Sunday, December 04, 2005

And thus the pandemonium begins...

The Christmas shopping. The assignments due before exams. The gotta-gotta-study for exams. Okay, perhaps they're not "pandemoniums". The pressure of all of them can very well add up to maybe something a lil less pressured than a "pandemonium". More like a "hubbub", because after all, we did see this coming.

I went to the library today to get a "headstart" on some studying. I say headstart with a little mockery, especially after realizing that probably everyone had the same idea as me as the library was packed. I could not find one solitary quiet corner of the library. I settled for sitting next to a huge bay window, which was a very bad idea because everytime I sit near a window I tend to gaze outside and daydream. And daydream I did.

I was in plain view of the skating rink across the street, in front of city hall. *sigh. Along with the snow falling and the bustle of people outside, I really really really wanted to be outside skating. Today would've been perfect, too. It wasn't too cold that it was a suitable no-need-for-two-pants day, yet cold enough to just want to hold on to someone (or something, haha) while skating around that teeny rink.

I think my efforts to study were all in vain. Which was a shame, really. You would think reading about "Sex, Contraception and Sexual Conceptions" would at least hold my attention for more than 15 minutes.

Went to Square One to pick up some art supplies and wish I didn't even go in. The mall was packed. People everywhere, shopping bags flying and me, swerving between annoying people who walk too slow. The worst are the ones who are walking at a good pace where I'm following right behind them and then they stop suddenly to either look at something or for some other nonesensical reason. People in crowded malls ought to travel as if they were cars on a highway or road. Pull off to the 'shoulder' (i.e. towards the store) if you need to stop, don't stop in your tracks, otherwise I will be huffing by you trying to swerve out of the way and you might, just might, feel the wrath of my big purse knocking into you. And you should know people are behind you so keep up some sort of consistent pace! Ugh!

A little shopping etiquette tip brought to you by me.

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