Monday, November 21, 2005

This entry is nothing special...

...I'm just looking for something to distract me from an essay I should be working on.

Today was an 'eh' day, as in nothing special really happened and nothing bad happened either. Got up around at around 11, made a pizza, lala-ed around the house, went to Humber Law Association meeting and then class. Just an 'eh' day. I also 'test drove' that purse I made on the weekend. I think I'll test run it all week just to make sure that it is durable enough to give away. Day 1: it held two notebooks, a wallet, cd player, a pen and it didn't break. *whew.

Is it odd that I have two real-life crushes and I don't even know their names? They're both strangers from the bus, and those are the best types of strangers because you see them more than once every week. The first guy is this cute "quiet" Asian guy who I see on the bus to school. I say quiet because it seems like he would be. He's not hot in an obvious way but he's hot in a fobbish way. And with my luck, he likely doesn't speak English and is likely in the ESL program at school. Or likely I'm just prejudging. The other guy is an obviously hot Asian guy with a tattoo and bald head. Now, I usually hate tattoos because I never seem to find any that look good on anyone. But this guy happens to have a tattoo on his neck and it looks quite hot.

Will I ever act on these crushes? Hell, no. These are just the kind of crushes that make me look forward to taking the bus to school everyday. I don't think I'll ever get the balls to go up and strike up a convo with them or anything. "Hi, I like staring at you on the bus. Can I have your number?" (Although I'm pretty sure they're aware that I stare at them hardcore whenever I see them). No, I can't do that. Well, I can. I just won't. It's funny how I can't practice what I preach. I'm always lecturing girls to take action and ask the guy out because it's super sexy. I always brag that I'd ask a guy out if I really wanted to. And have I? No. Truth be told, I am a wuss like the rest of you gals (I can hear my credibility as a reliable source to go to for advice go down the toilet). But you can't really blame me, what with my track record of rejection and odd couplings (of which I will fleetingly not go into).

I think I also have too much pride. Although it's not totally a bad thing, especially in the legal field, but it has caused me to hold back from moving on from my last amour and I think it's even made me cynnical. Me, cynnical? Pah!

I guess what I'm trying to say is... I should really get back to writing my Ethics essay and stop wasting time ranting about my lack of balls (both metaphorically and man-wise).


Kathy said...

You're halarious Lil. Maybe you don't mean to be but you are.

Also this website is annoying. The first time I try to comment it ALWAYS crashes. The second time is are reading this, right?

spinderella said...

I read you loud and clear. Over and out.