Saturday, October 01, 2005

"When life gives you lemons, you clone those lemons to make superlemons"

^Loves it. (Versace S/S 2006)
Life has started up again for me. In fact, it has started up a bit too fast and a bit too much, especially school-wise. I have 6 assignments (three case comments, one essay, two reports) due in one week (school gods, why do you hate me so?). Unfortunately it is the week after the Thanksgiving weekend, where I had hoped to party it up like a bloody mofo. On Friday, I hope to have an evening out with the "Posse" and we'll probably end up going out for dinner since cooking is too barbaric for them. Haha, and the usual bar-hopping after, I guess. Same ol', same ol', but I haven't seen them since the summer and it's been about due time. On Saturday, it's the annual Thanksgiving dinner at Dev's. Mmm, home-cooked meal! I can't wait to see the "Orients" again. I look forward to seeing what witty limerick or anecdote Cuong has for us this year. It's been about three weeks since we all did something, but dammit we just have too much fun. This year I will attempt to help with the cooking. Hopefully after dinner we'll go out to the lake and do some fishing or sit around a bonfire. We haven't done that in awhile. Either way, I predict a great evening. Jon wants to go clubbing on Sunday night because his friend is promoting at a club or something (therefore, hookups). I haven't gone clubbing nor have I seen Jon in a long while either, so I look forward to hopefully doing that as well. Monday night looks like the usual dinner with the family, probably a feast with my faves like crab (mmm) and hopefully hopefully I'd have finished at least 3/4 of my assignments! Wishful thinking, eh eh. Just thinking about next weekend makes me greatful for everything I have in my life so far. How cliche that I think of that now, around Thanksgiving. My philosophy teacher said the state of happiness is "the feeling of not lacking" anything in your life. I think it's safe to say I'm truly happy.
P.S. I'm really loving Frankie J's remake of "More Than Words". Dig it.

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