Thursday, December 15, 2005

Do you prefer to GIVE or RECEIVE?

One... more... exam... to go!

Yeah, I really should go study but I'm feeling a lil lazy now. Perhaps I'll go in a bit. I feel like I haven't written in awhile and it's about due time for an entry.

So what have I been up to? Well, exams but I'm sure everyone is "up to" that. You can tell by reading just about everyone's MSN names.

I've also busied myself a lil with my mini-ski trip next week. Can't wait! Besides boarding, I really want to do some tobagonning as well. Maybe we'll do it on that little incline just outside Kathy's house. Hahaha, straight onto the street! I also can't wait to do a lil cooking for everyone and going to Dev's for Christmas dinner. Which reminds me, I need to finish everyone's gifts by next week. My sewing machine has been on the putz lately and I just figured out today that my machine was messing up because I put the needle in wrong. D'oh >_<

I really hope everyone likes my gifts. Or at least appreciate them. I have this thing about trying to get people gifts that show I'm listening to what they like and not just randomly running through the mall and picking up the first thing (or last thing, depending on how long I've been shopping) I find that I think that person will remotely not dislike. Alot of people get gifts that also reflect themselves, as the giver. It's hard, but I think that's appropriate seeing that you're the one giving the damn thing.

As for the receivers, I know how some people get with stuff they get, picky about colour, picky about value, picky picky picky. And I know noone really expects my gifts to 'turn out' (but I am grateful for those who at least have faith in me) because they will be homemade and noone sees me as a "domestic". Oh well. I guess the gifts will either make or break that assumption. Or I could take on this one girl's attitude I saw on TV, "If you don't like it, appreciate that I actually got you something this year or I won't get you anything next year". I think it's funny how people perceive the gifts they receive. I personally know some people who appreciate the thought, but I also know people who considers the value of the gift to determine what that person thinks of them. I won't name names, but you know who y'all are, and alot of you aren't ashamed to admit it. And you know what? That's okay. I think it's justified to think like that because not everyone should just appreciate the "thought". To some, value = thought. It doesn't make them a bad person at all. That's likely what they're used to, how they were raised or common in their culture. If someone doesn't put a lot of thought into a gift, it is pretty insulting. I guess it varies between people how people should represent "thought". Yeah, it is hard to shop for those people. The solution? Homemade gifts. Ha!

What's my definition of "thought"? A thought is not a feeling of obligation that you have to get someone a gift. I think that is proabably the worst "thought" of all because it doesn't necessarily mean you want to give the gift, but that you have to. I think alot of people are guilty of it. I admit I'm guilty of that as well. Sometimes.

So as the close of the year nears us, perhaps we should stop and think about why we give gifts around this time of year. Without getting into the history of gift-giving around Christmas, I personally believe it is like the snowy version of Thanksgiving. We give gifts to show our appreciation to a certain person for being a good friend, driver, postman, lover, whatever and be thankful to them for being there. Whether it's desgner label glove or a very fruity coloured Christmas sweater, we should give gifts to show someone how we feel, and not just because we feel the obligation to burn a hole in our wallets.

P.S. Yeah, it's already been brought to my attention that I tend to analyze things too much and ask too many "useless" questions. So how 'bout this entry never existed and I'm going to go prepare for my final exam?

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