Tuesday, November 29, 2005

My Big Entry of Grievances

It’s a pity how I’ve somehow lost my drive to excel at school.  I’m not usually a big procrastinator but somehow I’ve managed to leave quite a few things to the utmost last evening before a due date.  I hate it when this happens to me because it leads me to give empty promises (“I’ll have it done for you tomorrow”) and rushing everything.  Usually I at least start a week before the due date, but my head’s been in a tailspin lately.  I’ve lost my stamina to even try at anything anymore.  Right now I’m in the “as long as I get by” mood, which sucks what with one and half weeks of school left.  Someone needs to mentally and physically push me towards December 16 because I feel like I’m slowing down while everything else is pulling ahead of me.

A few disgruntling observances from the past few days that I need to get off my chest:
  • This woman with a carriage was trying to get on the bus, which happened to be the old one where you need to climb steps to get on the bus.  Noone would help this woman with her carriage to get on the bus.  Not even the bus driver! “If I hurt my back, I don’t get paid!  This isn’t part of my job” he explained, as he reluctantly got out of his seat to take part in the “back-breaking” task.  To top it off, the people on the bus were laughing at this woman when she couldn’t get the carriage on herself.  I would’ve helped, but I was sitting window-seat next to one of the laughing assholes.  Altruism is truly rare nowadays.

  • School kids who feel the need to take up a two-seater by propping their feet up on a full bus need to be tossed off the bus.  You didn’t pay for two seats; you paid for at most, one.  Non-punkass teenagers are truly rare nowadays.

  • Uggs are not meant for trudging through water.  Just snow.

  • Is really strong body odour transferable?  I sat behind this woman with awful body odour (this isn’t an ethnic issue, definitely a hygienic thing) and when I couldn’t take the smell anymore, I moved.  But I could still smell her.  I finally got off the bus, and I could still smell her.  I smelled her on the subway.  I smelled her on another bus.  I smelled her in class. WTF!  I wonder if her smell was just stuck on me or if it was the memory of her I “smelled”.

  • I hate it when people don’t keep their word.  I mean, really hate it.  Those who have crossed me with their unreliability have experienced my wrath.  Don’t let it happen to the rest of you.

  • I think one of my professors is randomly marking papers.  He gave my friend a low mark.  When she asked him what she did wrong, he admitted he didn’t know why he gave her that mark and that she did very well and then gave her a higher mark.  Huh?!  It really irks me that he’s doing this and I don’t think there’s much I can do (even though I also returned my paper and got a higher mark too, but what about my others?).

Hmm, I wonder why I’m complaining more than usual.  Must be that time of month.


Kish the Dish said...

If I recall correctly, smell is the sense which activates long-term memories most readily.

I've just finished War and Peace (a must-read). Tolstoy writes: 'People of limited intelligence are fond of talking about "these days", imagining they have discovered and appraised the peculiarities of "these days" and that human nature changes with the times.' His observations so often seem keen and accurate that I've found I've stopped using that phrase... in any case, it's certainly food for thought.

Sarah said...

why are you a dish paul?

Kish the Dish said...

I'm an attractive woman. It's a Mallrats reference:

[Brodie introduces Tricia to T.S]
Brodie: T.S. Quint, meet Tricia Jones. They call her Trish "the dish".
Tricia Jones: Nobody calls me that.

spinderella said...

Gee, Paul. Kick me when I'm down. You think you coulda called me stupid in private rather than publicly on my blog?

Kish the Dish said...

Sensitive! I did say that I was doing the same thing until I read that line - that would make me stupid, too.