Thursday, December 22, 2005

From the "Tropics" of Waterloo...

Hey. It's the total opposite of tropical weather here, which is great. It took us five hours to pack up, shop and finally leave Mississauga, but goddamit, we made it. What I have discovered so far:
  • Dorm life is gross. Like, really. I am going to nix the idea of ever living with a roommate I don't know because for all I know they could be drugged out people who don't do the dishes, leave marijuana paraphonelia (sp? i'm drunk) out, don't take out the garbage and have parties when I have exams. Instead, I will screen my next roommates, even if they're friends. I'm not too hard to live with, but all I ask is you just wipe down the table every once in awhile. I'm leaning towards the option of just living by myself, in a high-security area, just easier.
  • Amaretto + Coke = yummy! I had a whole thermos full. I am not sober.
  • I thought packing for a ski trip would be lighter than camping. So wrong. Five snowboards + two cars + seven people (one on the verge of puking), you do the math.
  • Dorm life is gross.
  • No one reads my emails!! C'mon people! I made a detailed email with the itinerary and even info on the ski place we're going to, and people still have the nerve to ask me questions that have already been answered! <-- haha I sound like a bitch, but it is frustrating when you put a lot of thought into something and people just "skimmed" it (stupid, Alex). Oh well. Lesson learned, I suppose but I know I will just do the same thing again.
Since we've been here, the guys went midnight-boarding, I did some cooking, we played Cranium, we played Jenga Truth or Dare (hilarious pictures soon to come) and I've just sat around watching TV for hours.

We all want to wake up in the morning to hit the slopes early. But alas, it's 3:00 in the morning and some people are playing poker, watching The Daily Show and I am blogging. I'm a lil dismayed that I left my USB port for my digital cam at home, because I would upload pictures. Oh well. That will have to wait.

I'm wide-awake right now. I know I should go to sleep because I will end up going down the hill face-first on my stomach tomorrow from lack of sleep. Everyone's like "yeah, let's go at 8:30 in the morning!" but I know I'm going to be the one trying to get everyone up by noon. BAH.

Alright, I gotta go pee for the millionth time tonight. *sigh.

Wish you were here!


Kish the Dish said...

Dorm life may be gross, but res life is awesome.

There are immense benefits to being in a suite where you've got your own bedroom, two bathrooms, your own kitchen, great roommates and freedom from parental tyranny - don't knock it.

spinderella said...

I'm not "knocking" res life. Who said anything about that. I merely complained about the hygenic aspect. I never said that dorm life isn't fun. I'm having a blast, thank you very much. I'm with awesome friends and I'd do this again in a second. Just in a different setting.