Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Mullet'd, continued.

Well today I actually dared to actually style my hair as intended, without hats and without bobby pins. I think my hair has calmed down. Bangs are still a little short but I managed to solve that by taking some longer pieces and putting them over the shorter parts to make look not so short. Ha.

I attempted to take some pics but... the pictures don't really do it justice, in my opinion. So I'm not gonna post them. I'll probably post some pics in the future but I don't really feel like it today. But I really like my new coif. I guess I'm not having a very photogenic day.

But I'm not too bummed. There are worst photogenic days...

I'm way too lazy right now to look for his outfit from this picture, but I think this picture is just enough for one night, oui? *tosses Rodman a tube of my eyelash glue

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