Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Paris Hilton Wannabes Bash Pink

By no means am I a fan of Pink ('P!nk' is not a word) but really, ladies.

I'm embarassed for Canada.

This is probably how I'd sing the US National Anthem too...

"...home of the free."? HAHAHAHA! Isn't it "home of the brave"? I could be wrong, but if I were to give an impromptu rendition of the "Star Spangled Banner", this is probably what I'd sound like.

Oddly enough, apparently not a whole lot of Americans actually know all the words to their National Anthem. Even with the lyrics right in front of them.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Model Inspiration

The other day, I was perusing the magazine aisle at Chapters, looking for something decent to read. Yes, read. Most people who buy magazines don't 'read' fashion magazines, but merely look at the pretty, glossy pictures. I just finished my subscription to InStyle but I don't expect to renew it because it took me a year's subscription to realize how garbage that magazine is. Well, actually it wasn't complete garbage, but it was the lesser of two evils when it came to that and the other bullshit they put on newstands at the checkout counter (note: it's Us Magazine, people. Not US Magazine).

Do people realize how much money they're wasting by buying those 'rag' magazines when you can easily access the same pictures through the internet for free and as soon as they were taken (the articles contain the most useless info in the world)? And if so, do they realize that they're also just paying for the pictures that support the paparazzi, therefore encouraging diseases like Paris Hilton to roll around in the sand with a wet crotch?

But I'm not here to speculate about the new spawn of Brad and Angelina (if I hear 'Brangelina' one more time, I will punch someone) or why the McCartney's are splitting up.

I'm mostly annoyed at how these magazines somehow breed atrocious fashion trends, like the leggings with mini skirt thing or those handdogs (handbag + dog = handdog). I hate it when people consider the likes of Lindsay Lohan or Jessica Simpson as 'fashionistas'. Sure, everyone's entitled to their own opinion, but I bet these people don't even realize that these chicks are each the product of a well-known stylist Rachel Zoe and her hobo chic-lovin' style. Credit should be given where credit is due. It's no wonder everyone's wearing the leggings, she has a ton of "A-list" clients who are well-photographed, who emulate her style.

It would be impossible for me to say that everyone should have their own 'individual' style, because there's just no way one person can have a unique style. Somewhere out there someone's done it, seen it. Instead, people should pick and choose a style that actually looks good on them, rather than what looks good on Mary Kate. Not everyone can pull off those long shirts (to me, it accentuates how big you really are) and if you're going to wear the leggings, wear the appropriate underwear, please.

Models are becoming a dying breed in fashion, and it's pretty sad. Gone are the days when models graced the covers of real fashion magazines. A 'fashionista' should be dubbed as someone who works somewhere near the field or at least has a genuine interest in fashion (and can distinguish styles between the two Christians, Lacroix and Louboutin). If those 'fashion magazines' want to be known as a fashion magazine, they need to start bringing back the fashion industry into their magazines. Fashion honchos, models and designers, instead of featuring only actresses and heiresses people who are famous for no reason. The closest to coming to this 'ideal' would have to be Vogue, but I haven't seen a Vogue cover model who was an actual model for three years.

And it's not only the magazines that have sunk to this new low. Lindsay Lohan for Chanel? o_0

You may or may not agree with my point of view (brainwashed!), but if you do, I'd like to make this suggestion: in my own research for some fashion inspiration, I personally like to check out model streetstyle because they've got the fashion industry influence, but they're still 'real' (as in fashion is not their life and they come from all over the world). Many of them have what we may call 'eccentric' styles but sometimes the weirdest looking things (and people) make life more beautiful.

Monday, May 29, 2006

So I guess it pays to be short...

Check this out: A judge gave this convicted child rapist 10 years probation, rather than jail time, because of his 5'1 height.

Alas! A useful benefit to being short! We can get away with crime! Oh, the things I could do to the people I hate, now that I know I'd get a more lenient sentence for my crimes...

You would think a person of my stature would find this a bit enlightening but from a paralegal student's aspect it's pretty ridiculous. The judge felt that this little guy would not be able to survive in jail because of his height.

Um...since when was jail restricted to only big beefy guys with stellar tattoos and a Juggernaut persona? I haven't read her full judgment but me thinks this chick has watched way too many episodes of Prison Break. If we start characterizing who should and shouldn't go to jail and base sentencing on their physical appearance, what's next? What about their sexual preference? Or even the type of crime they committed (child-killers and molesters are the most vulnerable in prison)? That's bullshit, lady.

If I were the judge, my judgment would be: "If you can't do the time, don't do the crime. And because you did the crime, all I can say is, DON'T DROP THE SOAP IN THE SHOWER!"

Sunday, May 28, 2006

...because I am a girl

So I would say I had quite the 'girlie' day today. And that's quite out of the ordinary for me. These days I've been feeling like one of the guys. I'm omni-gendered. ^_^

Went shopping this morning and then drove the girls to the beach for some tanning. Needless to say we weren't the only ones who had the same idea to go to the beach today (parking was hellish) but it was fun anyway. So many hot chicks, but most importantly, a lot of hot boys! I need to move close to the beach.

We Quattro'ed, read magazines, gossiped, played Trouble (or what it is now known as, Ownage) and ogled at hot guys (actually that was more of me staring and pointing).

And now I'm tired as fuck, so on with the slideshow...

I love you, Beach Bitches!

Weekends are for the fabulous

This heat! This HEAT! I love it, but darn it, it's gonna have me waking up earlier than my scheduled 1 pm start-of-the-day. The days have gotten longer and my sleep has gotten shorter.

For instance, I went to bed at 3 am and woke up at 9 am this morning. That's six-fucking-hours of sleep. I need at least eight to function properly. Wooza wozza...

Yesterday I went to Yorkville with my sister to go sample sale-ing and we ended up touring a fabulous 3 million-dollar home. It certainly was worth the $2.695 M asking price. I now have a new aspiration to become successful (or marry successful) to obtain such a dig in an area such as Yorkville. Real estate is my new hobby, friends. o_o

Another fabulous weekend brought to me by the fabulous Justin and his fabulous soiree last night. Gotta hand it to those Canadian-Canadians to cook a burger up right and throw a hell of a 'que, I must say.

I saw many faces, can't remember all the names, drank too much, ate not enough, there was furniture broken, shoes flying, shared many memories and I even went on a double date (somehow) in the midst of it all. Fabulous fabulous fabulous!

^Fabulous girls ^Oh, Sarah ^Not the best pic of me, but I still like it for some reason (fat and all!)
^Justin and me (on drink 1 of 2 and about to fall off my chair!)
^Konrad in all his glory ^Whit, The Face and Mark
^Guys playing the Sack ^Boys + Adam's gf ^More boys! ^Justin et al
It's so gorgeous outside, I think I'll do a lil beaching today with the girls. These 'Pale Whales' I call my thighs need a little brown. Adios, muchachos~!

P.S. The word 'fabulous' was used 9 (10, including now) in this post. That has to be a record.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Hi, my name is Lil and I'm a bored-o-holic

Andru has encouraged me to post another blog entry today to save me from my boredom. I think he also just wants something new to read to save him from his boredom.

This boredom is oddly enough, gonna make me broke soon. Once I've exhausted everything I had energy to muster up to do today (i.e. read, crossword, clean, attempt to make homemade iced tea), there's nothing like satisfying the urge to buy something and obtaining something new to fill a void. If only but temporary.

Whenever I leave the house these days, I always seem to come home with something purchased. Just yesterday on my trip to the library, I managed to come home with a new bra!

Sometimes I don't even have to leave the comfort of my chair! Good ol' eBay. I haven't bought anything from there as of late but I do remember that gratifying feeling when I've bid on something and then the page comes up, "You are currently the highest bidder". And then the climax of the whole experience when you've receieved the email that "you have won the bid". *click* "Pay Now" *click* Aaaaaaaaah.

As of now, I'm currently witholding my bidding finger from purchasing a "much needed" white hobo bag. A few things are holding me back from clicking away: conflicting opinions of the bag from a guy (Andru) and a 12-year old (Tina), and my prospects of going to yet another sample sale this weekend so I'll need the money.

I wouldn't say I'm addicted to buying (I swear, I can stop whenever I want!) but it's just the sheer boredom of my days that have driven me to this (I think this is how housewives become alcoholics). I don't believe I have an addictive nature, but I've come to the realization that I need to find something else to do that won't tempt me to give up on it before I retreat to the warm glow of my computer monitor and eBay.

I suppose even the most independent natures need something to be dependent on as some sort of comfort. Whether it be yoga or working on a car, anything that isn't too self-destructive and dibilitating on the wallet is good and almost 'therapeutic'.

I think this is what they call a "hobby"?

P.S. In case you're wondering, there is progress on my job search. Yesterday a financial advisor called me because she was referred by a lawyer, looking for an assistant. I expect to hear from her tomorrow.

Anna Wintour, you Prada-ed Devil, I love you!

From the New York Post's Page Six:

ANNA Wintour has a sense of humor, but there are limits. The icy Vogue editrix accepted Meryl Streep's invitation to Tuesday's screening of "The Devil Wears Prada" - which she wore - but avoided posing for a photo with Streep, who plays an icy fashion magazine editrix in the film. Wintour bolted from the Paris Theatre with her entourage as soon as the credits rolled, skipping the dinner and charity auction at the St. Regis. Wintour, whose entourage included boyfriend Shelby Bryant, daughter Bee Shaffer, and Dixon and Arianna Boardman, "thought the movie was very funny," said her spokesman, who also said Wintour never planned on staying for dinner. One insider denied Wintour purposely avoided posing with Streep, who had never met Wintour before publicist Peggy Siegal introduced them. "It was so chaotic, we couldn't set up the shot," said our source. In the chaos were Streep's castmates Anne Hathaway, Stanley Tucci and Bridget Hall, plus News Corp. president Peter Chernin and 20th Century Fox co-chair Tom Rothman. Martha Stewart, in the elevator after ward, said, "Wow! Who ever had a boss like that?" Silence.

Yeah, it's probably all publicity fluff, but this makes me more intrigued to learn more about Miss Wintour. She's so private, yet so coveted. I can't wait for this movie.

I think out of all those infamously wretched bosses (e.g. Donald Trump, Martha Stewart) I'd gladly take Wintour as a boss. I might hate her with all my being but I wouldn't mind doing it at Vogue. Va-Voom!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Junior Mints and Vogue: c'est la vie!

I didn't want to make it my third day in a row this week that I stayed home in my pajamas and watched Seinfeld reruns back-to-back (god bless Internet TV), so I put put on my clothes and went out into the sunshine today. Mind you, I woke up around 1 pm today, so by the time I left the house the sun was about ready to set. *shrug.

I decided that while I wait for someone to hire me (yes, wait. The resumes and good thoughts have been sent out, now I wait for the good word to come back), I should do something about all this free time I have. I ended up going to the library with my sister's library card (still have no idea where mine is) and borrowed three random books that looked slightly amusing because they either had the words "sexy", "thriller" or "fashion" written on the front. I bought a Vogue in case the books don't end up being sexy, thrilling and fashionable.

I also hit the shoe store because I needed a shoe fix. I told myself I would not buy any shoes unless they were the classic white 4-inch pumps I've been craving at Aldo (if anyone finds size 5.5 or 6, lemme know ASAP!) and still had a grand ol' time trying on fabulous shoes. There's nothing like trying on shoes you can't buy and spending the day by yourself to make your day. Seriously.

My "shopping" amounted to a big box of Junior Mints because I had a strange craving for chocolate. I think it also has to do with all the Seinfeld I've been watching.

"They're surprisingly refreshing!"-Kramer, "The Junior Mint"

Tomorrow's agenda: Junior Mints, Vogue, Seinfeld

Monday, May 22, 2006

The First BBQ of Summer '06

Who would've thought I'd have to wear a parka at the end of May?? Bah, oh well. That's Canadian weather for ya. And as true Canadians, we BBQ'd anyway, despite the bitter cold (which actually wasn't too bad --to those who brought parkas and gloves!) and the fireworks were well-worth the money. ^_^

Thanks, Dev, for hosting and cooking! ~_^

^Mmm, the "House Special": cajun fried rice
^The Master Grillers
^Kathy, are you eating or helping?
^Shinji and Quyen
^Brrrr! Waiting for the fireworks
^I dunno if you can tell, but I'm running for my life
^The stars? No, our fireworks!
^Errrbody watching the fireworks
^Eee! We screamed for ice cream, and we got it! ^Showing off
^Kathy and Mel
^Aaaaah. Pleasantly full.
Creds to Shinji for bringing a camera with working batteries and uploading!

This whole debacle lasted 10 hours, at least for me (6pm Sunday - 4am Monday). Whew.

The summer has officially begun!

Sunday, May 21, 2006

A good mother doesn't wear wedged shoes

This 'Britney, the Mother from Hell' fiasco the media is having a field day with, is annoying. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a fan of hers, but a front-facing car seat and tripping while holding a baby does not a bad mother make. I think it's quite amusing/pitiful that everyone has shunned her for almost dropping her kid because of her extra-long pants.

As atrocious as it looks, I don't think the long pants are solely to be blamed. Upon further inspection, I don't think she tripped on her pants, I think she just tripped over her, what looks like, wedged open-toed espradilles. If I know shoes, I would say these are one of the hardest to walk in. Way harder than walking in 4-inch stilettos! I have only two pairs of wedged shoes and I rarely wear them because whenever I do I risk falling on my face at least twice per wear (although I'm willing to risk a few embarassing trips because they still look good). If anything, Britney was stupid enough to juggle a cup and a baby whilst wearing wedged shoes. These shoes should only be worn, with nothing in your hands, and maybe a shield, because you'll need to break your fall!

And while Britney might not be the best mother (I bet she feeds the kid Cheetos for breakfast), there are far worse parents out there, who don't wear wedged shoes, that need to be put under similar scrutiny.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Over the Hedge

I'm not one for kids' movies but on a Friday evening and you're itching for something to do, any movie that's not The Da Vinci Code is a go-go. So I ended up watching Over the Hedge which, to my surprise, was fantastic.

Nowadays, these so-called "kids' movies" aren't geared to kids only. They appeal to the parents, the older siblings who were forced by their parents to take their little siblings and the bored young adults with nothing better to do on a Friday night. And with it being the late show, we were not the only young adults there (in fact, it was all adults, most of whom probably didn't feel like lining up for The Code).

The one reason I liked the movie, besides the obvious 'adult' jokes ("Are you going to help me find my nuts?") was because it addressed certain issues that everyone needs to be aware of, especially children: consumerism, the plight of the American diet, cruelty to animals, diminishing forests, suburban overload. In fact a couple other people noticed this too: "In addition to a few laugh-out-loud moments, this animated comedy actually manages to say something about the perils of our own modern-day, consumerist society. (Though it's not done in a way that's too overt or preachy.)"-Jeff Vice, DESERET NEWS, SALT LAKE CITY

I also found out the movie is based on an actual comic strip:

It's not as funny as Get Fuzzy so I have no idea why they decided to base a movie on THIS but talking animals are talking animals.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

"Shoes>women's intelligence" -Alex Doubov

I've been to a ton of sample and warehouse sales, but none have been as crazy and wild as today's Lacoste sample shoe sale at the International Centre. As boxes of shoes were hauled out, the shoes barely hit the table before they were snatched up by deal-hungry women.

I went with Vicki and her sister, but lemme tell ya, this was not a place to bring your girl friends. You'd be smart to drag along your boyfriend or male friends to help you grab shoes from the throng of women anxiously waiting for a new box to come out. Watching those women hunched over empty tables waiting for them to be filled with shoes was like watching starving orphan children waiting for their slurry dinners.

It's quite amazing to watch women go crazy for cheap "designer" shoes. You should've seen the men's side: clear and calm sailing. A lot of them were laughing at the women, amazed at how vicious we can get when we are bargain-shoe shopping. This one chick was lucky enough to scoop up a few pairs of the Lacoste ballet shoes (which were rare at that sale) and these ladies were hovering her like vulchers, waiting for her to try them on and discard them. Absolutely nuts. At one point, these two women grabbed the same shoes, but neither would give up their side of the shoe. I did not hang around to see what the conclusion of THAT dispute would be.

Lil' ol me was not ready to get maimed just to score some Lacoste shoes for $70.

Vicki actually got hit in the head with a shoe, and that's when we knew we were done. Oh well, it was still a productive trip since we made off with two pairs each.

While I was there I told myself that I would not subject myself to such brutality to score cheap shoes. It's really a prime example of what women are like in the real world that I absolutely despise. Women are mainly vicious and competitive with each other because men pretty much pit us against each other. Think about it: we're vying for the best jobs, we're balancing work and home life just to prove we can do it all, we squander tons of money for expensive makeup and clothes to look better than the next chick... do I sound a bit bitter towards the male population? I'm really not, I just wish women would be a bit more compassionate and realize we're 'on the same team'.

Is all that crazy-ness worth it in the end when you've got good-quality shoes on your feet and more money in your pocket than the next girl?

Sample Sales of note:

Club Monaco Warehouse Sale (hopefully not as traumatic as Lacoste)

June 7 - June 11 International Centre Hall 4

This is what happens when you're bored at the mall...

I caved. On a whim and whilst waiting for my sister, I milled around Square One and found myself at the new Sephora. I'm not much of a makeup fiend, but I admit, it is a girl's (or gay man like Bryanboy) haven of knick knacks and whats-its. Kinda like a woman's Home Depot. You need it, they got it. Men use Home Depot to fix a hole in their fence, women go to Sephora to fix a hole in their face.

For some reason, I can't seem to leave that store without buying something or telling myself to go back to buy something later. That day, I just couldn't leave empty-handed. A half-hour or so of pillaging got me a cool new product from CARGO, a Canadian makeup company, called Liquid Powder. Ladies, this thing is super cool. It's supposed to be like a powder, something you might use to set your foundation, as a primer or just for touching up, but it's in paste-form. After it's applied, I swear, it's baby-ass smooth and velvety. I've been looking for something like this to touch up my "14-hour wear" foundation after 6 hours of wear and lo and behold I found it at the over-priced, glitzy, product-of-American-company-invasion Sephora.

It's gotten me, people. I have arrived. I got sucked into the mecca that is American-retail-whoredom-itis.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Days Gone By

Aaaaahhh.. yet another wet day. Nothing different from what it's been like the past week. I can't wait for next week when it's expected to be 'dry and humid'. I do like my dry weather.

I actually braved the weather last night by joining a few friends at the pub for some wings and beer (root). That's about all the 'going out' I've been doing this week, mainly because of the weather. However, I look forward to the BBQs and pool parties planned in the coming months. Right now I bitch that I'm bored as heck but I know this won't last and pretty soon I'll be yearning for the days of doing shit-all.

The other day I found out an old friend of mine, who I haven't seen or talked to in years was in town. Okay, I need to be honest and admit we were more than friends and probably more than 'more than friends'. He pulled one of his vanishing acts and cut not only me, but everyone off. No one has spoken or seen him in years. Until now. As far as I know, he's contacted one person and it wasn't me.

I really didn't know what to feel, but I actually wasn't pissed, for some reason. I've never been able to stay mad at him. Maybe it's because he knows me better than anyone else and so he knows how not to keep me mad at him. But either way, I was a little shocked he never tried to contact me because he always seemed to manage to keep up with me, even when I was 'angry' at him. It really hit me, though, that we've finally gone on with our lives and we're not involved in each other's, quite possibly for good. It's very strange how when you once had a 'sure' feeling that you'd remain 'friends forever' at one time, that down the road you may not have the same feeling. I don't feel particularly awful about it, but it does give a sense of bittersweet closure. At least things didn't end off violently and emotional, which would have masked the pleasant memories we shared.

This realization made me think of the other important relationships, whether platonic or more, that have ended in my life. It really is important to end things as amicably as possible because there's nothing worse than having the lasting bitter taste of the relationship in your mind. It's not only bad karma but it forever locks away the potential of reconcilation.

When I finished highschool, I went through all the keepsakes I collected over the years, from kindergarten to the end of highschool. Every note passed, every class photo...right down to stupid little things that reminded me of what happened that day (ticket stubs from dates, bus transfers from trips). gasp! Yes, I can be sentimental. I came across a whole bunch of stuff that just reminded me of this great friendship I had with this chick in elementary school. We were pretty damn inseparable and wrote letters to each other all the time. We went through sooo much (as much as 10-year olds can go through) and then she changed schools. Although we still kept in touch, the calls and letters became farther in between and we eventually just stopped talking. Looking back, I felt uncomfortable about how things just ended so I actually wrote her a letter, seven years after we stopped being friends and just wrote her how much fun I had when we were friends. It sounds cheesy now, but I so don't regret writing it because it was a closure I was comfortable with. And I was pleasantly surprised she wrote back and updated me on her life.

So, as I approach the end of another chapter of my life (finishing college), I can't dwell on the sad and scary parts too much (being in "the real world"). I had some good relationships and even greater friendships that will hopefully last for a long time. But in the words of Utada Hikaru, "nothing lasts forever, I agree. But I wouldn't mind the possibilities."

Monday, May 15, 2006

Monday, Monday...

I remember when Mondays used to be a pain in the ass because it basically signified the end of the weekend and the beginning of yet another work/school week. Nowadays, Mondays are like Sundays and Saturdays: dull, eventless and the day is often spent wondering what to do later that day.

Being out of school and jobless has its upsides though. I now have the time to do all the things I was too lazy to get to during the school year that need to be done, especially when everyone else is off at work or school and aren't bugging me. For example, clean my shoes, reorganize my closet, file all my bank and VISA statements that I've strewn everywhere in the past year, get my G license, finish compiling my scrapbook, etc. I'd also like to include "seeing more of my friends I never get to see", which would involve a bit of travelling that I'm looking forward to.

A lot of these chores are mainly about reorganizing my life. I often say that I prefer organized chaos (i.e. my desk) but my life has been such chaos lately that it needs to be reorganized back into organized chaos. And no, my life will never be completely organized. ^_^

Sunday, May 14, 2006

If Gore was Prez...

I bet those Yanks are kickin' themselves now... (or perhaps this was their intent and there was a lil ballot stuffin' going on)

Never as young as I want to be

In lieu of searching for a new 'do, I stumbled upon these pics and thought they looked awesome! I really wish I could do this, but a.) the shortest lengths of my hair aren't short enough for this to work, and b.) everyone who knows me will know that I look like a rocker-wannabe, because this isn't "me". I also noticed the chick's shirt in the second picture and I believe her hair was inspired by the MySpace wonder that is Tila Tequila: I wonder how long my late nights of going out will last. I'm starting to feel the 'wear': fatigue of my body and wretchedness on my skin. Yesterday was no exception, although I did spend the day downtown with the girls. Last night I went to Krave nightclub with the usual clubbing gang. Expected it to be Asian night because it was hosted by Fuel Productions, but it was about HALF Asian and the rest miscellaneous. Not that I was complaining.

But I was complaining about the people who spilled drinks on MY SATIN GOLD SHOES and I got elbowed hard in the face by a crazy dancer (I hate being eye-level to people's waists!). The music was good, but we left around quarter to 2 when the music started to wind down to House. We usually bounce around 2-2:30, so we did what we always do when we don't want the evening (early morning?) to end too early: eat greasy junk food.

So good for the craving, so bad for the figure. "A moment on the lips, forever on the hips!"

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Kitchen Casanovas

Hmm. Turns out I was right: guys who want to cook for you is a ploy. They're called "Kitchen Casanovas", so ladies, beware!

However, it's not a completely terrible thing. I'd still consider this a nice gesture, and an even greater gesture if the guy can cook (what's the use if the guy burns the spaghetti and the girl has to take over and whip up something else?).

The bar has just been raised, fellas. Step up!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

First it starts with the music... then TOTAL WORLD DOMINATION!

Okay, for anyone who doesn't care for A-pop you might as well stop reading now.

Vanness Wu from Taiwan and Kangta from Korea (and formerly of H.O.T.) are apparently releasing an album together. This is definitely a must-see, Korean and Chinese (Mandarin). I wonder how they even communicate with each other because I'm pretty sure Kangta doesn't speak good English.

I kinda stopped being a fan of Kangta when H.O.T. broke up and I never really gave Vanness another thought because his hair generally pisses me off and I hated that rap group he was in. But now with this new cross-Asia collabo, I'm a little intrigued to see how this will turn out. Also, I'm starting to take notice how hot Vanness is (Kangta, in my opinion, still looks quite feminine. It's the cheeks!) despite the HAIR. This is the beginning: first the Asian countries will ban together and then take over the freakin' world!

"Everyone's gonna be a hybrid of Asian. There's over a billion of us. Sooner or later, we're gonna hump ya." ~Russell Peters

I hate the hair, I hate the matching outfits (I hate it when Asian guys get together and wear all white), I hate the ghetto-looking peace signs, I even hate the running shoes with the 'dress pants'. But darn it, it works and they still look hot.

I'm telling you, only Asians can pull of this kind of ridiculousness.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Hair today, gone tomorrow

Another 'blah' day. Didn't do much: woke up at 1, couldn't find anyone to chill with, went to the Career centre at my school to get some job leads, watched TV and took a nap. That's pretty much it. For some reason I find myself yawning and feeling lethargic a lot more lately. It's probably due to the nothingness in my life right now (or perhaps I'm slowing down from too much partying). This picture was recently brought to my attention. It's from last week's Rockell concert and I managed to be in the shot because I was right next to the stage. Do you see me? The only Asian, the smallest and the most overdressed (Answer: I'm far right, with the white clutch). I look at this pic and I've been looking at some other recent pics of myself and I think I'm in need of a new coif. However, the one thing I hate about finding a new 'do is finding a new 'do. The mullet's beginning to grow out, and although I still have the various lengths, it still looks like one length because I'm too lazy to style. For some reason, I think my hair seems to also grow out the same way, so it really doesn't matter what cut I get to begin with, it'll end up the same. -_- I'm just in the mood for a change.

I've contemplated a few options:

a.) Cut it short. I've asked around and I haven't received alot of good responses for this option.

b.) Get a perm. Perhaps I've been watching too much SATC, but I'm really feelin' Carrie's crazy wavy hair as of yet.

c.) Get that Japanese straightening thing. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz and $$$$$$$$$$

d.) Dye it. I've optioned this off and on, but I am eager to remain dye-free until I'm 25. I have this belief that anytime earlier than that, I'll become addicted to dying my hair.

e.) Shave it off, a la Prison Break's Wentworth Miller. Everyone seems to be doing that lately. Although most of those are guys. Plus, I'm scared of discovering the real shape of my head and I can't really find out unless I shave off my hair.

I think the option that's in the lead is the perm one. Although I wouldn't go completely wavy or curly. Perhaps I'll try that 'digital perm' that all the Koreans seem to be doing (half straight, half wavy). It's not unique, but dammit it's something new. Something to fill that void in my life right now.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

8-fuckin'-30 in the fuckin' morning

If you haven't gone to The Clothing Show, go go go!! True, today is the last day but an effort should be made.

I admit I was a bit skeptical about this show, mainly because it costs $8 to get in and naysayers who've gone said it was mostly of 'used clothing'.

"I have to pay to shop?!" I asked, when Jezrin proposed a 'Girl's Day Out' to the Show. She swore up and down that it was good and I reluctantly agreed since I rarely do 'Girl's Days'.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that the show was only partly 'vintage' and the rest of the booths were divided into sections like accessories and apparel. The Show was set up in the Automotive Building at the CNE with the booths lined up and divided by wares. It really felt like being in a fashion buyers trade show, where designers set up booths and display their designs and buyers get to pick and choose what pieces to put in stores.

I really had to work hard at not purchasing all the jewellery and clothes I loved. Many of the vendors were private companies and I was so impressed with their designs. It really inspired me as a designer wanna-be but I also realize how much work and time they put into creating their pieces and just thinking about it makes me lazy. And as much as I appreciate "new-and-upcoming" Canadian designers, I ended up purchasing an Elie Tahari dress and a scarf I plan on wearing as a top. I also purchased a shell bracelet and a gaudy koi necklace that were probably not 'handmade'. Each purchase was $5. I am a yahtz to cheaper goods that were probably made in sweat shops.

The Clothing Show is an excellent place for people who are sick of mainstream retail (me) and like unique clothes made by independent designers and don't mind paying extra for a "generis" piece. The vintage section wasn't too bad either. I spotted a pair of vintage Guccis even. And then when you leave the Show, you get a very chic razor (for women)! Oh, and yesterday this woman on the streetcar gave me one of her wristbands that gets free admission. I peeled it off very carefully so if you're interested and it's early enough and you wanna check it out, gimme a shout.

We spent about two hours at the Show and then made our way through the fashion district (fabrics galore!), Chinatown and Kensington market (best kept secret for good quality basics at warehouse prices). Thank goodness for the TTC Weekend Group Pass.

And then, later that night I ended up going to 13-person poker for the second night in a row. Gah, we all got beat by a 17-year old (not even old enough to buy a lottery ticket!) and I will now retire from poker for awhile. The novelty has definitely worn it's welcome on me and I think I should take a break before I am totally turned off with playing cards.

I also need to slow down the going out because it is doing a number on my health. I come home at ungodly hours in the morning and end up waking up at an ungodly hour later in the morning because the house behind my house (that faces my bedroom window) start construction at 8:30 in the morning. Even on a Saturday. You would think there would be something illegal about this 'excessive and irritating' disturbance but to my chagrin, it isn't. I took the liberty of looking up a Noise Control By-Law and apparently these people can begin their banging, sawing, whirring, Italian-music-blaring at precisely 7 am (except on Sunday and statutory holidays).

You would think I would be used to noise seeing how I live next to a major road that is toiled with traffic and semis, a block from a police station and fire house, and 15 minutes from the airport. But an open window directly facing very loud construction whilst I'm trying to sleep over a hangover is enough to make me want to rip my hair out. =_=

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Clubbing on a Wednesday: not so bad

I'll have to take back everything I said last week bout clubbing on a weekday.

Last night I went clubbing, but only to see the freestyle singer, Rockell perform at Lot 332 and it was fantastic. I'm sure everyone has at least heard one of her songs, especially "In a Dream". I couldn't find the video on YouTube, but here's a BoA Tribute video I found that has the song over it. LOL

How fitting it was that I went to listen to some live old skool euro music with Euro friends, including my old skool friends, Vicki and Konrad. At first, I wasn't feeling the music ("new" Euro music) until they played stuff from the 90s (Energy 108 days!) and then I really got in to it, singing and dancing on stage and everything. Gawd, I'm old (I wonder when saying that line will get old).

^The Grade 8 Crew: Vicki, me and Konrad ^Vicki and Mariusz
My petite self managed to nudge her way to the very front of the stage. It's funny how when I was dancing, it was all girls and then when Rockell came on stage, men were everywhere. There's also such thing as being way too close to the stage because you can't get good full length shots and your face is eye-level with the performer's bulging boobs.
Quite an impressive rack, eh? And this coming from a girl who doesn't like big boobs. It was quite awe-inspiring, especially because for their size, they weren't sagging and there were no stretch marks (and in case anyone was wondering, she wasn't wearing a bra). I later found out she just had a baby (OOOOH), but I've seen her older videos and the girl is still 'well-endowed' regardless.

And in light of the little debates I've been having with people, while I was in the 'gino' club, I honestly tried to make myself aware that I was the only Asian there (who wasn't a friend of the performer or a backup dancer or a random chick Konrad picked up from some club) and I didn't feel out of place. Perhaps it was because I had two drinks in me, but even standing in line I was more concerned that I was too overdressed in a line full of denim than about if people noticed I was the only Asian. This is actually starting to scare me, the fact that I can't primarily identify myself as an Asian in a roomful of non-Asians. I can't figure out for myself if this is a good or bad thing. Perhaps it is good that I am comfortable with my own skin, but does that mean I have lost touch with my culture? Hmmm....

Regardless of the face full of boob and a slight loss of hearing from standing nex to the amp, I had a great time and I think I'll go back there the next time I'm feeling nostalgic.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Ever wondered what celebrity you resemble?

Well, now there's a special site that will give you those answers:

Upload a picture of yourself, preferably one of you facing forward and bam! They provide you a list of celebrities your face resembles. I came up with some WEIRD results, like Eva Mendes (I wish I looked like her), Zhang Ziyi, Julie Andrews (Huh?!), Rachel Bilson, Vin Diesel (oh god!), Clive Owen and apparently I resemble Uday Hussein...

P.S. Haha, I've uploaded other people's faces (photos I happened to have on my computer) and this is what I got:

Jez = Oprah, Brandy, Heather Locklear

Mel = Gong Li, Lucy Liu, Diane Keaton (?!), Margaret Cho, Hilary Duff (haha!)

Bhupi = Colin Farrell (HA!), Jay Chou (HAHA!), BoA (HAHAHAH!!!!!!!), Winona Ryder, Albert Einstein

Dev = Alyson Hannigan, Anita Mui

Megan = Maggie Cheung, Mariah Carey, Beyonce (!), Keira Knightley

Nam = Aaliyah, Michelle Wie, Yoko Ono, Roseanne Barr (WTF)

Andru = Gong Li, Helena Bonham Carter, Truman Capote, Elisha Cutbert *hot!

Kathy = Chow Yun Fat, Kate Winslet, Namie Amuro (ooooh!), Kristin Kreuk

Iljya = Rachel McAdams, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Kristin Davis, Cameron Diaz, Prince Harry, Renee Zellwegger, Liza Minelli

Minh = Son Ye-Jin, Ashely Olsen, BoA, Eva Longoria, Chloe Sevigny

Sarah = Emmy Rossum, Jet Li, Kylie Minogue, Whitney Houston

Vicki = Peter Shilton, Katie Holmes

Alex = Jane Goodall, Maria Sharapova (surprise), Alicia Keys, Anne Frank, Brad Pitt, Bob Marley (I totally see his resemblence to Bob Marley, HAHA!)

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Patty cake, patty cake, microWAVE

Oh, another bee-yoo-tiful day. I woke up like, an hour ago and now I'm waiting for someone to call me out or an idea to pop into my head to do something outside (that won't require the use of my left ring finger).

My sprained finger is now in a splint and so, I'm officially disabled to do anything 'physical', including type. So I'm gonna keep this entry short with some picture posts.

Have a nice day.

^P-I-M-P ^Not a P-I-M-P ^The standard group-shot-at-dinner-table