Wednesday, October 12, 2005

I don't like using this word, but...'s the only way to describe this: OWNED!

^Python tries to eat gator, gator claws it's way out of python mid-swallow!

I can't even tell which is snake and which is gator, man. That's fucking nuts!

Godammit, I really need someone (Nam) to fix my damn computer. For the past three weeks I've been using my sister's laptop and it's getting annoying. I'm not used to such a small screen and such a flat keyboard. This is good once in awhile but not for everyday. Plus I don't have access to the printer and my 1000+ songs! I miss BoA and Namie!

I'm so proud of myself. Today I went to the library and finished my essay in a couple hours! YES! Usually if I had done it at home, I'd so be procrastinating and doing a paragraph at a time before I took a "break" before I wrote another paragraph. The library definitely helps keep me focus. And now I still have 3 more assignments to complete.


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