Saturday, December 17, 2005


A fantastic end to a semi-fantastic semester. I say semi because I think I'd have liked the semester more if I were more confident about how I did on the exams this week. *sigh. Oh well. Not much that I can do now, I suppose, but wait for grades to come out in a week or two.

Went out for lunch with April, then went shopping. Found some FABULOUS Coach Solaris boots with a rabbit trim for just $200! I'm really contemplating it though. I really want boots that won't get my feet wet (stupid Uggs), yet will keep my toes warm (like my lovely Uggs in non-wet weather). Dunno if I can justify $200 on yet another pair of boots this year (not to mention the shoes I've got that I don't even wear as often as I would with boots). What do you think?

Yeah, don't mind the look on my face. That's just the look of a haggard person who just finished her final exam. I put the boots on hold for a day, just to see how badly I want them. Needless to say I didn't think too much about them tonight, so... *shrug. Made off with some equally fabulous gold running shoes for $8 bucks, though.

After shopping, I went to Vicki's for Mariusz's birthday. Had some fun with Mario Party and had way too much food (but so good, bubs!). And then AFTER that, me and Sarah hit Republik.

Why I agreed to go to another rock club? I dunno, but they did have a hip hop room which I was ever so grateful for and spent about half the time in there. Even danced on stage. Even got Sarah to dance on stage! That was fun. Kinda wish I could've stayed in there longer, but alas, it's a hip hop room on a rock night, so what can I say?

I've also noticed that going to rock music nights at clubs isn't entirely bad. It's kinda entertaining just standing there and people-watching. Not to pass judgment... but okay. The place is the place for people to go who CAN'T DANCE. It's the perfect place, because, well you can't really have a certain dance movement beside thrusting your head (or hair?) from side to side, to and fro to the fast-paced rhythm, or jumping up and down and bumping into people. You can't really be a "bad dancer" there! Which is nice because at least you know everyone's having a good time even if they can't dance, but they love the crowd and the music.

I witnessed a couple of interesting people. One to note, this insanely skinny brown man with a waist to die for did a lil sexy dance for me (to show me he could sexy dance) and I was a little in awe because he shook his hips better than any woman I've ever seen! Could've easily been gay, but I later saw him grinding up on some woman (dancing better than her, of course) so I'm just gonna assume he's one of those over-metrosexed gino guys. Interesting. Wish I got his number, could've learned a thing or two from him.

Came home a lil earlier than usual, but that was good because PMS has started at an ever so bad timing and my head has been throbbing all day (but oddly enough didn't hurt at all when I was in the club) and I've been popping the Extra Strength Tylenol like candy all day.

Alright, I'm going to go to bed and hopefully regain some of my hearing.

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Kathy said...

I like the boots. They look warm yet fashionable. Hehe.