Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Time Well-Wasted?

I recently came across this article and it instantly brought back memories of me in highschool (because that is exactly how juvenile this Paris Hater party would be if this rumour is actually true) when at one time in my youth I, too, plotted out a party to celebrate my hateration of a certain someone. Yeah, can you believe it? I was actually a bitch back then. Ha.

But alas, I've grown and I've matured. Still have that hateration towards that certain someone, but I've learned to be a bigger person and realized there are better things to do with my time. It's such a coincidence that I came across the article exactly one month to my 22nd birthday and I remember that particular point in my life when I was as juvenile as that. I can actually say "at one time in my youth" as if "my youth" was another era. It sorta is, because as I'm entering (er, still in?) my 20's, I have to start letting go of my past life and focus on my future. Such a Hallmark thing for me to say, eh?

The other day I went through my box of letters and journals that I kept throughout my childhood and adolescence. Yes, I still keep them. I kept every single one of them. Why? Because I have an awful memory and I want to remember my good memories. And it's a good thing I wrote things down, otherwise I would've totally forgot about certain mementous moments and laughable experiences.

And now you know why I document my life in pictures these days, because in two weeks I'll forget everything I want to remember. You guys scoff at me now, but wait and see in 10 years when you'll really wish you had that picture "from the time we all skinny-dipped in the lake"<-- that has yet to happen, but you'd sure like to have a copy of that, wouldn't you?

I found this wonderful website and I'm randomly typing in videos I used to have but don't have anymore. I think some of you (precisely, 4 or 6 of you) will appreciate this. I watch this and I'm thankful we just choreographed our own dances after that one, eh ChinKL? Remember how we really wanted fans so that our hair would blow like theirs did? Haha, we were so lame but I loved every moment.

Okay, enough living in the past. Time to live in my present.

Edited to add: the VIDEO

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