Sunday, March 12, 2006

It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood

One of my favourite things to do now is to take a walk downtown, in the trendiest street in Toronto, on a bee-U-tee-ful day. Everyone's out in their post-winter/pre-spring garbs, shopping bags in tow, little dogs abound.

Yesterday I did that with Sarah, and I'm so glad she called me to go out yesterday. It's been one week of school-strikin' with no end in sight. After the second day of the strike, I've started to feel restless, and *gasp!* even started a bit of homework. In fact, I'm completing a project as we speak (multi-tasker extraordinaire!) and I'm trying to decide what I will do for the rest of the week.

So anyway, yesterday we made our usual rounds around Yorkville and Yonge/Bloor. There's nothing like doing a little window-shopping at Gucci whilst broke ("water, water, everywhere. And not a drop to drink"). That night we joined Paul for some Thai grub and some drinkies at the local watering hole (mmm, banana liqeuer + 7up! Thanks, Sarah!) and then poker with the guys. Aah, what a perfect day.

I also noticed that the more stores I went into, the more dogs I saw. I remember back in the day where dogs would be fully prohibited from stores unless they served a guiding purpose. And then gradually, people started sneaking in their tiny dogs in big bags. Now I'm seeing big dogs walking around (on leashes of course, but how long will that last?) in the store. I foresee an 'uproar' in the near future about this. Right now they're letting in the animals in the upscale places, where not alot of people might mind the expensive furry friends. But as soon as this becomes mainstream we will be hearing from the Health and Safety Board soon after I think.

I don't personally mind the animals, especially if they're well-trained and quiet. But I will be a bit more annoyed if my purchases start smelling of dog and I find myself slipping on brown matter in the store. No dog with my Hermes, thanks.

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