Sunday, November 27, 2005

I Came to Play

I can't decide if I like Natalise's new album. Her sound seems to have changed from her last album, which was poppish/dance. Her second album seems kinda tongue-in-cheek and rock-inspired.

As much as I think it'd be cool for more Asian musicians to make it big here in North America, I listen to Asian-American musicians like Natalise and I can kinda see why alot of them are 'underground'.

I have a love-hate thing with Natalise here. At first, she looks like a typical Asian import model. Nothing against import models or anything but sometimes they're just too much. Too much makeup, too much blonde, too much of too little clothes. And their voices. Ugh. Check out her latest vid (there's even some lesbianism going on!). Her speaking voice is sooo irritating.

But I also can't help but like her music, although I still don't know if I like her lyrics. Her voice is alright, nothing spectacular, just something I'd expect from a girl like her. I'm glad she didn't fall into pop music, like she was advised to. And I guess she is pretty, in an Asian girl sorta way. But she does have a nice body, attributed from the dancing I expect. I'm sitting on the fence about her new 'image'.

It's interesting how the image of Asian-American musicians is different from Asian-Asian musicians. I would never imagine innocent BoA wearing nothing but a fur stole around her neck and saying "get me off!". It's kinda sad how Natalise uses alot of sex, for whatever reason, to appeal to the Asia-philias out there. But I guess that's the only way to get things done around here, huh?


Kish the Dish said...

You think that's sad? I just found out that Charlotte Church sold out and went all Lindsay Lohan whorish. It makes me want to cry.

spinderella said...


I've actually known that for awhile. Apparently she's stopped doing opera and everything. She's gone pop-whore, and there's rumours of a sex tape.

Who knew opera could do that to a person.