Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Mullet'd... to be continued

Ola. Didn't go to class today because it was all presentations and I was one of the lucky ones to go on the first day (two weeks ago) and I really didn't feel like waking up for the 8 am class and sit there for 2.5 pointless hours.

SO, I finally got my hair 'did' this morning and then went to the library for some studying. The hair turned out okay, of course, not as good as the pictures I showed her (because, when does it ever turn out exactly like the picture?). Gonna wait a good two weeks or so for my hair to get out of the o_o phase and perhaps I'll take pics and compare. The bangs are way too short, but that's to be expected because I don't think anyone ever learns that when you cut bangs, you should cut them longer than you actually want them because they will bounce back up. And never cut them wet. Well, this is what I get for going to a small Asian salon in Mississauga (but I've been going there for like, 10 years and I just don't learn). For now, bobby pins are my new favourite accessory.

I really wanted to go to a sample sale today since I had a whole day to myself, but alas, I woke up too late from watching a bunch of late night TV (did you know they played Friends and Sex and the City at 11:00?). Boo. Perhaps this weekend.

Tomorrow I'm meeting Sarah for breakfast and I have to beat her to the restaurant! So, good night!

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