Thursday, December 29, 2005

The limit's been reached

Wow, I spent under $20 at Vaughan Mills. That is truly some self-control right there, people. Right now I'm so loaded on Starbucks Frappucino, I don't think I'll be able to sleep tonight (but thanks for assisting the barista, Brandon!). I think I've truly reached the capacity of stuff I can possibly have -- for now.

The second week of my winter break is drawing near, what have I achieved? The year 2005 is drawing near, what have I achieved?! I guess there wasn't alot for me to "achieve" besides pass all my classes in school. Done and done. Now what do I want to achieve next year. I should set some realistic goals from myself, make myself more inspired about life.

I guess one thing I'd like to achieve is to work towards my independency. I'm in my 20's now (OH MY GOD) and I'm unemployed and uninspired. There. That's a start for a goal: starting from nothing. I guess my first goal would be to get a job, preferably at a law office, since I'll be starting my internship in the summer and might as well start as soon as possible. Need to get some funds in the ol' bank account. I've actually started by making copies of my resume. They've been sitting in a folder for a month now...

Once I've achieved that goal, I'd like to get my own place. I'm always complaining I need my own space and I always daydream about having a place of my own for my own stuff. Of course this goal can only be achieved until I get a job, hold it, and save up enough. I don't think I'll take the roommate route, since I've shared a room with someone my whole life. Time to turn over a new leaf. Hmm, this is gonna be hard.

As for personal goals, I'd like to step out of my social circle more and just take in life as it is all by myself and take hold of my own perspective. I've noticed this year that I'm quite naive and I'm always being contradicted, so I'm beginning to think my point of view may be seen by me and only me (it's frustrating because I always want to be right and whatever I believe is just) and there may be something wrong about that. I've learned alot from my friends, my oh-so-smart friends, but I should take a few moments by myself and learn things on my own. And whenever I get lonely, I would only hope my friends will still be around, instead of abandoning me because I'm not gonna be around that much. I probably will lose a couple but at least I'll know who my real friends are. Some people change, but that doesn't mean the relationship has to, right?

Hmm... my new year's resolutions are kinda lame, but I can't really think of anything else I need to "change or improve on". I'm perfect. Ha. But seriously, for realistic resolutions it should be other people who make suggestions on what you need to improve on because they're not blinded by your ego. So, I'm opening it up to everyone to make some "constructive" suggestions ("you need bigger boobs and be taller" is not constructive).

K, I feel like cleaning and organizing. Lates


Anonymous said...

stop being so cheap.

stop being so picky.

FINALLY, make a move on a man!

haha, i'm keeping myself anonymous.

spinderella said...

Cheap? I just bought $50 foundation to replace the one I probably left in Waterloo and will get back (and I'm getting flack from OTHER PPL for buying it). If that's cheap, then I dunno what "moderate spending" is.

But alas, I shall take this suggestion into consideration because I promised I would(although without the cheapness and picky-ness makes me slightly less Asian)

Anonymous said...