Friday, November 25, 2005

I Bid Adieu to You, and You, and You...

I had to bid farewell to some dear friends of mine. We had good times in the spring and summer, and now they have to leave. BUT at least they'll be back in about 6 months and I'll probably acquire new friends then. So that's okay, but still bittersweet.

I spent my evening pulling out my winter wardrobe and putting away my summer. Why now? Bored. And the snow outside is my signal that I can't keep the mini skirts hanging in my closet any longer.

Good bye short shorts. We had some good times and I can't wait till I see you again, thanks for the nicely tanned legs. So long strappy stiletto sandals, we'll do lunch al fresco in May? And farewell to my dear dresses, jerseys and bikinis. It won't be long till you'll be in my arms, my darlings.

Taking a glance at my inventory, I really wish I had my own space. I could really use it (and before anyone goes on a tangent about my "excess" amount of clothes, I assure you they are not being wasted. They're appreciated). I dream of the day for my own walk-in, shoe shelves and boutique-style racks and everything.

It seems that I'm at the age where taking the future into my own hands is a closer reality than it was 3 years ago. It's time to start putting things into perspective. Career stuff aside, where do I see myself in two years? I'll be around 24 (OMG!) and I definitely don't want to still be living in the house I grew up in.

Maybe I'll move on up, like the Jeffersons. "Up to that deluxe apartment in the skyyyyyyyyyy, we're movin' on up!"

Actually I doubt I'd want to live in an apartment. I've lived in a house my whole life. It's ground-level or nothing. Hahaha. Besides, I've heard many horror stories about living in an apartment. 5am fire alarms, cockroaches, the permanent smell of ethnic food in the hallway. What I really really want is just to buy my own house. Once you've purchased your own abode, you'll know you've made it (that, and owning an Hermes Birkin bag). I don't know much about investing or real estate but buying a house is where it's at!

How ridiculous would it be to convert one of the bedrooms into an Oprah-fantasy-like closet! *lightbulb goes on*


Kish the Dish said...

Condo != apartment? Check this out.

Kathy said...

I thought we were going to get condos overlooking the lake! It will be ours Lil, it will be ours.

spinderella said...

I know, Kathy.
Perhaps we'll rent condos for a few years when we're first on our own? I don't know if I can imagine living in a building for the rest of my life. I hate riding elevators.