions I made at the end of the summer, let's see how I've faired..

-have a more positive outlook on life and just everything in general check (at least I'm trying to)

-don't sweat the small stuff check (I've actually learned to not care about alot of things including things I should be caring about)

-budget better >_< umm...can I justify spending $40 on makeup?

-don't take on responsibilities you know will bite you in the ass later on down the line, let other ppl do it (like planning trips!) check (somewhat)

-travel more (alot of places I really wanna travel to are either being bombed, flooded or terrorized) haven't had time yet, we'll see.

-less 'tude, more dude check (I hope)

-study harder (yeah, I threw that one in cuz I always say that although it never works) hmm, we'll see, so far so good so: 1/2 check

-be more independent, generous and a good role model check (a little here, a little there)

I also want to add "be an advocate" and "make an attempt to exercise". Yours truly is packing on the bulge, ever since Thanksgiving.

Okay time to make myself scarce.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Eat me, I'm done.

I got a 95% on my paper in Philosophy (time to start slacking now) and I treated myself to a new Nicole Miller wallet. Life is good again. For now. I've just surpassed my first of five midterms. I hope I can pull through by the end of the next three weeks.

A couple of my friends (from class) and I have been tossing around ideas about working for a real estate lawyer my friend knows in Markham next summer. It sounds promising. I told them I'd only work in Markham if it was a double-digit hourly rate and it'd likely be that way. I don't think I could do the 3-hour commute 4 towns over so perhaps I'll uproot and move to the land of the yellow. Ugh, do I really want to?

I've thrown around the idea of moving four towns away and wondered if I could do it. I'd miss out on so much, especially with my friends. And I don't think I could fare on my own over in Markham. Too much asian, not enough diversity if you ask me (although cheap groceries would be easily accessible). I need white, brown and black in addition to yellow. Nice place to visit, lousy place to live. Not to mention housing must be cha-ching over there. I think I'll sit on this a little longer, but it's still fun to dream about it.

*sigh. I'm so bored on a Friday night listening to the Pussycat Dolls CD.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

I know you miss me, I'm crazy now...

Anyone remember FinKL? I guess this entry is geared towards those who experienced the phenom that was ChinKL. Well the group FinKL broke up like, a few years ago. I think before ChinKL came to light, actually. Anyway, the four chicks of FinKL have since embarked on solo careers as actresses, models and solo singers. Of course the one that I think has been most successful is Hyori/Hyolee. Guys who don't even listen to k-pop know who she is, that's how hot she is! Anyways, by popular demand by, I guess, their Korean fans, FinKL has reunited temporarily to collaborate on a song. One song. One song to be released over the internet. Not even in album form. I don't get it, but who cares. Not like I buy albums anymore, let alone k-pop albums. Of course, as soon as it was released I so jumped on the bandwagon in the mass downloading that went down last night. Ironically, Hyori's new ad for AnyCall was released (internet-wise) last night too, so there was alot of bandwidth usage at my house around 10 pm last night. But I'll save the AnyCall ad for another entry. Allow me to enlighten y'all and reintroduce you to the 'birth mother' of ChinKL: FINKL!!!!!

No, I didn't cap the video. Some other lifeless soul from solid07 did.

The very first part of the video, no, the song made me laugh out loud as it reminded me of the times we'd sit and listen to FinKL's "Now" and laugh at their pronounciation of "satisfaction" ("sa-tee-fashon") and "crazy" ("cra-shee"). At the beginning of the song they go "Hey lay-lees! Hey fellahs!" (translation: hey ladies! hey fellas!). Teehee. I *heart* konglish.

The song itsef is okay. The video, I dunno how I feel about it yet. But at first it did remind me of the "Now" video where they sneak into that guy's house and be spygirls. I'm actually not sure what this video is about. A whole bunch of randomness. First, one girl is being all mysterious with a briefcase and sunglasses, and this guy keeps popping up. The formerly "fat one" is apparently playing dress up because she's standing in front of a mirror, lusting herself. And what's a video with Hyori in it without her dancing. She rocks. All I can really say is that I really wasn't paying much attention to the premise of the video (I probably will after watching this a million times) but I can say that I love love love their clothes. They're always changing outfits in the vid, which I like. Some of it is out there but I still adore the "asian fob fashion" and it's wackiness.

I encourage y'all to watch this if you guys want to see how each member of FinKL has fathomed after their demise. We all know how Hyori turned out but the fat one actually lost weight, and the baby-ish one grew out. I don't have the time, patience or the compassion to upload the video so if you want I can send it to y'all. I expect to be hearing from Nam soon.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Submissive to the College Lifestyle

*humps the air*

OMG Y'know when they say that when you drink too much coffee people get jittery? I think I have that right now. It's fucking insane. Like my hand can't stay still and my muscles feel so tingly! How can one (ridiculously expensive) small vanilla bean frap from Second Cup do this to me?

I intended on just getting some caffeine in me to hopefully keep me awake after a god awful boring class today because I was headed to the library to get some studying done (how typically college student-like of me: coffee + studying). I got the studying done, and I stayed awake. But I can't stop shaking! This is so weird because caffeine doesn't normally affect me too much, I just wanted anything to keep me awake after I passed out (open-mouthed) on the bus.

I should've known there was probably too much caffeine in it. I saw the guy (who seemed like a newbie) put in a cup of ice, like a quarter of a cup of coffee and like a shot of vanilla bean. It should be the other way around, man! Not that I'm a frappucino expert or anything. I'm just addicted to vanilla bean.

Actually, I've been addicted to fraps lately. Starbucks, Second Cup, I'm always on the lookout for these places for a treat. They say refraining from buying a frap a day will make you a million dollars in your lifetime.

There goes my Escalade.

Monday, October 17, 2005

The Attack of the Boyfriend Leeches

Checking out (my #2 stop for k-pop *rolls eyes*) and I was browsing the forum and came across a thread called "What is the CUTEST thing ur bf/gf ever did to you?" (yes, I know the English is bad, I assume most of these kids are teenagers or something). So I'm reading this thread and I come across these comments about their bfs doing stuff like this: he always drives me to tutoring on sunday's and makes me wkae up at 7am so he can drive me to his house and sleep while he makes me omlette and instant noodles for breakfast..then he drives me to tutoring and sleeps in the car for 2 hours until im done... Okay, the first part is sexy. But sleeping in the car for 2 hours? Is it just me, or are guys who do stuff like that annoying and not sweet? I don't know this chick or her bf, but I know I would be so irritated by a bf who had nothing better to do than to act like a stalker bum waiting for their gf! Am I bitter? Slightly. But I know I have the conscious mind to see a potential obsessor/stalker/if-you-leave-i'll-kill-myself types when I see one (thanks to a nice learning experience from highschool). And I'm not the only one! Kathy (who's with a bf) agreed, too, so I'm not a bitch (by myself)!
Kathy Lift me, won't you lift me. Above the old routine. says: i think this case may be an obsesion Kathy Lift me, won't you lift me. Above the old routine. says: it's possible to be obsessed with your gf or bf
I just realized I may have offended some guys (or chicks) who act similar to Mr. Sleep-in-the-car-to-wait-for-gf. And to you, well I'd like to know if you still see your guy friends after you acquired a gf. Do you still call them? Have you noticed they've stopped calling you? Do you remember their names? I guess what I'm trying to say is, boys and girls, when you get into a relationship with someone don't forget that you had a life too, before him/her. On the other hand, if you didn't have a life before him/her, hold on to them for dear life because it may be your last chance not to die alone/to have a sex life! Another belligerent message brought to you by yours truly.

Sunday, October 16, 2005


For some reason I've been majorly breaking out lately. It's so annoying because it's so bad that the makeup I have can't even cover it up. I need to get the thick stuff cuz I threw that out a long time ago when my skin was reasonably clear and there would be some days I didn't even put makeup on. *sigh. I dunno why I've been breaking out badly lately. I don't think my diet's changed, and I've been breaking out since I had my last rag so I don't think it's PMS-related. Could be because of stress, what with school, personal life and whatnot. It sucks that people don't even have to ask how my life is when it's literally written on my face.

Saturday, October 15, 2005


Last night was Alex's bday and we surprised him with a sexy cake and $9 worth of helium balloons. Hazzah!

^While waiting for the bday boy, we find some amusement

^Can you tell he's surprised? I clearly don't know how to use my camera

After much deliberation, we finally went to Vaughan to check out Dave and Buster's. "Chuck E Cheese but for adults" is probably the best way to describe this place. But it was still fun. Nam (and many of us) got addicted to those games where the machine tries to shove coins over a ledge. We totally made out like bandits, but not really because we spent alot of money on tokens trying to get our approx. 4100 tickets! I also beat Alex and Nam in Need for Speed. Living proof that asian women can drive right hurrrrrrr.

I had such a great time last night, a nice break from the assigment-midterm blizzard that has been fornicating on my life this past week and in the coming weeks. Thanks for the break, Minh...

...and Happy Birthday, Alex.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

I don't like using this word, but...'s the only way to describe this: OWNED!

^Python tries to eat gator, gator claws it's way out of python mid-swallow!

I can't even tell which is snake and which is gator, man. That's fucking nuts!

Godammit, I really need someone (Nam) to fix my damn computer. For the past three weeks I've been using my sister's laptop and it's getting annoying. I'm not used to such a small screen and such a flat keyboard. This is good once in awhile but not for everyday. Plus I don't have access to the printer and my 1000+ songs! I miss BoA and Namie!

I'm so proud of myself. Today I went to the library and finished my essay in a couple hours! YES! Usually if I had done it at home, I'd so be procrastinating and doing a paragraph at a time before I took a "break" before I wrote another paragraph. The library definitely helps keep me focus. And now I still have 3 more assignments to complete.


Monday, October 10, 2005

The Mullet is Back

Yes, you read right. It's back. Well not completely. For girls, it's come back as a big trend in Asia. In Korea, they call it the 'wolf cut' and of course, BoA defintely knows how to pull it off... For a split second, I considered this cut as well, but I realized that it'll take a lot of maintenance everyday to get it like that. And we all know how lazy I am...

It actually looks pretty cool on some people: ...or maybe not. What do you think? I've been contemplating on getting a new hair cut. The last one I had was probably at the beginning of the summer, the usual "Kim EZ" cut but perhaps this time I should go with something different (especially because Baby VOX is no longer existent, hehe). So far, I really like this: I suppose it is similar to the BoA one, but it doesn't look like it requires alot of work. Some input would be nice.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

A Little More Bass, A Little Less Guitar

Happy Turkey Weekend, everyone. It's not over yet, but since so much has happened, I feel like I should make one post before I finally finish my assignments. Friday nite, went out with Justin and the gang to Swiss Chalet for dinner, then went to Justin's for some drinking and Grand Theft Auto and then headed to Club 107, a rock club. I don't usually do rock clubs, but since it was Thanksgiving and I was told there was a "Hip Hop Room" I obliged. It actually wasn't that bad. Thanks to my sister's rock-music-playing, I recognized some songs and jones'd with some old school, back in the day when I actually listened to rock (Blur, Nirvana). Hip hop room was decent and that's all I'll say about that.

^At Swiss Chalet (I look like a whore)

They didn't let me bring a camera into 107. But I did finally realize how people "dance" to rock music: strobe lighting. It can make anyone look like they can move.

Saturday night: Dev's house! I was going to help cook, but my parents made me go out with them in the day time, losing out on homework-time. So I brought my homework to Dev's instead. Yeah, I'm that desperate to finish all this bullshit. But I failed dismally. Oh well. Who cares, because I had a great time.

^Mel and Kathy seperateing egg yolks

^An egg yolk flower

^Chef of the hour

^Nam and me (trying to do homework): the black turtleneck twins!

^Mel and Corey (another picture to put in the Many Faces of Mel)

^Me and Nam tricked Quang into getting dressed up. In the end, it worked out b/c he looked quite dapper!

^Before and After: mmm, chocolate mousse!

^Cajun Fried Rice, Maple Potatoes and Turkey (everything was so good)

^Andru and Cuong: "Time to eat yet?"


^Alex and Minh do the dishes

And of course, the usual poker...

And a few randoms...

Okay, enough picture-whoring. Back to work.


P.S. I kicked Alex and Quang's asses in wrestline. I rule.