Monday, March 20, 2006

Suddenly bartending doesn't seem so bad...

Aaaand the paps have arrived!

So not only Hayden Christensen and Sienna Miller an item, they are apparently also in town. And they've brought the paparazzi with them.

Does anyone recognize those garage parking doors? ^_^ Sienna, you look like a 15-year old boy. So do you, Hayden.

So today was my first day at the law firm, and I guess it wasn't entirely as bad as I feared. See, I was scared that I'd be tested on all the things that I'm supposed to know from my three years in college. Even though my classmates who have and are working in law firms say that they only use a fraction of stuff we learned at school in their jobs, I was still scared.

Today they started me off 'easy' and let me chill at the receptionist desk. I mostly talked to clients on the phone and processed payments. I guess it was easy, and I don't think I entirely failed at those tasks. But apparently I started my first day on a day that happened to be frenzied and busy. It's a good thing there were three of us there because I dunno how just two receptionists could handle all that drama we were faced with. Erratic clients, answering nonsense questions, handling inquiries. The erratic clients are what scared me the most, though. This couple came in ranting and raving that they "wanted their money back" and wouldn't leave. Apparently they thought I could handle them but I sorely failed. Let's just say that worst case scenario is when the lawyer has to come out and settle the dispute. Boy, did they argue for a long time...

On the upside of this job, as far as I could tell, is that the dressing is pretty informal (after all, this isn't Bay St.) and the pay and benefits aren't bad. I've never had a job where I got 'benefits', so this should be fun to use and abuse. hahaha. After the first day, I realized I learned quite a bit. A lot, actually. Which only means that I'll be learning even more tomorrow. *sigh

At least I get to start at 2 in the afternoon. Woot.

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