Friday, December 09, 2005

Kristin Davis, how do you never age?

Does anyone remember her from way back when, when she played that psycho bitch (well, one of those psycho bitches) on Melrose Place? Damn, I miss that show. I remembered she was obsessed with Billy and I think she died?

I've seen her around TV, like on Seinfeld, but I didn't really get to see-see her until she became Charlotte on Sex and the City. I've been watching reruns just about everyday and I've realized that this is the only white woman I've seen that doesn't seem to age. I mean, wasn't Melrose on, like a decade ago? She looks the exact same as I remembered her! (I guess I can throw in Heather Locklear into that ageless white woman category) From Melrose to Sex to now:

On another note...

I need this!

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