Sunday, November 27, 2005

Milton is the land of the gold rings, but no Tim Horton's to be found.

I didn't do much this weekend. On Friday, I went to class for no reason. We were supposed to use the class to work with our groups (i.e. no lessons, waste of time). Since I had so much time on my hands I decided to finally going to Home Depot and find rings for purses I plan on making.

I hate Home Depot. Yeah, I can find everything I need there, but not without the aid of the experts in orange aprons who are either nowhere to be found or conveniently busy with someone else. The place is just so overwhelming. I could only find silver rings (not even the size I wanted, but I would have to settle), so I asked about spray-painting it gold (I really needed gold rings). Turns out I would have to sandpaper, prime and then I could spray paint it in this really cool paint that literally turns things to gold. Alot of damn work just to get gold rings but dammit I cannot settle for less. $15 later, I lugged two cans of spray paint home on the bus and I was satisfied that this was the only way to get gold rings because I checked just about everywhere else. Today I went with Dev to Milton to find a car at the car auction. While we were in Milton I was directed to this store called Ab$olute Dollar that has a good supply of craft goods...and I found gold rings...a bunch for $1! @$#&%~! Let's just say, I hope I can find my receipt from Home Depot.

Thanks to Dev for showing me the fantastic store that is Ab$olute Dollar. And a very special thanks to Davis for spending 3 hours with me looking for the rings when the whole time it was in Milton, of all desolate places. *sigh. That place has no sit-down Tim Horton's but they have gold rings. I hate how Fate works like that.

I made two purses this weekend. I'm really proud of one of them I made. For the longest time I wanted a bag just like the large Gucci Horsebit bag. I didn't want to pay a few hundred dollars, and I hate being a label-whore so I vowed to make my own. How hard could it be? A couple of sketches later, I came up with a pattern and set to work on it. I think sewing/designing is my new therapy. It distracts me from everything else and I'm forced to focus and use my brain on one thing. Plus my determination to finish a project in one sitting instead of putting it off keeps up my stamina.

I think I spent about two hours on it. The toughest part was putting in a zipper pocket on the inside. I hate working with zippers because they always seem to break my needles when I run over the teeth (which I guess I'm not supposed to do) and this time it took me a long time trying to avoid the teeth and getting it straight. Well, I gave up and it's kinda crooked, but what the hell, it's on the inside but it's still functional. The finished product: Let's compare...

Yeah mine looks alot 'saggier' than the actual Gucci one, but that's because their's is canvas and mine is this drapery-like material. I just liked style of the bag and the argyle pattern, except I foolishly forgot to realize that the diamonds should be running vertical, not horizontal. D'oh! I used an old grey leather belt for the handle, and those are the rings I got from Home Depot. I'm actually quite proud of it, though I am still annoyed about the way the argyle pattern is running. Bah well.

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