Sunday, October 09, 2005

A Little More Bass, A Little Less Guitar

Happy Turkey Weekend, everyone. It's not over yet, but since so much has happened, I feel like I should make one post before I finally finish my assignments. Friday nite, went out with Justin and the gang to Swiss Chalet for dinner, then went to Justin's for some drinking and Grand Theft Auto and then headed to Club 107, a rock club. I don't usually do rock clubs, but since it was Thanksgiving and I was told there was a "Hip Hop Room" I obliged. It actually wasn't that bad. Thanks to my sister's rock-music-playing, I recognized some songs and jones'd with some old school, back in the day when I actually listened to rock (Blur, Nirvana). Hip hop room was decent and that's all I'll say about that.

^At Swiss Chalet (I look like a whore)

They didn't let me bring a camera into 107. But I did finally realize how people "dance" to rock music: strobe lighting. It can make anyone look like they can move.

Saturday night: Dev's house! I was going to help cook, but my parents made me go out with them in the day time, losing out on homework-time. So I brought my homework to Dev's instead. Yeah, I'm that desperate to finish all this bullshit. But I failed dismally. Oh well. Who cares, because I had a great time.

^Mel and Kathy seperateing egg yolks

^An egg yolk flower

^Chef of the hour

^Nam and me (trying to do homework): the black turtleneck twins!

^Mel and Corey (another picture to put in the Many Faces of Mel)

^Me and Nam tricked Quang into getting dressed up. In the end, it worked out b/c he looked quite dapper!

^Before and After: mmm, chocolate mousse!

^Cajun Fried Rice, Maple Potatoes and Turkey (everything was so good)

^Andru and Cuong: "Time to eat yet?"


^Alex and Minh do the dishes

And of course, the usual poker...

And a few randoms...

Okay, enough picture-whoring. Back to work.


P.S. I kicked Alex and Quang's asses in wrestline. I rule.

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