Monday, December 31, 2007

Short Dick Year

We got back to Mississauga from Vermont last night at about 10:30 pm. First thing we did? Stuffed our faces with cheap food at Pho. Mmmmm...

The trip itself was A M A Z I N G. I'm impressed with how much was done in such a short amount of time. The trip was 5 days long, but really we were in VT for three because we drove for 8 hours each way.

I will discuss the trip in more detail in my next entry as I am currently without my trusty laptop (and I'm on my eternity-slow PC) so I don't have my pictures ready yet.

I still have a ton of shit to unpack and to clean and I really don't feel like it. Every one has requested that I pull something together for New Years Eve tonight but I haven't the faintest idea of what to do.

I still can't believe the year is over. It really flew by for me. In a way, I kinda wish it wouldn't end right now because there are still some things I would like to savour from oh-seven. I had some good times this year. I conquered fears (white-water rafting), graduated from college, got acquainted with some new and old lovers and friends, finally started dating, and a bunch of stuff that really it took a long time coming. However, a new year is upon us. New hijinks, new drama, new life.

Or maybe not. Geez, it's just a year.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry seXmas to All, and to All a Good Night!

I think it'll be hard to top New Years Eve after last night's seXmas bash at Megan's. As anticipated, especially with the booze flowing, the party was jumpin' jumpin'. I can't even fathom how many people came to the dinner party but there was a lot. And once again, Dev outdoes himself with the food, both quality- and portion-wise.

I think we can all admit it was a crazy night. A big, ol' kudos to Megan for throwing a hell of a party and putting up with the mess, shenanigans and raucous (but really, it's not one of our parties without all of that).

It felt really great having all the extra-familia loved ones under one roof. The 'plus-ones' were great additions as well. Welcome to the family.

The one thing that was definitely missing from this year's party was Nam making some iconic moment in which he will never live down (i.e. "How face is my red?", eating topless, "This is the best potatoes ever!"). However, this year, the award goes to Cuong. The infamous Cottage Story where Cuong got drunk but there was too much circumstantial evidence to prove it, was finally confirmed. He spent a good chunk of the time in the bathroom that night. After I said, "Guys, Cuong's in the bathroom throwing up.", I have never seen a living room clear out so fast. Everyone had their turn to finally get a glimpse of Cuong yakking up his dinner. Theory confirmed: not only can Cuong get drunk, he can get totally wasted.

The night was not complete without our usual Poker game (everyone got 'Meliminated') and some Friends' Trivia from my new game from Mel.

Alright, time to get prepared for the next 'tradition', the annual ski trip ... to Vermont!

P.S. Special thanks to Vicki, Sarah, Mel, Whitney, Alex, etc. for dressing up. Kathy, that shirt is not 'dressed up'. lol

^Some of the plus-ones
^Megan handing out our Secret Santa gifts ^Could Kathy be any more eager to open her gift? ^My bling-bling 'engagement' ring from Nam ^Nerrrrrrrrds! ^CAUGHT ON CAMERA! ^Sarah looks excited ^Hehe, it looks like one of those huge gold chocolate bars you get for Chinese New Years. Gung hay gung hay! ^LOL @ Alex's Rosemary bush... HA! ^See Cuong? I wasn't your Secret Santa ^One out of 5000 group pictures we took. This is the only one where everyone was looking at the camera/not blinking/not talking/not ugly ^Like a kid on Christmas morning... ^Ohhhh, someone got something from Lululemon! ^The Euro Invasion: Croatia and Russia ^Now that's a gangsta pose, Minh ^I love my camera, I hate Alex's ^The We Love Vicki's Boobies Club! ^I'm not sure what Yuri was trying to prove; everyone can pick me up with one hand (and Kathy's in the corner eating like a shamed fat kid) ^The Russian loves the Finnish vodka ^Nick and some foxy ladies ^I think Cuong likes the grubs ^Mel is weary about eating the 'dirty' (sexually-wise) ham ^The line up at the buffet starts BEHIND ME! ^Sneaking some food before everyone ^The Guest of Honor: the Sexual Ham ^Yet another ruined picture of me and Alex ^Alex looks like a douche with the camera remote ^Mmmmmmmm ^Some Wii action from Meg ^DRUNK! ^LOL @ Nam's face ^Chef Dev ^The Hostess with the Mostest ^Can you guess what Wii game Corey is playing? ^*heart*!