Thursday, October 20, 2005

I know you miss me, I'm crazy now...

Anyone remember FinKL? I guess this entry is geared towards those who experienced the phenom that was ChinKL. Well the group FinKL broke up like, a few years ago. I think before ChinKL came to light, actually. Anyway, the four chicks of FinKL have since embarked on solo careers as actresses, models and solo singers. Of course the one that I think has been most successful is Hyori/Hyolee. Guys who don't even listen to k-pop know who she is, that's how hot she is! Anyways, by popular demand by, I guess, their Korean fans, FinKL has reunited temporarily to collaborate on a song. One song. One song to be released over the internet. Not even in album form. I don't get it, but who cares. Not like I buy albums anymore, let alone k-pop albums. Of course, as soon as it was released I so jumped on the bandwagon in the mass downloading that went down last night. Ironically, Hyori's new ad for AnyCall was released (internet-wise) last night too, so there was alot of bandwidth usage at my house around 10 pm last night. But I'll save the AnyCall ad for another entry. Allow me to enlighten y'all and reintroduce you to the 'birth mother' of ChinKL: FINKL!!!!!

No, I didn't cap the video. Some other lifeless soul from solid07 did.

The very first part of the video, no, the song made me laugh out loud as it reminded me of the times we'd sit and listen to FinKL's "Now" and laugh at their pronounciation of "satisfaction" ("sa-tee-fashon") and "crazy" ("cra-shee"). At the beginning of the song they go "Hey lay-lees! Hey fellahs!" (translation: hey ladies! hey fellas!). Teehee. I *heart* konglish.

The song itsef is okay. The video, I dunno how I feel about it yet. But at first it did remind me of the "Now" video where they sneak into that guy's house and be spygirls. I'm actually not sure what this video is about. A whole bunch of randomness. First, one girl is being all mysterious with a briefcase and sunglasses, and this guy keeps popping up. The formerly "fat one" is apparently playing dress up because she's standing in front of a mirror, lusting herself. And what's a video with Hyori in it without her dancing. She rocks. All I can really say is that I really wasn't paying much attention to the premise of the video (I probably will after watching this a million times) but I can say that I love love love their clothes. They're always changing outfits in the vid, which I like. Some of it is out there but I still adore the "asian fob fashion" and it's wackiness.

I encourage y'all to watch this if you guys want to see how each member of FinKL has fathomed after their demise. We all know how Hyori turned out but the fat one actually lost weight, and the baby-ish one grew out. I don't have the time, patience or the compassion to upload the video so if you want I can send it to y'all. I expect to be hearing from Nam soon.

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