Sunday, December 25, 2005

O Rly? Waterloo-Chicopee trip in pictures

We're such photo whores...
Road trip!
What didn't we do on the trip? My gift to Alex: Truth or Dare Jenga...

^Girl on girl action...eskimo kissing

^Aww, a romantic moment with a broom

^Man on man action, my favourite kind: the Russian kind


^Man on man and male competition? *drool

^Oh, Alex. Just wait for someone to answer the door...

And the moment we were all waiting for... Chicopee!

Chicopee was quite nice. I really liked it there. Wasn't too crowded when we got there, which was around 2 pm. They've got a lot of runs, from beginners straight to the most difficult. I attempted one of the "most difficult" hills. It was good. Nam and Yuri took quite bad falls from what I heard. In fact I think most of us did, since half of us were newbies. Aches and all, we all had a good time.

Christmas to me, is the most romantic holiday of the year (Valentine's is just lame). But Boyfriend or no boyfriend, I'm not feeling lonely at all this Christmas. ^_^ Ya, rly.

^The last day: attempting to finish all the food

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